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What an intriguing first day of the draft! We had videos of prospects smoking pot. We had trades. We had the Browns being smart. It felt like Draft Day 2: The Browns Are Smarter Than Everyone Again out there!

As we head into day 2, the odds of the Ravens getting another player they really like are quite high. Count me among those rooting for Noah Spence to come to Baltimore. Maybe he falls back into his old ways, but from everything I’ve heard from him, he seems like a very introspective man, and he’s the best edge rusher in this class.

Now, on to the links…er…tweets. They’re all tweets.

First, the most intriguing story…

Why the Ravens Didn’t Get Jalen Ramsey

Ouch, my heart. I was firmly on the Ramsey hype train for most of the draft season, but I just didn’t think it would be possible. The Ravens didn’t seem to think so, either, so they decided to try and move up. For the Cowboys, it’s probably a smart move. Elliott would have been the last highly intriguing player on the board, and trade offers would have poured in for the Jags. After Elliott and Ramsey, no one was particularly intriguing. Proof:

All aboard the Ronnie Stanley hype train!

This is one of the tapes that I’ve watched of Stanley, too. Stanley completely smothered him in the passing game. He did get to him in the run game, though. Here is a video of that game from the perspective of evaluating Shaq Lawson.

In order to take advantage of his big arm. Flacco will take 7-step drops. Ronnie Stanley has much more experience doing so than Laremy Tunsil according to Pro Football Focus. When you compare the offenses in which Tunsil and Stanley played, it makes it somewhat easier to swallow that the Ravens were forced to settle with Stanley.

Out of all the news we’ve heard about Stanley, this is easily the worst. I am so sorry, Ronnie. Can you eat other seafood?

You’re right. It’s not the same. At least he can enjoy Berger cookies and Old Bay…

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