The Inferiority Complex of Falcons Fans

Ravens Links The Inferiority Complex of Falcons Fans

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Ryan Vs. “Facco” Supporting Cast Over 8 Years – A Necessary Schooling

So this comes from the Atlanta Falcons message board, which I found via our board, on a thread titled “Inferiority Complex.” The basic premise of the thread (of the title link, on the Falcons’ board) is that Matt Ryan is better than Joe Flacco for any number of different reasons. I know most of us would disagree, but the topic is deserving of debate. The original poster of the thread, however, seems to think that it’s not even close. He gives an incorrect stat to make his point:

“How then, if Matt Ryan has INDISPUTABLY had such a monumentally worse defense and running game backing him up over his career, has Matt Ryan had more wins than Flacco over their 7 season careers?”


Joe Flacco: 70 career regular season wins, 10 playoff wins
Matt Ryan: 66 career regular season wins, 1 playoff win

Why they feel like most think that Flacco is better than Ryan, I’m not sure. Most media outlets seem to think the opposite. What they argue is that Ryan hasn’t had as good of a supporting cast. Which is probably true as a whole, but Ryan has definitely had the better offensive weapons over the course of his career, namely guys like Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez. Michael Turner was also highly productive for a while, but he was a comparable player, but probably wasn’t as good of a player as Ray Rice for most of his time with the Falcons. LINK

VIDEO: Drone Tour of Ravens’ Practice Facility

This is pretty cool. A drone gives a tour of the Ravens’ practice facility, both inside and out. As always, the Ravens do a great job with producing the video. LINK

VIDEO: America’s Game 2012 Ravens

Take a trip down memory lane and watch NFL Network’s America’s Game covering the awesome season that was 2012. To start it all off, we go back to when Joe Flacco was drafted and Ray Lewis’ and John Harbaugh’s reaction to the rookie quarterback. I’m sure that many of you have already watched this, but I could watch it 100 times. Edward Norton narrates the whole thing. LINK

Talking Ravens: Expectations & Other

Jordan Kough and Will Stokes of Baltimore Sports and Life answers some of the big questions about the Ravens as we draw closer to training camp, including whether the Ravens are over-hyped, the best positional group, and which Raven will jump into the national spotlight in 2015. LINK

The Pressure is On: No. 5 Asa Jackson

Bo Smolka tells us why the Raven facing the fifth most pressure on the team is CB Asa Jackson. He has dealt with his fair share of injuries and suspensions which have kept him off the field a lot. Last year, he looked to be the clear favorite for the #3 CB position heading into the season after Aaron Ross was injured in a conditioning drill. Now, his roster spot is in jeopardy with the signings of Cassius Vaughn and Kyle Arrington. LINK

Eisenberg: Thankfully Ravens Avoid Franchise Tag Drama Again

With all of the offseason news coming out of Denver and Dallas regarding the negotiations with Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant respectively, Baltimore Ravens media writer, John Eisenberg is thankful that the Ravens don’t have to deal with that for the second year in a row. Hopefully, we avoid it again next year with Justin Tucker, Kelechi Osemele, and Marshal Yanda. LINK

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