An Undrafted Free Agent Who Could Become a Fan Favorite

Ray Holly Orange Coast College Running Back

Baltimore has always had an affinity for the underdog. We embrace the lunch pail guys – players who get the most out of relatively limited physical skills, constantly delivering maximum effort and eventually exceeding expectations.

Players like Kelly Gregg and Jim Leonhard come to mind.

Last season, a player who during training camp was often referred to as “a poor man’s Ray Rice”, Bobby Rainey became a fan favorite. While Rice backups Anthony Allen and Damien Berry struggled to make an impact, Rainey flourished and tapped into Baltimore’s underdog affinity.

And while Rainey may still attract some attention again this training camp, it appears that this summer’s favorite underdog will be Louisiana Tech undrafted free agent Ray Holley.

The 5’8”, 194 pound running back is a second team All-WAC selection and he was named to the Capital One Academic All-America First Team, just the second such Bulldog from Louisiana Tech.

Count Hall of Fame scouting guru Gil Brandt among those impressed.

“He ran 4.57 and 4.56 in the 40-yard dash and recorded a 37.5 inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-11 broad jump. He finished the short shuttle in 4.15 and the three-cone drill in 6.85. He recorded 27 strength lifts, which is unheard of because of his size. Holley is a guy that is small, but really quick and strong. He catches the ball well.”

When I look at the video highlights of Holley, it’s hard not to immediately think of Danny Woodhead, a player kicked to the curb by Rex Ryan and the Jets. He’s haunted them ever since as a member of the New England Patriots.

Count me among those rooting for this long shot and hoping he fulfills a Woodhead-like role for the Ravens.

Here’s to the other little Ray…

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16 Raves on “An Undrafted Free Agent Who Could Become a Fan Favorite

  1. Jerry Moore #44 on said:

    Hell Yeah man This Kid is a monster for his size. he catches that ball and he’s ghost. It would be amazing to have Ray rice run the ball and catch it out in the slot. Benard Pierce pounding through everyone throwing people around with his heisman like stiff arm that he does. And then Lil Ray Holley catching them swing routes and screens aww man good lord with all that just with our running backs this could be the best offense in the league. Cause you know Tory will burn anybody lined up with him and Jacoby will work that Magic that he has found as a RAVEN. Yeah Buddy SUPERBOWL BOUND AGAIN!!!!!

  2. True on said:

    Kyle Jucyhghghk, this guy, Aaron Mellete, Murphey Holloway…are they for real? Or is everyone just doing their best to distract us?

  3. JerryB on said:

    Looks like someone to keep an eye on. I also like Matt Furstenburg, who looked like he was on his way to a brilliant career when Danny O’Brien was quarterbacking the Terps. As you say, always fun to root for the underdog……

  4. True on said:

    I have faith by the way, that our team, REGARDLESS, will get to the playoffs and win at least one more game like we always do when we’re there. But it seems like everyone’s making these guys out to be superstars already and they’re undrafted and have to learn playbooks and practice and I don’t think you can measure success in college and then it immediately transfers to the pros.

  5. Bruce Almty on said:

    Lots of developmentals working to make the Ravens. As they say, you can’t measure a man’s heart. Well done Ravens; there is talent out there to be mined.
    Thanks for the heads-up LT

  6. Big C on said:

    No way this guy beats out Bobby Rainey for a roster spot… Bobby Rainey is about to get someone cut, just watch…

  7. Jerry on said:

    Not that I care personally, but describing white players as “blue collar”, “lunch pail”, etc. is kind of played out. I realize these words are sometimes used for black players, but they carry racial undertones, and it certainly doesn’t help that you used 2 other white players as your examples. The Ravens have had plenty of black players who played well beyond what you would expect given their talent. Again, I don’t care, but some people might…just something to think about.

    Also, I’d argue that Leonhard’s is a case of a player’s physical talents being underrated rather than a case of a player achieving far beyond his talent. Of course, as a hard-nosed, white defensive back he never had any chance of avoiding the “plays beyond his talent” line of thinking.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I think that they only carry racial overtones for those who hear it that way. Why can’t overachieving players just be overachieving players without conditions? Pretty sad to see the world through the goggles of racism.

        • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

          He must have been really impressive over the weekend :-\

          Guess lunch pail guys aren’t as impressive to John Harbaugh… oh and my scouting days are over!

          That said, Ozzie picked him first ;-)

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