‘Twas the Morning after Gameday…

The Fanimal ‘Twas the Morning after Gameday…

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‘Twas the Morning after Gameday & all through the town,
not a soul was excited, as spirits were down.
Their heads all hung low, with nary a care,
in hopes that the post-season soon would be there.

My kids woke abruptly from their warm, cozy beds,
as nightmares of ugly yellow pants danced in their heads;
I tried to forget football while I focus on the Caps,
and had just settled my brain as I waited for the draft;

When over on my night stand there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
As I reached for my phone and it fell to the ground,
I tore it from the charger looking for answers to the sound.

My vision, a blur, as I squinted to see clearly,
and find the solution to my current query.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a message from the Ravens- a message I had feared.

With a palm to my face, I knew it too well.
Another injured Raven in the season from hell.
More rapid than eagles to the IR they came,
And I cursed and shouted as the text alerts came:

“Down Sizzle! Down Forsett! Down Flacco and Smitty!
Out goes Zuttah and Monroe!” This season’s purely sh…bad?

Head off the field, to the IR you go!
Now we’ll throw in some backups! Down the drain this season goes!
A routine message from my team I once cheered
As injuries abound have turned them to jeers.

But could all of my jeers be just a bit needy?
Was our routine success causing me to get greedy?
As I reflected and considered the state of our team,
I realized that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

With all of the injuries creating a rut,
The offense is struggling to run up the gut.
And with Clausen taking away snaps from Matt Schaub,
I’m reminded that Flacco’s done a hell of a job.

There’s Buck Allen and West who’ve carried the load,
filling in for Forsett as he heals up at home.

And the defense…. well they just suck.

One player in particular has made quite a splash,
Taking on the lead role in a group full of trash.
He was dressed all in purple, bringing swagger and grit,
And his clothes were all tarnished from taking a hit.

The entire offense he had flung on his back
Since Smitty went down, Aiken’s been on the attack!
His hands- how nimble! His routes- how sweet!
His presence has been felt, no matter who’s at QB!

Over 800 yards and 5 touchdowns to boot,
Kamar Aiken has given fans a reason to root!
Sure the team isn’t  going to the playoffs this year,
But Aiken has given defenses something to fear!

And with every great catch and a nod of his head,
I knew that next season is nothing to dread.

The injuries killed them, but those players will be back!
Smitty will return and Dean Pees sent to pack!
Flacco will rally the troops come next year,
And this taste our mouths will soon disappear!

This fog will be lifted and the cynics will stop,
As the Ravens once again shall rise to the top!
So Ravens fans, I exclaim, as the season winds down,
No matter how bad it gets…

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