Are You Happy With the Ravens?

M and T fans

For some time I’ve been wondering: Are fans in Baltimore happy with their team? After all, they call themselves fans and they call the Ravens their team, so of course they are happy, aren’t they?

I’m not so sure. When I go to games I like to sit in the upper deck behind the end zone, which is where I believe I get the best view of the field. As a result I encounter some questionable behavior. It’s not the cursing that bothers me so much, rather the lightning-fast criticism of a player or team of whose jersey you’re wearing that confuses me more than anything.

Before I go any further let me state that fans have the right to criticize players, coaches, and management. That’s part of being a fan. There are times when they might want to give up because they’re so frustrated, but they keep coming back. Part of that is probably caused by a deep love for the team, and part of it is probably because that person has bet money on the game.

When a professional sport as exciting as football is only affords a city eight regular season games to go to, the energy is understandably condensed, and at a high level. When energy is that high, we all react in different ways. I just don’t get why people invest so much time, money, and emotion into viewing the NFL while simultaneously allowing themselves to be susceptible to heartbreak. It’s like they know the risks of being so involved, but they get involved anyway.

Again, I get the passion. I used to let the result of Ravens games determine my week. If they won, I’d be happy and treat people well. If they lost, I’d be down in the dumps and unapproachable. After awhile I realized that’s no way to live.

It’s inevitable that the Ravens front office, Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh, Lardarius Webb, etc. will make mistakes this year. Is that cause for criticism? Sure.

At the same time, do you think they mess up on purpose? Don’t you think they’re doing everything they can to be the best they can? Don’t you think that before we see the interception, Flacco knows it was a bad throw and has already begun to reprimand himself? When Justin Tucker hits the ball wrong on a field goal attempt, don’t you think he knows it right away?

I’m not trying to give players and coaches a free pass. They don’t deserve one. At the same time, haven’t they earned your trust and respect by now? Have the Ravens not spoiled you enough?

For example, what more does Flacco have to do to earn your respect? Throw for 4,000 yards? Organize late-March workouts with his receivers? Give me a break. You know which two quarterbacks have done things like that before? Matt Schaub and Mark Sanchez. You know what their combined career record is? 84-76 (playoffs included), or a 52.5 winning percentage.

Flacco’s career record stands at 71-38 (65.1 winning percentage). If he hasn’t earned your respect by now, he never will.

That brings me back to my original question: Are you happy with the Ravens? Do you approve of the players they have on their roster, pursuant to how they’ve sought out free agents or to how they’ve managed the salary cap? Have they done enough since the 2013 season ended, or do you think they could’ve done better since then? I don’t know what the right answer is. I don’t know if there is a right answer.

My opinion is that the Ravens are an elite franchise with a top-tier quarterback and head coach on his way to the Hall of Fame. I think they made a mistake letting Corey Graham and Arthur Jones go, as I believe those were “glue guys” to the defense. I can’t for the life of me figure out why people rag on Ray Lewis for going out on his own terms, and the only time I still have trouble letting a Baltimore loss go is when it’s to the team from Western Pennsylvania.

How do you feel about the Ravens?

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13 Raves on “Are You Happy With the Ravens?

  1. Steve on said:

    I think most fans are happy, but I also think they upset a lot of fans last year letting Boldin go and falling flat on their face on offense.

  2. Jason on said:

    Love how the team is rounding out, perfect mix of youth and experience. If we can get a starter at free safety and right tackle in the first two rounds of the draft then I see a championship caliber squad.

  3. Smoke on said:

    I think the Ravens have a very well run organization. From top to bottom. I think a lot of fans get upset with letting free agents go, but this is part of the business. It took me a long time to realize, but when they do let a player go it is for the best of the team. They do not mortgage the future for the present. That happened in the past and they will not let it happen in the future. They lose key players, but have draft picks to step in. Does it always work out? No. But more than often it does. I have been a Colts season ticket holder and Ravens since the start. What a difference in ownership with the Ravens. I am a happy fan, would like to win every year, but that just does not happen in the free agency era

  4. Nate on said:

    Well said. We’ve become spoiled and it’s amazing how loudly people complain who don’t know football at all. The odds are stacked against sustained excellence in the NFL and Harbaugh’s been able to do it. I wish more people would remember life before Flacco.

  5. john fratta on said:

    I have, as all fans have, observed jerks at a game.Over the years it seems that they fall into two groups.The first is eazy to understand ,the drunks.These guys and gals can’t even see what’s going on and just boo BOTH TEAMS reguardless of the situation.Then there is fan who just doesn’t get what ‘s going on.Example..If Joe throws let’s say 7 out of 10 plays and we don’t score they go nuts and yell,”run the
    F-in Ball ,Harbs your an A-hole”.Then because Harbs is, of course, listing to the coaches in the stands we call a run and Rice gains a solid 21/2 yds behind tackle, which of course is reason to let the f-bombs fly.

  6. RAYVENRAYG on said:

    I am happy to be a Ravens Fan, thankful for having a great owner, excellent GM & staff – good coaches and talented players. I think the problem is we don’t cherish the good that we have seen from every player who have contributed to our Ravens Timeline so far. While we appreciate their good efforts and positively loath every little mistake or failure we stack them against those we see as the best star players in the greener pastures of other teams and feel our guys like Joe just don’t measure up when in reality if we had Peyton instead that we would instantly forgive him only winning one super bowl out of 3 or Brady LOSING his last 2 Super bowls because they have such wonderful statistics or are so dominating a player. Given the statistic driven fantasy football style fans I see on theses sites we would just bitch about them the same way they belittle our own guys now.

