And Then There Were Two

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Word is that the Ravens have informed Pittsburgh Steelers Running Backs Coach Kirby Wilson that he is not among the finalists for the John Harbaugh’s new offensive coordinator. Scott Linehan, another of the four favorites for the job, is said to be heading to Dallas to be the Cowboys play caller.

By most counts that leaves Ravens’ Wide Receivers Coach Jim Hostler and former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as the last two man standing.

Word is the Ravens have narrowed their search for a new offensive coordinator to two candidates. Which do you prefer?
Jim Hostler (10%)
Kyle Shanahan (90%)
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33 Raves on “And Then There Were Two

  1. J.O. on said:

    Please let it be shanahan, if u want to give hostler a promotion make him the qb coach and hire Brandon Stokley as the wr coach (prbly wishful thinking but it wouldn’t be a bad idea)

  2. ken on said:

    Agree, that would be the smart thing to do, but we are dealing with Harbs, not the brightest bulb in the NFL, plus he likes having his ass-kissing buddies around, but I hope I’m wrong on he goes with Shannah.

  3. HellsBellsVA on said:

    I am looking at this as which would be the lesser of two evils. I don’t know Hostler but his work with the WR’s this past year was eh, OK. Flacco didn’t have an O line to help with his throwing but the WR’s did OK

    Shanahan has been in the OC position with 2 other teams and has nothing to show for it. The way he and his daddy treated III is mind blowing. If III couldn’t have run to help the Skins out several times, well, no telling.

    You cannot tell me that there isn’t one college coach that could bring a good OL coach with him out there.

    • Marcus on said:

      You have to look at what Kyle did in Houston and what he did in Washington. The Texans defense was crap back then and they were killing. The problem in Washington was the fact that RG3 thought he was above everyone else, Dan Snyder catering to what RG3 wanted and Mike Shanahan bieng a bit of a prick.

  4. J. Ferg on said:

    PLEASE don’t let them hire Hostler. Does anyone recall what a DISASTER it was when he called plays for the 49ers in 2007!? Frank Gore’s production went down significantly and they fired him at the end of the season.

  5. Jonecy on said:

    it has to be shanahan! promoting jim would do nothing for this fan base. time for a change no more of this 1970 offense. WCO quick passing, run down people throats and roll joe out more to many times joe was in the pocket let him get different launch points throwing the ball.

  6. Voice of Reason on said:

    Any person with half of wit of business sense who doesn’t know ANYTHING about football would hire the person with the MOST experience and one who has had success in the position. Kyle Shanahan grew up in a football family, like Harbaugh and is well versed in every aspect of the game. To me this is a no brainer, but then again, I question what kind of brain our coach has.

  7. T on said:

    Is this seriously even a question?? Shanahan by miles, and it’s not even close. This is just crazy that Hostler is even being considered to be honest. Mind boggling.

    • Bull City Bob on said:

      I am hoping that the only reason Hostler is still in the mix is that Harbaugh, who still will have him on staff with the WRs, wants to show that the organization values him and is giving him serious consideration. If they rejected him out of hand, that would not do much for morale.

      At least, that what I keep telling myself, because I want very badly for the job to go to Shanahan.

  8. charlie on said:

    out of the 4 guys that were interviewed, linehan is the GUY. i think they are making a mistake letting him go to dallas. flip a coin on the other guys, but we better bring in a qb coach for joe.

    • The Truth on said:

      I agree Charlie, Linny was my choice once I knew we weren’t going after Norv or Kube.
      I’m just dropping to my #4 choice in Shanny, but only because of the obvious.
      I really don’t expect him to be some kind of genius but compared to Caldwell, he just may be.
      The only way it could get worse is Hostler or Juan called the plays. Eeeeek ,that is frightening to even say.

  9. Mark on said:

    What a great process! Whiff on both McAdoo and Lombardi and these are the 2 finalists?? If the Ravens OC is such an attractive position, how the hell did is come to this?

