A Baltimore Homecoming for Boldin is Doubtful

Boldin NFCC

He was instrumental in the Ravens unforgettable playoff romp to close out the 2012 season. He brought attitude and toughness to an offense that needed it. He made contested catches in the clutch.

And then they traded him!

Anquan Boldin, a Ravens star in Super Bowl XLVII has just abruptly concluded his first and possibly last season as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. And he will soon become an unrestricted free agent.

Fans in Baltimore want the Ravens front office to correct what they believe to be a fatal flaw from the 2013 offseason and bring Q back to The Land of Pleasant Living. Unfortunately for those pining for 81’s return, it’s not going to happen.

Boldin has been known to take a hard stance when it comes to negotiating. That’s why he didn’t budge and never blinked when the Ravens asked him to take a pay cut. He wanted the $6M scheduled under the terms of his contract.

In retrospect Ozzie Newsome would have to admit the move didn’t work out the way he had hoped. The money saved by trading Boldin was not distributed efficiently. But while the shopping spree that included the acquisitions of Michael Huff, Marcus Spears and Chris Canty can be fairly labeled as “bad buys”, Newsome will never admit the thought process behind the trade was flawed.

During the State of the Ravens presser, Ozzie said as much in so many words when asked if Terrell Suggs would return in 2014.

“We let a good football player go last year (Boldin), so we’re not afraid. I’m not a virgin when it comes to letting guys walk out the door. What we’ll do is we’ll look at every aspect of it and see what’s best for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Ravens and then make that decision once we get to it.”

Give the Ravens credit for trading Boldin and at least getting something in return – a 6th round pick. That pick was used to move up and get Arthur Brown.

But judging from the confidence in Ozzie’s statement above you might conclude that if given the same set of circumstances, he’d make the trade again and again.

Hindsight paints a clearer picture. The Ravens didn’t count on the injuries to Dennis Pitta and Jacoby Jones. They thought that Tandon Doss would finally step up. And let’s face it, no one anticipated the train wreck that was the Ravens running game.

The team recognizes that they need a playmaker at receiver but bringing Boldin back isn’t the answer. Coming off a season when he was named the 49ers MVP while producing numbers that he never approached as a Raven (85 catches, 1,179 yards, 7 TD’s), Boldin will take a hardline stance and demand money the Ravens would not think about paying a 34-year old receiver, particularly when they already have a few aging players drawing big paychecks who aren’t performing to the levels of their contracts.

They will look to go younger, faster and more explosive. Newsome explains.

“We need to be able to get a receiver – whether it’s a tight end or a wide receiver – that can make a third-and-7, third-and-8 catch and run after the catch.”

Ironically Boldin was 12th in the league with 439 yards after catch but let’s not take lightly the presence of Colin Kaepernick whose mobility spreads the field and forces defenders to stay home just a little longer. That and the formidable 49ers rushing attack opens up running lanes for receivers and Boldin obviously took advantage.

In the end it was a nice 3-year run for Boldin in Baltimore and he helped the Ravens earn a second Super Bowl Championship, their second in 13 seasons.

But that ship has sailed. Like it or not the Ravens have moved on.

And so too should their fans.

Should the Ravens pursue unrestricted free agent Anquan Boldin?
Yes the Ravens should correct 2013's biggest mistake (55%)
No, that ship has sailed (45%)
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10 Raves on “A Baltimore Homecoming for Boldin is Doubtful

  1. dalestwin on said:

    If Anquan would accept my apology and have us back ( & the Ravens) I would be so honored. I now know that you really do reap what you sow! I personally can’t give him the money that deserves even at his age (with age comes wisdom & knowledge) but what I saw of this 2013 team
    perhaps “HE” is the man to help hold the offense together.

  2. Grey on said:

    I love Q but its a different time and a different team. Sooner or later the team is going to have to draft, and develop young receivers. The offense is truly “offensive” and has to be recast, but we don’t need Anquan in a role.

  3. Ryan Jones on said:

    Signing Boldin would be a move of pure desperation. The Ravens never seek the short term fix, they look for what’s best for the team 3 years from now, and thats what makes them a consistent winner. I am the first person to agree that they made a mistake with Boldin, but they would make the same move again and he wont be back.

  4. JerryB on said:

    Totally, agree, Tony! No use crying over spilled milk or trying to get the genie back in the bottle. Besides, for all his lofty accomplishments this year, he didn’t get the Niners back to the Super Bowl nor, in my opinion, would he have made a significant difference in the Ravens woeful offense this year. The Ravens need a young “playmaker” WR and a significantly improved OL. Watching the games on Sunday only served to heighten my appreciation for what Joe Flacco accomplished in the postseason last year. An OL that can run block and protect Flacco, coupled with a big time WR gets us right back to the playoffs next year……

    • Mista T on said:

      Dumbest front office move in eighteen years of Ravens. The 8-8 disaster is on Ozzie for the Boldin move which backfired. Why did most Ravens fans understand Boldin’s importance to our offense, while Ozzie just laid an egg?

      Bringing back Boldin, while simultaneously shedding Caldwell’s inept offensive schemes, should get the Ravens back into the playoffs. Ship has sailed? Maybe. But Ozzie should eat some crow and do the right thing by pursuing Boldin … with vigor.

      • Greg on said:

        Our defense improved from 19th to 8th in the NFL. I’d say Elvis Dumervil, Daryl Smith and Chris Canty had a pretty big part to play in that.

        D.Smith probably would’ve been signed regardless of the Boldin trade, but the truth remains that Boldin’s money was used on some good picks (and some not so good ones).

        We have Dumervil now for at least 3 years whereas we would’ve been letting Q walk this year for nothing.

        Decrying the Boldin trade is massively overstated.

  5. mc lovin on said:

    please move on from the boldin stories, we get it you liked him, shoot we all did…he is not coming back. we all realize we would of had a better offense with him here. it’s time to move on and find other topics to harp on….

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Hey McLovin or Hooter McGee…whatever you are going by these days…

      Did you actually read the article? Listen to what fans are saying about Boldin?

      Look if you don’t like the topic, move on. Is it that complicated?

  6. John P on said:

    How about option #3 – right player, right price?

    You can’t argue that Q looks good in purple & black. Whether he’s worth $6m or not is a different question. Once again, it’s “right player, right price”. And if the price is right, we’d be foolish not to welcome him back!

  7. purpleneonexpress on said:

    Lets remember that the Ravens initially only asked Boldin to restructure to save them 2.5M in cap space. They knew he would refuse and that gave them the reason they needed to trade him and cover Harbie’s ass for wanting him gone. End of Story.

    Now Harbie’s really putting his neck in the chopping block by hiring Jim Hostler over 3 other candidates who have significantly better credentials……not announced yet, but its a done deal.

    Very curious decision and you know Ravens fans are gonna hate it.

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