An Open Letter To Pete Prisco


Dear Pete,

Hello, my name is Kris Jones, I am a Ravens fan and cover the team for

Following the Ravens 34-31 win in Super Bowl XLVII, you and I engaged in a debate on Twitter. The exchange started when I saw the following message come across my timeline from your account.





You are a respected journalist. Did you actually write this? Maybe you didn’t. This may be a good time to say that your log-in information was hacked.

I’ll admit, I’ve been critical of John Harbaugh and some of his coaching decisions at times, but on the grandest stage of them all, he out-coached his brother, Jim, who I had previously thought to be a better football coach. For instance, the decision to have punter Sam Koch take a safety in the game’s final minute, while milking as much time as possible off the clock, was a stroke of genius.

Is John Harbaugh worthy of winning a Super Bowl? Absolutely. However, to suggest that the Ravens only won because of Harbaugh’s coaching ability and not because they have talented players is absolutely ludicrous.

I challenged you on this because your stance is to be frank, rather asinine. These same “talentless” Ravens had just hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy a few hours previously.

Do you really think that they are not a talented squad?

Your season-long bias against the Baltimore Ravens has been laughable. I understand that I am a fan; however, I am professional enough to not allow my personal feelings to cloud my judgement. Chances are, you’re not familiar with my gimmick, but I lead the charge of all anti-Steelers remarks coming from the Baltimore fan base.  They’ve won two Super Bowls this past decade, and as much as I despise them, I’d never sincerely declare that they had no talent.

I commented on the recent release of 32 of CBS’s Rapid Reports NFL beat writers following the conclusion of the regular season. This was my remark:





And here was yours:





While you weren’t happy with the questioning of your employment status, I know some of those personally affected by this layoff, and it’s unjust that these people are unemployed but you remain on the payroll despite making such remarks as these.

You blocked me; so be it. I apologize for questioning your job status, but can you really blame me?

The question I posed to you was to name me five of the Ravens 22 starters’ (and now Super Bowl Champions) that are untalented. I asked you to clarify your remarks, and your opinion suddenly became a moving target.








You decided to flip it and ask what five Ravens are elite? First off, the word “elite” has worn out its welcome in Baltimore. I never said that the Ravens had five “elite” players, nor do I think they do.

I can, however, quickly name a handful of players who I think are top 3 at their respective positions. Off the top of my head, Jacoby Jones (KR/PR), Marshal Yanda (G), Haloti Ngata (DL), and Vonta Leach (FB) for starters.

This is a team. It’s a collection of men who played for each other and did something remarkable. Is Joe Flacco a damn good quarterback? Absolutely. Have Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lost a step? Sure. Can Terrell Suggs play as well as he runs his mouth? Probably not. The bottom line is the Ravens won, this team won when it mattered and that’s why they’re having a parade through Baltimore on Tuesday.

So Pete, in your expert opinion, you believed the Patriots would go 16-0, while the Ravens would miss the playoffs. Clearly that didn’t happen but since you think a good team has to have five elite players on the roster, please feel free to list those five that apply for the Patriots.

I have a feeling we’ll be waiting a while.

I’m a fan, I know in mainstream journalism that is frowned upon but at least I don’t allow it to shape biased thinking. I may wear a stupid beak hat, and sure, it looks dumb, and I don’t really like wearing it but it’s what Baltimore fans associate me with. The fact is that when I’m around the players or in the facility covering the team (twice per week), I’m professional. I put my fanboy outfit aside and do my job, unbiased reporting on the team.

You may not want to be lumped into the same category as Skip Bayless, but you sure are heading in that direction.

And that’s disappointing for a writer who was once respected by so many.

So please, instead of just blocking me, how about you try to defend your irrational statements?


Kris Jones

25 Raves on “An Open Letter To Pete Prisco

  1. Dan on said:

    Goob – Don’t stoop to this idiots level. Be satisfied that the Haters in this world will have to live with our team that is not that talented as theirs. Haters Hate. Its what they do. I know you have more class in your pinky than this guy, but responding to him is exactly what he wants.

  2. Russell on said:

    I often wonder how many members of the CBS/ESPN/NBC/FOX media get their jobs, let alone keep their jobs. Good article Goob. Exposing a fraud.

  3. Mike on said:

    Sad thing is, Prisco is too arrogant and full of pride to apologize for his childish statement. He’s a coward for blocking you and doesn’t even have the decency to address you like any other normal person would. He’s the moron, not you.

  4. Trae on said:

    Very well said. He and some others (See bitter Trent Dilfer) have been biased against the Ravens even though they’ve proven throughout the playoffs that they can dig in against anyone.

  5. Sharon from Baltimore City on said:

    Very impressed with your response! It’s dead on, you know it, we (the fans) know it, The Ravens know it…and so on. Going forward, I’d tend to lean toward Dan’s take (above). I wouldn’t give this guy much more air…he’s going to spend a bazillion hours trying to out-write you and prove your wrong, which will never happen. You get some much needed rest, while this a___ is up all night stewing! Hats off to you!

  6. Cheryl on said:

    He’s from Cincinnati and hates all other AFC North teams. I have been commenting on his vitriol for years. You write for the Ravens, you are entitled to be biased, but if you’re writing for a national media source, you should be unbiased. He’s completely unprofessional, unreliable and inaccurate. He’s like a combination of all the Wizard of Oz non-human characters, no heart, no brain, no courage and he looks like Toto.

