A fresh secondary in Baltimore


The Ravens Secondary has changed with the departures of Ed Reed and a few others, but the goal is still the same: shut (or at least slow) down the opponent’s passing game.

Remember a few months ago when the San Francisco 49ers were down inside the 10-yard line and our secondary kept them out of the end zone? (Yea me too!)

So could we do it again? I sure would like to think so, especially now that we are a little bit faster on the defensive side of the ball.

The Ravens have a lot of potential and versatility in the secondary, and Ravens Secondary Coach Teryl Austin seems excited about what he is working with.

One major question mark that a lot of fans and coaches have is how rookie Safety Matt Elam will play. The only visuals the Ravens have of Elam so far are at OTAs and the recent start of mandatory mini-camp.

While at the podium during mini-camp, Coach Austin was asked about Elam’s progression, and had this to say:

“Good. Good. [He’s] going through the usual changes that a rookie goes through, but he’s smart. He’s tough, he’s fast, he gets football, and I think he is going to be a fine player for us soon. It’s a different deal going from college to pro, but it’s still playing football. He has a lot of stuff to work on, and our job is to get him there by the season.”

So we have a rookie (Elam), and a veteran (free agent Michael Huff) back there, roaming the secondary.

I hope you did not forget about safety/cornerback Huff, who was once a seventh-overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft (by the Oakland Raiders).

Being a veteran means that he has the knowledge that can help the team, especially considering the amount of football IQ that left the building along with Reed.

“He has great range,” said Austin of Huff. “He has really good speed. We all know he has played corner in the past. He has played safety, so he gives us a lot of flexibility matchup-wise. He can cover, he can blitz [and] he can play in the back. We will use that to the best of our ability to try to confuse quarterbacks and try not to line him up in the same place all the time.”

As Ravens fans, we cannot dwell on the losses of Reed or Cary Williams. We have new guys now, and I am extremely excited about them!

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5 Raves on “A fresh secondary in Baltimore

  1. Timpo on said:

    I am actually really excited about Cary Williams leaving. He was such a huge problem in the secondary any place 5yds + away from the line. He was mainly about trying to intercept, but then his focus was always a little off. He got burned almost constantly then would try to catch up to the reciever.
    Every passing down I was looking for him to get caught with his pants down, and I was rarely dissapointed.

  2. Brian Tray on said:

    It was not fun watching Ed play in the twilight of his career, battling injuries which left him strictly as a centerfielder (albeit a good one). Cary Williams was alright but got beat too often was not a strength of the team. Having Elam, Huff, Smith, Webb, and Graham will be a tremendous improvement over last years secondary, plain and simple. It’ not even close. They will also perform much better because the front seven will be greatly improved and possibly dominant. Opposing QB’s should have much less time to throw with Dumerville, Suggs, Upshaw and McPhee in their faces. The secondary will also not need to be overused in run support with Ngata, Spears, Canty, Jones and Williams (+/- Cody) a much more solid group of run defenders. As long as McClain, Smith and Art Brown do their jobs this should be one of the top defenses in the NFL in 2013. It may take some time for them to gel but when they do….look out.

  3. John Baker on said:

    I believe that the improvements made on the D-line with Dumervil, Canty,and John Simon not mention ILB Arthur Brown. I think this can only help the secondary.

  4. Hut Guy on said:

    The Ravens secondary WILL definitely benefit from a rejuvenated pass rush and a run stuffing line. I agree with Brian..it was not easy to watch Reed age right before your eyes , missing tackles and being only a shadow of the Hall of Famer he will be.. I am so glad that this Raven team will not repeat the crumbling of the 2001 season, which resulted in a ‘who dat? squad of 2002. WE WILL BE BETTER in the secondary at linebacker and on the line.

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