Steelers Fan’s Letter to Eric Weddle

The Fanimal Steelers Fan’s Letter to Eric Weddle

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Eric Weddle was one of the most highly sought after free agents who made it past the first day of free agency. The competition was fierce. At least four teams were interested in the former San Diego Charger and multi-time All-Pro. Those teams included the Cowboys, the Raiders, and of course the Ravens.

The fourth team in the mix was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And one Steelers fan’s letter shows just how much Pittsburgh wanted Weddle.

Steelers fan's letter to Eric Weddle: 1st edition part 1 Steelers fans letter to Eric Weddle: 1st edition, part 2

That seems like it was well thought-out. It probably would have been better if he used punctuation and typed out “don’t know” like it was an actual letter, but to each their own.

If you thought he was done, you’d be wrong. He decided to write yet another letter after a few days.

Steelers fan's letter to Eric Weddle: Part 1 Steelers fan's letter to Eric Weddle: Part 2

Weddle quoted him in appreciation of the letter.

That gave Kevin hope that the Steelers would end up signing him.

As free agency started, things haven’t gone particularly well for Pittsburgh sports fans. News broke that Martavis Bryant would be suspended for the entire 2016 season.

And that would be where the fun starts.


Steelers WR Martavis Bryant looking sad.

Getty Images

On top of that, Pittsburgh Penguins Center, Evgeni Malkin suffered a season-ending injury. Kevin was still holding out hope for Eric Weddle, but he was starting to get aggressive toward him.

But…he didn’t. And that didn’t sit very well with Mr. Adams.

The salt is palpable, isn’t it?

By this point, it’s obvious Kevin has taken his signing elsewhere as a personal offense. After all, he did write a letter. How else could he take it but a slight toward him?

He started his full-on assault of everything Baltimore Ravens.

I’m sure he’s shaking in his boots, Kevin.

This had a few Ravens fans coming after him.

Kevin didn’t take kindly to that. In particular, he didn’t take kindly people speaking ill of Antonio Brown‘s performances against the Ravens.

It’s funny that a Steelers fan would take about living in the past. Never mind that the 2015 sweep of the Steelers are the two most recent matchups between the two teams and that the Ravens had the same things going against them. Steelers fans LOVE living in the past.


Which brings us to his last point. I looked through his mentions, and I didn’t see anyone questioning Brown’s talent. Rather, they were just stating that the Ravens have done a great job of keeping him out of the game.

Our buddy Kevin has taken salty to a whole new level. This time of the year, watching his emotional journey and collapse on his timeline is about as entertaining as it gets.

When Weddle hears Renegade, he’ll probably just cower in defeat and run back through the tunnel. The Ravens have never had any success after that song was played, have they?

Posted by Ravens 247 on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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