A Bad Call, A Bad Decision

Screen Shot Ravens Bears

With 0:23 left in regulation the Ravens faced a second and goal from the 2-yard line. As you can see above the Chicago Bears opted to defend the run loading 8 men in the box.

As the play clock ticked down, Joe Flacco barked signals and used hand gestures suggesting that there could be some change to the play – perhaps a change in direction for the planned run.

Changing the play was a good idea but if there was in fact a change made at the line of scrimmage, simply changing the direction and the corresponding blocking assignments, wasn’t enough, proven by the results of the play.

What Flacco should have done was to check to a pass play. Notice how the Ravens have 3 WR’s split out, all with man coverage. Play action would have sucked in the run defenders and opened the end zone with passing lanes. Notice how the safety has already sold out to the run.

An incompletion there would have stopped the clock and then with a timeout to burn the Ravens could have run or thrown from the 2.

What the Ravens opted to do with that second down run into a wall of defenders added up to bad clock management, bad play calling and bad quarterbacking. And come to think of it, bad execution…check out AQ Shipley’s hold that he got away with…

15 Raves on “A Bad Call, A Bad Decision

  1. richieG on said:

    Just wondering if Flacco could/would be as good as Brees if he had the Saints receivers AND was coached by SPayton..as for that play call/execution/non-audible – could not agree more.

  2. JerryB on said:

    In his “presser”, Harbaugh acknowledged that running the clock down there was a “good” strategy so that Chicago would have no time after we scored! And, therein lies the rub……we don’t know what we don’t know, but, if Harbaugh’s involved in the play calling and clock management, this is the all-too-often predictable result! His brother did the same damned dumb thing in the Super Bowl, so maybe it runs in the family!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      My problem with getting too cute with the clock is this…what if there was a pass interference penalty in the end zone as time ran out? Then the Ravens would only get one more play to score. With a little more time on the clock the P.I. could have resulted in multiple chances.

      • JerryB on said:

        Not talking about getting too “cute” with the clock. I’m talking about smart, imaginative play calling and clock management! This team’s play calling is as unimaginative and predictable today as it was during Cam Cameron’s tenure. So, while others can draw their own conclusions, I have mine! And, they point more to coaching than to the QB……

  3. Tom S on said:

    Flacco has been a starter for 6 years, 6 YEARS! How long are we going to have to endure the inaptest that are the Ravens goal line plays? Watching Tom Brady lead the Partriots back against Carolina shows how it should be done despite bogus calls. Cam Cameron, Jim Caldwell makes no difference only Harbs remains the same and maybe that is the problem. Stick with just being the head coach and mismanging challenge calls.

  4. John P on said:

    Let’s face it. Good teams win close games. The 2012 Chiefs lost a lot of close games… Just sayin’.

    What frustrates me the most is that we have talent EVERYWHERE on this team. Our QB is a Super Bowl MVP. Our RB a Pro Bowler. Our O-Line was dominate against the top pass rushers in the league last year and now with Monroe is arguably MORE talented. Torrey Smith is one of the best wide outs in the league. True, we need a tight end (but we’ll have one of the better ones shortly).

    And on defense – our line is full of beasts. Daryl Smith is having a Pro-Bowl caliber year. Sizzleville anyone? And Webb is playing out of his mind.

    Yet we are a bad team. Yes – a BAD team.

  5. joe d on said:

    Tony, wouldn’t you like to sit down with Flacco, show him the picture at the top and ask him what he saw that led him to believe the play would be successful. Why he didn’t check out of the play is a head scratcher. You would expect someone who has been a starting QB for 6 years would recognize when a play call is likely to result in failure.

  6. Anthony Clay on said:

    Not to mention why is Yanda pulling? If ever we just needed a straight forward power run this would be it. The cuteness was the fact we went 3 wide, it fooled no one. Put a hat on a hat and see what happens.

  7. Allan on said:

    No question. It’s crap like this that has me questioning Joe’s football intelligence at times. Manning or Brady would have eaten this alive.

  8. OriAl on said:

    We never roll Flacco out in those situations, despite the fact that he is mobile enough to run for a score if no receiver is available, or can throw the ball away if neither a run or pass opportunity appears as he’s rolling. Running up the middle does not work!

  9. Rob on said:

    It’s crap like this that happens almost every week that makes it impossible for Baltimore to make the postseason this year. No way it’s going to happen. Hell it’s unlikely the Ravens finish above .500 this year.

  10. RON on said:

    he did not check down to a pass because he afraid to throw it to the receiver he has no faith in them catching it or protecting it from be intercepted

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