After The Ravens Win SB XLVIII…

SB 48

The NFL’s opening night is just 10 days away and while some might head to the Inner Harbor on September 5 to enjoy Keith Urban’s 45-minute float down a lazy river and accept it as a consolation prize, most of us will be angrily champing at the bit knowing that Baltimore should be hosting the game.

The NFL can spin this any way they want. They can point their finger at MLB. Roger Goodell can pretend to discreetly insinuate that it’s all Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos’ fault.

Well for once it’s not on Pete. The fault lies with the NFL and Goodell.

The season could have very easily started on Wednesday September 5 and please don’t give me the Rosh Hashanah excuse (and I mean no disrespect to Jews). The Broncos played the Falcons on September 17, 2012 on Monday Night Football last year during Rosh Hashanah. Oh and by the way the Jewish Holiday runs from September 4-6 this year. I guess they don’t celebrate in Denver?

This is all about money and TV ratings and apparently a Wednesday TV audience isn’t as big as a Thursday TV audience and that means more money.


As if fans won’t tune in to the very first game on a Wednesday. (child please)

I’m over it, sort of…

And I do believe that the NFL did make it up to the Ravens with a very favorable schedule from the initial screw forward.

Ok so what about next year?

What if the Ravens win it again?

Don’t laugh, it could happen and no, this isn’t the land of purple goggles and grape lollipops. Sure the Ravens are 9-point underdogs to open the season in Denver, and if you don’t believe me check out who will provide you all the resources and references you need to validate this line, as crazy as it may seem.

But even if the Ravens can’t overcome the odds on opening night and their loss enables all of the I-told-you-sos from those knuckleheads on ESPN like Skip Bayless, it is just one game.

Look around the AFC.

Go ahead, name me a dominant team.

Name me a team that doesn’t have its own host of problems.

You can’t, can you?

There’s no reason that the Ravens can’t represent the AFC again in the Meadowlands during Super Bowl XLVIII. And I think they will!

So, let this serve as a heads up to our local politicians to get their house and infrastructure in order come September 4, 2014. Because in the event that the Ravens can repeat as champions, the Orioles are NOT scheduled to play at home that day.



The Star-Spangled Spectacular is scheduled for September 6-15, 2014. This is the culminating event for Maryland’s three-year commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812. The Blue Angels, tall ships, etc. will all call Baltimore home during this time and that could place a burden on the city’s infrastructure that they can’t handle.

And let’s not forget the Grand Prix event, which will finish on September 1 next year, just 3 days prior to the NFL’s Opening Night in 2014.

Do you have confidence that the city can break down that Grand Prix track in time should the Ravens repeat?

And if not is that an impeachable offense Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

Can mayors be impeached?


Rick Johnson contributed to this article


UPDATE (11:18PM): This just in this evening. There could be a scheduling conflict with the Grand Prix in Baltimore in 2014 due to Navy’s football team hosting Ohio State University at M&T Bank Stadium on August 30, 2014. The city still is hopeful that they can handle it all. But what about opening night of the 2014 NFL season? Uh-oh. More HERE

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16 Raves on “After The Ravens Win SB XLVIII…

  1. Ben on said:


    Love the passion and I’m in total agreement about the Raven repeating next year, but I wanted to share a story about the fact that we were screwed by the NFL again. I work in NYC and was complaining to a coworker about the fact that Baltimore gets no respect from the league, and this was just the very latest example of it. He (being a diehard Bills fan) looks and says “oh, you’re upset your Super Bowl winning team didn’t get to open at home? How sad.” I went on to talk about the principal and the raw deal of it all and he just reminded me “you won a Super Bowl, and always will have that season.”

    So hey 16 teams start at home this year and 16 on the road, but only one is the reigning champion no matter what. I’m sure Denver (and 30 other teams) would have loved to trade places and open on the road in exchange for that Lombardi trophy.

  2. Rumor Ray on said:

    TL … I for one am Thankful to be snubbed by the NFL and National Media. I love being 9 point dawgs. I never want to be respected in the NFL nor have the National Media believe in the Ravens. Look what all that hate have given us here in Baltimore….. We ended up with one of the best Owners in the NFL, a solid team that has had a chance to win every season, 2 Super Bowl Championships, 9 Playoff Season, Our 1st Draft Pick is a first ballot Hall of Fame and our 2nd Pick should be as well.