  7. Tony Work on said:

    One of the hardest things to do in journalism is to separate your biases. Pete has failed to do that not once but many times. He is a classless act. Sometime people are in the right place at the right time and lady luck shines on them. He obviously was when it came time for his journalistic calling here. His knowledge of the game will fit into a set of measuring spoons and his integrity would not fill up a thimble. The best part, PETE your assessment of this team proved you wrong. One thing is for sure, you will never have a career as a talent scout (unless you get your job the same way you got this one) BTW … knee pads become you ! Goob .. you on the other hand…. keep doing what you do and soon you will replace him. Why don’t we look at him as the replacement ref, soon he will be replaced by the STARTERS ! He blocked you, that alone says so much. Now… back to the issue at hand.. BALTIMORE RAVENS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS … Pete… hows that taste?

  8. Gary Collins on said:

    So if the Ravens are not that talented and we just beat the Niners for the Lombardi trophy , WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE NINERS, even less talented. End of story

  9. Chris Stoner on said:


    I agree with you the Ravens talent has been generally underrated, but I don’t think Prisco is alone in that point of view.

    There were plenty of analysts who thought the Ravens rankings in Total Offense (16th), and Total Defense (17th) was a true indication of the talent on the Baltimore roster. Like you, I know that The Ravens did not go on this run simply because they were galvanized behind Ray Lewis, and the end of Lewis’ Hall-of-Fame career. Baltimore went on this run because they got healthy, improved their offensive play-calling, and fixed their offensive line. The core of this team came into the Playoffs this year having won road Playoff games in 4 consecutive seasons, and having advanced to the AFC Championship Game twice. Ultimately nothing the Ravens did here in this Post-season should surprise anyone.

    While Canton will have to clear out space next to the bust of Jonathan Ogden for Lewis and Ed Reed; it should also be clear that the Ravens Ring of Honor is going to get significantly more crowded. Not just Lewis and Reed, but Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, and Coach Harbaugh will all be recognized one day as All-Time greats for this franchise. (By the way – outside of those 6 aforementioned players, the Ravens started 8 other players last night who have been to a Pro Bowl, including 5 who have been named All-Pros.) This was a group who came into tonight having collectively achieved a lot professionally. They will head back to Charm City with their legacy further established, immortals to forever be remembered as World Champions.

    That all said, I’ve interviewed Prisco several times, and always found him to very fair to the Ravens overall. In an interview session, you ask him a question, and you will get a thoughtful reply. Most recently BSL had Prisco on our Ravens Rap podcast 1/24 ( While he picked the Niners to win, he said the game was basically a pick’em, and was complimentary to the Ravens on several occasions. He’s also capable of good analysis, such as his All-22 review of Kaepernick and the Pistol last week. That’s certainly something that a clown like Bayless is not capable of.

    What a great day to be a Ravens fan!


  10. Skip on said:

    Prisco is a hack. It is obvious he has an axe to grind with the Ravens. It is best too ignore this buffoon. Prisco is upset that he looks like a true moron since he picked against the Ravens.

  11. Reggie in Afghanistan on said:

    Couldn’t have said it any better than that!! Your point about the Patriots and their “elite” players was damn good. The word “elite” is thrown around way too much….everyone seems to want to create their own definition of what is considered “elite” these days. Looks like Prisco took a gut punch and just ran away instead of fighting back.

  12. mathgeek on said:

    5 Elite starters on the Ravens?

    Marshall Yanda, Ray Rice, Vonta Leach, Haloti Ngata make four easily. Joe Flacco, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs should all have a claim to it as well. We’d also probably say Lardarius Webb had he not been injured.

    Jacoby Jones of course is elite, but not a starter. However, spectacular special teams play is one of the reasons we made it to the Superbowl (and won).

  13. Chip Riddleberger on said:

    Pete Prisco has been a hack journalist for years yet CBS still employs him.

    Just another national media who gives the Baltimore Ravens little to no credit despite this incredible accomplishment. This team stayed together through a lot of adversity and started executing much better down the stretch. The revamped offensive line was the ignition to get the offensive engine going and Flacco took full advantage. Prisco is a hack.

  14. Unibomber on said:

    Pete Prisco?? Pfffft. Watching him finally pick the Ravens to win this game actually made me the most nervous I had been all last week considering he’s almost always wrong.

  15. Brian on said:

    Les Moonves is the President of CBS Sports. He is a rabid Patriots fan, and was in Robert Kraft’s luxury box during the AFC Championship game. Prisco’s support of the Patriots is simply a** kissing his boss, and could explain his continued employment.

  16. YaliveandLearn on said:

    So I thought I would share your letter with the man himself, you know so he could answer a question or two. You brought up many valid points in your open letter. And of course he and his superiority complex responded with a smart ass remark. I will tag you in the Twitter reply. But I bet he still doesn’t have the courage or class to respond like a decent human being

  17. Rick S on said:

    We have the Lombardi, so who cares about the worthless opinions of those who are obviously unable to accurately assess NFL player talent.

  18. Faye on said:

    Well done, Goob! My mom always said, if you piss someone off, you’re doing something right. Always thought Prisco was a hack.

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