Ravens 30 to 1 Choice For Super Bowl 50

Street Talk Ravens 30 to 1 Choice For Super Bowl 50

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Baltimore Ravens’ realistic Super Bowl odds and predictions

When the Baltimore Ravens 2015 schedule was announced a collective gasp might have been heard among their fans. The 2012 World Champions quest for a trip back to the Super Bowl has a considerable amount of obstacles, leaving many PPH Sportsbook players wondering if John Harbaugh can guide this team to the most important game once again in the upcoming NFL season.

Many lofty goals can be set at this point of the league year, but we must keep it realistic and face the facts and truly analyze if we will see the Ravens back at the Super Bowl this year.

To start our prediction we must first check for the Ravens regular season schedule, and right off their first game is looking really difficult. In week one, they will face Denver at Mile High stadium. The Broncos will pose a real challenge for the Ravens who will find this game as a good parameter to measure their prospects for the rest of the season. However, it must be said that as an early prediction, the Ravens will be the underdogs in almost every PPH Sportsbook for their opening season game.

Yet, let’s not allow that prediction to be a proverbial “thumbs down” for Joe Flacco and the Ravens. They have enough talent on their roster to put up a fighting chance to reach the playoffs and quite possibly put together a postseason run for the title.

Back in February, early predictions had Baltimore with 30-to-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, considering how they are building, and with a good preseason, those odds can very well be different coming into the season. One thing is for sure, you can expect this team to reach the postseason and becoming serious contenders for the AFC North Division Title. They face tough competition with the Steelers and Bengals, but they have the coaching staff and the team to provide a good run. The hopes for this happening all boil down to just how good Joe Flacco is this season.

Realistically, we can’t place the Ravens in the Super Bowl as of right now. Teams like the Patriots, Colts and Broncos stand in their way. We can, however, predict that they will win at least 11 games and at the very minimum will clinch a wild-card berth.We still think that their 30-to-1 best online sportsbooks betting odds fit their upcoming season, but we’ll just have to wait until the preseason is over to reassess their chances.

But there’s always a chance…

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