  10. RichieG on said:

    How in the world did they compile such a short&underwhelmin list?!? OR, was there really not a lot of interest for some reason??!!?

  11. David on said:

    It is one thing if Hostler was even in demand but as far as I can tell not one other team has interviewed him for an OC position since he landed here. Time for a change from the old…this offense has been inconsistent for the last 5+ years. Maybe the ultimate problem is not the OC but Flacco and his inability to lead and read defenses effectively but let’s not go down the same lineage here as Cam-Caldwell-Hostler.

  12. bogeyroy on said:

    Shanahan please….Hostler failed as an OC in S.F., and supposedly had a say along with Caldwell this year regarding our play calling, which of course turned out very bad for the offense. The Redskins had a bad year, but also had lots of injuries and a QB that apparently thinks he knows more than the coaching staff in D.C.

    Along with Shanahan as OC, I would like the Ravens to hire a QB coach…when/if things go wrong, or there is a difference of opinion, it’s good to have a buffer !

  13. JerryB on said:

    Tony, you know as well as I that he’ll pick the one he can……CONTROL! That probably means Hostler or maybe both Hostler and Shanahan as Harbaugh’s list of assistants continues to grow! We’ve already seen an unprecedented job description in “Run Game Coordinator”, so maybe it’s time for a “Passing Game Coordinator”! Based on Bisciotti’s remarks during his “presser”, Harbaugh’s on a “short leash” to get back to the playoffs next year, so one would think he’d want to bring in the most experienced OC with the best track record. That philosophy doesn’t appear to be in his…..DNA!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Jerry, it’s possible that 3 of the candidates that have been interviewed for OC could be on the team’s staff. They need a RB coach…that could be Kirby Wilson who has left the Steelers. Hostler could become QB coach and Shanahan the OC. That way if Shanahan is successful and moves on, the team would have 2 internal candidates to assume OC responsibilities.

      And while we’re on the subject of coaches, I’d like to see John Harbaugh reach out to Rod Woodson to become the secondary coach and to Derrick Mason to become the WR’s coach…assuming either is interested.

      • JerryB on said:

        Wilson reportedly has signed with the Vikings; Hostler has experience, but his track record is dubious at best! That leaves Shanahan, who certainly had his problems in Washington. Woodson and Mason are intriguing thoughts, but aside from their interest in coaching, neither is experienced and, as is often the case, playing the game at a very high level doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good coach! Experience and a proven track record are imperative to getting the Ravens back to the playoffs in my judgment…….

    • Mark on said:

      Although I am a Flacco fan, I am concerned that he may not feel the need to accept any coaching which is meant to address his most prominent flaws: staring down receivers,
      being oblivious to the presence of defenders in the passing lanes and holding the ball too long.

      Time for Joe to get with the program, regardless of new OC is. If the new scheme is some West Coast hybrid, so be it. Off season passing sessions with receivers better be in the cards too. Time to step up and be more than a “gunslinger”

  14. PG County Ravens on said:

    K. Shanahan is it! We need fresh blood and thinking for our offense to grow up! Despite his youth check his track record of success. The league is about offensive football not black and blue defense. If we don’t change with the game we will perish and not be relevant! Come on Harbs make the right leadership choice! Army Strong!

  15. frank on said:

    Why are we all talking about OC … To be honest in my opinion the problem is the Defense – I don’t think Pees is the right guy for the job – he’s not a RAVENS coach…thoughts?

  16. JerryB on said:

    Adam Schefter reporting that Gary Kubiak is now the favorite in the OC competition which, if it happens, would be a great choice! Could it be that Ozzie and/or Bisciotti…..intervened?!

  17. JerryB on said:

    Kubiak named OC with Dennison also joining in some capacity to strengthen the offense. Could also add Shanahan. How many coaches are enough or…..too much?! How ’bout a Head Coach….coach?! LOL!

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