    We won 2000 and 2012 as the Dogs and I will never forget Playing “Who Let The Dogs Out” right before “Purple Rain”. Keep Hating Us …. and we will keep WINNING !!!!!!

    • whats my name! on said:

      Thats right. I couldnt agree more Lets keep that big chip where it was during last years playoffs on our shoulder!!!

  3. J Crow on said:

    As for the league “making it up” to the Ravens with the schedule… I don’t really understand that. I mean, our home and away opponents were set in stone as soon as the regular season was over most of our toughest opponents (Pats, Texans, Packers) will come to Baltimore. Thank math for that, not the league.

  4. Chris on said:

    I am still ticked about not having that opening game but I think it works to the Ravens advantage. It is a little extra motivation. I think, although I cant prove it, that one of the reason the defending champs usually falter is because they get that defending champs treatment that makes them rest on their laurels. The Ravens are not getting that which I think is going to piss a few folks in that locker room off. If you dont think being nine point dogs again and being screwed out of the champ treatment is going to be splattered all over the bulliten board. I dont know what to tell you.

  5. Silver Raven on said:

    While no one likes the NFL refusal to play the game on Wednesday night, at least that decision was a business one — like it or not more money will be made for a Thursday night broadcast. Angelos’ decision to not move the O’s game to Saturday (for a day night doubleheader) flies in the face of business since the O’s would have drawn many more fans on Saturday than on Thursday night when the Ravens are playing. His decision was all about his arrogance, and shows what little respect he actually has for his supposed home town.

    • ERey on said:

      Here’s the issue, Roger Goodell didn’t tell us it was a business decision. He told us it was because of the Jewish Holiday on Wednesday. We all know that’s a bunch of BS. He lied to us which for me is the real issue. Had Goodell just said it was about money and their sponsors, then it still would have sucked, but at least we would not have been lied to.

      Also, as much as Peter Angelos has pissed us all off the past 15 or so years, this one is NOT on him. Why should the Orioles who are now in a pennant race move over for the NFL?

      At the end of the day, the NFL should have either played the game on Wednesday, or just told the truth.

    • Clinton Macsherry on said:

      Gotta disagree, Silver. If one accepts your premise that it would have been more profitable for the O’s to move their game to Saturday, that supports the O’s assertion that their refusal to do so was based staying competitive in a pennant chase. MLB had this game on the books first. I’m no Angelos apologist, but you’re calling foul on the wrong player.

  6. HollywoodHeiz on said:

    Regardless of if we win the Super Bowl or lose the Super Bowl or don’t even make the Super Bowl, the winner of that game Opens the 2014 season. And as we now see there is no guarrentee that they play it at home. Hoping that if there is another ” conflict” with another Super Bowl winner, that the NFL will have them open in Baltimore. But there’s a better chance of 12 inches of snow on September 4 2014 than that happening.

  7. CrabbyPatty on said:

    I wonder if all of this would have changed if the Broncos won the Super Bowl and were in a similar situation. Hypothetically speaking, say the Rockies have a stadium that shares a parking lot with the Broncos and have a baseball game scheduled at the same time as the Bronco’s home opening game… Just sayin’!

  8. OriAl on said:

    When the NFL consults with MLB’s schedule planner before the schedule is completed to avoid conflicts like this in two team cities, list the Ravens as a Super Bowl contender, so MLB can schedule the O’s off, or on the road, on the season opening day. Angelos and MLB did nothing wrong. Remember, a doubleheader messes up the pitching rotation, and usually requires playing a weaker lineup in one game. Neither is good for a contender, as the O’s expected to be in September (and they are.)

  9. Brtnder81 on said:

    Tony where did you get the info that the Orioles wont be playing at home that day? The MLB schedule has not been released yet for 2014

  10. JerryB on said:

    Sorry, TL, but I’m still of the opinion that regardless of who was at fault for the scheduling, it would have been much easier for the O’s to have rescheduled with 6 months advance notice. Rescheduling is nothing new to MLB that is FORCED to reschedule on a moments notice during every season due to rainouts! And, Angelos coulda/shoulda/woulda been a HERO in this town for once…….

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