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Ravens Links FS Writer Talks About “Flacco Privilege”

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A Fox sports writer thinks the Ravens need to check their “Flacco privilege.” Former Baltimore area writer thinks Newsome’s comments add to the intrigue of Ravens-Eagles game in 2016. Flacco should erect a sign to his agent according to Jason La Canfora. PFF thinks the Ravens should go after RG3. Kevin Byrne discusses the NFL Combine. RSP Film Room takes a close look at Myles Jack.

Ravens GM trashes Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford, says all teams desire a Joe Flacco

The Ravens Media team this week has taken a comment that Ozzie Newsome made comparing Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford to Flacco and run with it. They posted a tweet with side-by-side pictures of Cousins and Bradford with Ozzie’s quote. Dan Carson of Fox Sports has taken exception to it. He tells the Ravens, “At least try to check your Flacco privilege.” He doesn’t mean just the organization, though. “Flacco privilege is not a right, Maryland.”

Maybe Carson is right. Maybe we shouldn’t be putting other quarterbacks down when we show pride in our quarterback. But it’s hard to put away the us-against-them mentality when seemingly everyone outside of Baltimore is intent on continuously discrediting Flacco.

We’ll check our Flacco privilege when you stop acting like his personality isn’t the most elite of all quarterbacks in the league. I mean, come on, what other quarterback would this commercial work for?

Why did Eagles vs Ravens in 2016 just get more interesting

Turron Davenport of Eagles Wire/USA Today discusses Newsome’s comments about Bradford. He thinks they might make the matchup in Baltimore in 2016 more interesting. After the much-publicized blow to Bradford’s knee in preseason last year, the game will already have its intrigue. This will just add to it.

Staggering deals prove even marginal QBs are in high demand

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports talks about all of the quarterback contracts that have been signed this week. That includes Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins, and of course Joe Flacco. La Canfora says, “Flacco should erect a statue to [Flacco’s agent Joe] Linta outside his home. The NFLPA should consider a similar plan near their Washington, D.C., offices.”

Don’t be fooled by the title or his praise for Linta, though. La Canfora puts Flacco on a higher plane of quarterback competency than Cousins and Bradford. “Flacco certainly has a strong overall pedigree and a superb postseason pedigree and has been durable and, at times, outstanding. Say what you want about Baltimore’s deal with Flacco, but what Sam Bradford and Tom Condon pulled off on the Eagles is even more stupendous.”

3 Teams That Should Target RGIII

I would bet that many of you can probably guess why this link is in here, as ridiculous as it seems. Yes, John Breitenbach of Pro Football Focus thinks the Ravens should consider Robert Griffin III. Their reason is that Flacco struggled last season (by their metrics) and his needs some competition to push him.

RSP Film Room No. 61: UCLA LB Myles Jack w/ Eric Stoner

Matt Waldman of the RSP Film Room breaks down the game tape of UCLA LB Myles Jack. Yesterday, Kyle Casey talked about why the Ravens should not take Jack. If you aren’t big into looking at tape, this won’t be for you. If you are, this is a great, long look at Jack’s game.

Public Relations VP Kevin Byrne talks NFL Combine

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