  7. CoRavensFan on said:

    Being a fan of a team doesn’t mean you like every player on the team, or have to like every decision that is made by management. After making it into the post season for so many consecutive seasons, it only stands to reason that Ravens fans were not happy with not making it in last year. That doesn’t make you less of a fan.

  8. Sean on said:

    Yes, I am extremely happy with the Ravens. They bust their asses to put a winner on the field every season and build their team the right way – through the draft. The stadium experience is phenomenal. What more could a fan ask for?

  9. Ralphie Boy on said:

    We have a great franchise overall and a lot to be thankful for. But I will have to say, the thing that drives you nuts about them are the mental mistakes. The horrible clock management, ultra predictable play calling, false starts, inordinate amount of personal fouls over the years, failure to adjust…..those kind of things. I think the frustration stems from that – - knowing how much better they could (and should) be.

    They are winners. The owner is great. Stadium is a winner. Like I said, much to be thankful for! I don’t forget the years when Baltimore did not appear in the NFL Standings.

  10. Real Fan Dan on said:

    Mike, the Ravens are fine. The Fans are fine.
    I don’t think it (fan criticism) is all that bad but I know where you’re coming from lol. There is one guy in my section (1) who is quick to criticize just as soon as the first flag flies, or pass gets picked, or 3rd down run gets squashed. Right from the get go! On days when the Ravens were just plain flat, this negative nancy’s constant comments used to really infuriate me – and sometimes it would spread to other fans. @$%^! Finally I realized it was just one dushbag and i got over it. That was 16 years ago! Today, some fans still come up to me and say stuff like “The Fans are really down on the Ravens today” and it’s still the same dush bag running his mouth! The same phenomena exists on this board. One or two posters make a negative comment and the rest of the board say the fans really suck nowadays lmao! Ever read a game thread? Cha-a-a! The other team will score first and a poster will declare that we just lost and he’s gonna go kick the dog in the nuts and mow the lawn. The Ravens come back and win it and the same guy is swearing we’re going to the Super Bowl! It’s just one or two guys though and the rest of the posters laugh him off. Next time Mike, count how many fans really are down on our team. If it’s really that bad, come on over to 532 and join in on our R-A-V-E-N-S cheers. That’ll cheer you up!

    Over the years i can honestly say that the vast, VAST majority of fans remain positive, even when we lose. It’s just a couple of loud dush bags that get all the attention.

  11. Asher on said:

    I am very happy with my ravens.
    I think the reason ravens fans are so critical is because we are educated. We have a first hand look at HOF players, Super Bowl rings, Elite play on the field, impeccable character of players, one of the greatest general managers in the league, and a model structure. In Dallas no one is surprised when tony romo chokes, no one in Washington is surprised to see a big name FA getting a mega deal. In Jacksonville no one is surprised when they are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention in week 4. When something outside of the normal happens we are quick to question it, ie. joe throwing ints left and right, Webb getting burnt, Ozzie letting a crucial piece go, Suggs not getting sacks. We as fans are spoiled.
    The other piece I see I’ll break down into my terms. There are for hard fans, fans, and cheerleaders. Die hard fans know the 53 man roster and the practice squad players, die hard fans know why Webb played inside at times and die hard fans know how crucial upshaw is even though he doesn’t have eye popping stats. Die hard fans know the team in and out year to year. Then there are fans, people who know the players and know the game. They don’t know why it’s a good thing ngata gets a double teamed and just think he isn’t anything special because he doesn’t get 10 sacks a year. Then the cheerleaders. The “bench flacco “, “Ozzie is so dumb for trading Q”, “We can’t let ed reed walk” these people know 7 players names at best and they may or may not know their jersey numbers.
    I bring up these three categories because being in the military I meet a lot of “fans” of all the teams. I am no expert but I am a die hard ravens fan, I am in 4-8 fantasy leagues every year and I could easily name 15 players at minimum on every team. I can walk into a bar in baltimore and there will be someone there who can carry on a conversation about Chris Mcallister or Tony Sarogisa or Rod Woodson.
    I can walk DC all day and eventually I’ll find someone who knows who Jason Campbell is. Ravens fans have more fans than cheerleaders and that’s rare.

  12. Mac in Va on said:

    Best FO, gorgeous stadium, two Lombardies (three if you count TL) and everything looks better in purple and black.

    I’m damn happy!

  13. Fernando on said:

    I’m a very happy Ravens fan all the way from Brazil. I luckily managed to go to M&T once (when we got whooped by the Broncos before the SB run) and thought the stadium experience was amazing. What really amazes me is how compromised everybody in the team is with winning. It’s easy to see it if you compare to some other teams (Cowboys is one that really stands up for me) and in my case when I compare to some soccer teams here in Brazil.
    Sometimes people make mistakes, be it the GM or the RB, but they happen, as you said. We get frustrated over it, but looking at the overall situation it’s easy to see they all want to do their best and win.

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