Are Reed and Doss Tough Enough?


When the Ravens drafted David Reed in 2010 they believed the Ute would be a player with precise route running skills and good hands.

He wasn’t and isn’t a burner and won’t often gain separation on deep routes but he does possess good ball skills and has the ability to make a catch in traffic.

Add it up and at best Reed could be a No. 2 wide receiver in the NFL.

Running with the scout team, Reed has had a tremendous amount of success competing against the Ravens No. 1 defense. It’s been said that he’s difficult to cover and adeptly finds holes in coverages – during practice.

Combine the threat of contact in live game situations with rare opportunities to prove his worth to the offensive coaches on Sundays and mistakes can often happen. With a very limited body of work available to the general public save a couple of fumbles in Seattle in 2011, is there any wonder why the fan base has no confidence in Reed?

Ditto for Tandon Doss.

Hand-picked by Joe Flacco, Doss has had limited opportunities to show that he can be in the offensive mix on game day and when he has, passes slipped through his fingers like a hot knife through melted butter.

Doss has also been plagued by nagging injuries. Teammates probably question his toughness as he’s often seen on the sidelines during training camp in shorts stretching or going through a few agility drills with trainers.

Last summer, while doing so he made a snarky remark to Cary Williams during a morning practice session and the two nearly came to blows. Williams made it very clear that he considered Doss to be “soft.”

That’s the last label you want in the NFL. It’s akin to a lion pride knowing which gazelle is injured. It’s tough to survive.

It will be interesting to see if either of these two can step up.

If they don’t, the longing for departed Anquan Boldin won’t fade any time soon.

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16 Raves on “Are Reed and Doss Tough Enough?

  1. Robert Fuse on said:

    Both these guys could be really good players if healthy. I really don’t think Doss is soft. I think he’s had a lot of misfortune with injuries, and that can be perceived as soft. There are a lot of players who have been injured a lot and I dare not call them soft. To even make it to the NFL, in my opinion proves toughness. It takes a lot to make it in this contact sport. I’ve seen Tandon do some really good stuff. I’m pulling for him and I’ve even forgiven David Reed for his fumbles. At the end of the day which ever wide receiver(s) get the nod are the best players and that’s all I can ask for. I trust the talent evaluation in the Ravens organization.

  2. Scott on said:

    Count me among those who would prefer to still have Boldin on the team, but I don’t understand why so many people are expecting our offense to take such a severe step back without him. In my opinion, the retention of Jacoby Jones was far more important for the benefit of our offense. I’m no film buff, so perhaps I am just completely oblivious, but it would seem to me that our offense moved most effectively with Jones and Smith blowing the top off of defenses and allowing Boldin and company to take advantage of the room underneath. I am of the opinion that if Jones and Smith see more time on the field together, any one of our current wide receivers could be successful. Boldin didn’t have a bad year last year, but I think that people are projecting his phenomenal playoff performance onto the 16 games that came prior.

    Or, let’s have some fun with it. With the emergence of Bernard Pierce, how about we line Rice up as the slot receiver during games? Then all of our playmakers can be on the field at the same time. Smith/Jones/Rice/Pierce/Pitta. Good luck stopping that from getting 10 yards.

    • Robert Fuse on said:

      I love that combination. Count Juice in and you’ve got something completely dynamic that defensive coordinators would be scratching their heads at.

      • Jerry Moore #44 on said:

        That’s Exactly what I have been saying since we didn’t grab a reciever in the the 3rd 0r 4th rd of the draft. Ray Ray would be teriffic in the slot but we don’t need him to do it all the time. Man whatever we do it will be AWSOME im sure

  3. Peter on said:

    Excellent point TL! Fortunately we’ve more candidates for No. 2 WR than this two guys – with Shepard it’ll be 9 I think. I’m very high on Deonte Thompson and Williams. I think that Tandon should get his chance, cause it’s different to play as No. 4 guy than spend much more time on the field. I also wonder how Streeter’s developed during year on a practice squad. I think that there’s a lot of talent at WR and Flacco’ll find his guy!

  4. True on said:

    I feel like with the passing game we know we already possess in Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson ( I feel like Caldwell will pump up the two tight end sets), Ray Rice, Vonta Leach, and the new guys that we won’t really have a problem with anything on offense. Juan Castillo has a great O-Line and great backs to make our running game number one. While Caldwell has a great running game and a great O-Line and plenty of talent to put in the pot to make a great passing game. Our defense will also put our offense and the opposing defense on the field for a really long time. Add our 12th man and this team can soar next year, especially at home.

  5. Bruce Romo on said:

    The Ravens see something still in Reed ( 2 year deal) — and though it was the only the late season Cincy game, he did go after it and grab the ball in his opportunies; and he’s still a viable option at spelling Jacoby return duties.
    The anecdote about Williams and Doss is telling ( Doss also has a lot of phoney tattoos; which means he might be a bit of a poser, and posers are generally “soft”)
    … Brandon Stokley — veteran slot receiver, with ties to The Ravens and, I believe OC Caldwell, might be a possibility at some juncture.

  6. Mill on said:

    I’ve always liked David Reed when he’s healthy. He was just to explosive in open space. I feel like he’s a guy whose career path could resemble that of Derrick Mason. Mason was little more than a special teams ace his first few years in the league and look what he turned into. I am not giving up on Reed and the Ravens signed him to a two year contract so obviously they are not either.

    I feel the same way about Doss. I think the way the NFL has changed makes everyone want instant results and if they don’t get them the guy is a bust. Fact is it takes some guys a few years to get there, look at Paul Kruger. And if a team can afford to be patient and wait, why not? Having said that the time is now for these guys to step up.

  7. Big C on said:

    LaQuan Williams is the guy… People often just look at injuries. There is a luck factor, but a lot of it is just your body. How it holds up to punishment, how you train in the off season and how tough you are. You’re going to have pain. PERIOD. It’s football. Doss has done nothing to show he even wants to get that spot, seems like he expects it to be handed to him. I see no desperation to make plays. I see no commitment to blocking, and he can’t play special teams. WACKSAUCE

  8. purpleneons on said:

    My only complaint this off season is the trading of Boldin. Finally used correctly by Caldwell, Boldin would have had a monster year this year and would have earned every penny of his contract. I think he was a must if the Ravens want to repeat. Ozzie should have left him alone and paid the guy.

    Doss and Reed, neither of these guys have shown ANYTHING since being drafted.

    Can’t pick on Ozzie to much, but he made a boo boo trying to reduce Boldins contract.

  9. Qman on said:

    Well I think we will have to wait until the end of the upcoming season to really see if Ozzie made a boo boo. There was just too much potential at the WR spot to carry Q’s salary. They drafted theses guys for a reason. Now we get too see what they got.

  10. omar on said:

    Laquan Williams and D. Thompson will end up beaten these two fragile guys, some players are practice warriors like doss and reed, some just shine when it matters the most like games and i think Thompson and Williams are those types of guys, give reps in games they will b more confident and shine.

  11. Mook on said:

    Reed had a ACL injury why are you questioning his toughness? Are you going to question L. Weeb’s toughness too he’s had two ACL injury? This year Reed will come in health and get his reps at W.R. with a full training camp to prove how tough he is!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I hope you are right Mook. Why do I question his toughness? It might have something to do with those T-Rex arms we’ve seen too often during preseason games. Here’s to Reed adopting a new sleeve size!

  12. JerryB on said:

    When healthy, Reed has looked good. As for Doss, not much exposure, but he did DROP some passes last year that shoulda/woulda/coulda been caught, including in the end zone! Time will no doubt tell, but I’m not ready to question either’s….toughness!

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