Arthur Brown may make you forget all about Rolando McClain

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If you called Ozzie Newsome the best General Manager in football before the draft, you were probably right. After making another perfect pick in round two, Newsome solidified that he is not only the smartest in the league, but he knows where players are going every pick, every round.

Newsome decided he wanted to make a move on his player, and he did just that! He moved up seven picks and traded with the Seattle Seahawks to grab the player the Ravens coveted most, Arthur Brown, the linebacker from Kansas State.

I had previously written that the Ravens should have jumped on Brown in the first round, so you could imagine how loud I yelled when I saw Ozzie move up. It was obvious that he was going to take the young stud, and he did. Brilliant.

Brown will fill a hole left by Dannell Ellerbe, and he will do it very well. He is fast, he shoots gaps with the best of them, and provides much needed pass coverage help in the middle.

This move might be the end of the short Rolando McClain era. McClain was arrested just a week after he was signed, and I find it hard to believe that John Harbaugh will want him around to be a distraction in the locker room.

If McClain can’t stay on the team, Josh Bynes better be ready to step up. Bynes showed some flashes last season in his little time, and he could compete with Brown in camp for the second spot.

I can’t stress enough how happy you should be with the pick of Brown in the second round. He was the best available player on the board, and Ozzie Newsome jumped.

A week ago, Arthur Brown probably didn’t think much about Rolando McClain’s arrest. Now however, he may just be the person that benefits most.

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17 Raves on “Arthur Brown may make you forget all about Rolando McClain

  1. True on said:

    Yeah, I don’t care about McClain. I’m excited to see what happens, but I don’t care either way. As long as the move is good for the team, I’m just excited to see it.

    • Joe Wedra on said:

      Me too. I think we’ll all be pleased to see what the linebackers do this year. I think it is a crew with a ton of potential.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Sdot on said:

    Honestly I’m rootin for McClain to make the team. I’m not one to bash a player who made mistakes …I wish him the best of luck and hope that he gets his mind and attitude together because we could very well have a stud in McClain. Also, I put money that Ozzie will win Executive of the year if we have a strong season and make the playoffs. Between last year and this offseason this has to be Ozzie’s greatest impact on this franchise.

  3. Dr. Evil on said:

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with McClain. I seem to remember another MLB that had a much more serious run in with the Law and he seemed to get his act together pretty well. Let’s just get this man-child into camp and see how he progresses. The rest of the crew will have a positive effect on him, not McClain bringing down the locker room.
    That said, I think this corps of LBs is going to be awesome. They’ll be fast, fresh, and swarming like the old days when the Ravens scared the s*it out of opposing Offenses.
    People are going to talk about our superb defense this season.
    Go Ravens!

  4. Rex Thunder on said:

    I posted this in a draft thread, but seems more suiting here. I liked Brown, but not sure how you can be so sure. A friend of mine, and former NFL player, who is now a sports agent, said there was a major tug of war in the Ravens draft room over Aurthur Brown. He is the agent of Sio Moore, who was drafted a few picks later by the Oakland Raiders. He said he was on the phone with Ravens personnel and they were divided on which linebacker to take, so much so that a heated debate started up and Ozzie broke the tie, going with Arthur. My friend swears that it was a big mistake and Sio will be the better player. I actually wanted and was ecstatic with Brown until he threw this buzz kill at me. I guess we will see. Either way, I had leaned towards Brown probably because there was a lot of coverage and “hype” around him. He looks great from the game film I’ve seen, but don’t be so quick to crown Ozzie on this one. He went against his talent scouts advice on this one- so hopefully it works out.

    • Joe Wedra on said:

      I agree Sio Moore has great talent, but I prefer what Brown can do from an “all-round” standpoint. I’m wouldn’t be shocked if Moore has a good NFL career, but I think Brown’s will be better.

      Thanks for the comment, and Go Ravens!

    • Sharon on said:

      Well I mean if your friend is Sio’s agent, wouldn’t he say that his client is better? Not buying this.

  5. Frank A on said:

    I dont get why youre throwing ROLANDO under the bus? this kid is a beast and they signed him for a reason… i dont care if he gets to go to jail every weekend.. he will be a starter on our TEAM

    just look at the stats he was posting on a RAIDERS DEFENSE? thats right… THE RAIDERS.. now with an amazing line in front of him he will be flying to the ball.

    What ive noticed lately is you just follow what the INTERNET says… youre a BANDWAGON JUMPER as we call it in the middle east.

    i just wish you werent so biased against this guy…. IN MY EYES.. HES THE BEST LB WE GOT .. give the IDIOT A CHANCE

    • Sdot on said:

      Easy lol I don’t think he is throwing Rolando under the bus I think he was just implying that with Rolando possibly being cut, we fans may not even notice once we realize how much of an impact Brown will have. But I do agree that Rolando shouldn’t be discounted by so many of us fans just because he’s had some problems. The guy was a stud at Alabama and did a decent job on that pitiful raiders defense. In our system (3-4) he should blossom into a beast. I don’t know why he was drafted to play in a 4-3 defense in Oakland but in our system he will knock a few heads off :-) can’t wait! Him Suggs Brown will be imposing linebackers this year

    • Tyler on said:

      He wouldn’t be very useful if he went to jail every weekend considering that would mean he’d be in jail every Sunday…

      Rolando wasn’t really even producing that well. The only reason this signing was the least bit exciting was because it was such a big area of need and such a highly rated prospect out of college was coming to us so cheap and so young. I’m still on board with the Rolando McClain signing, but he’s not a savior and will be a 2-down guy at his best here.

      Arthur Brown is the most exciting pick. This dude is gonna be around for a while. I haven’t been this excited about a 2nd round pick ever, including Sergio and Dan Cody. Here’s to hoping he pans out a whole hell of a lot better than either of those two.

  6. Melvin on said:

    I think everyone including myself is being overly dismissive of McClain. His charges show immaturity, but its not like he’s a violent offender. The ravens and the league in general have dealt with players with far more damning allegations. Team leaders Lewis and Suggs have dealt with murder and domestic violence allegations, but we still gave them the chance to make good. The worse thing McClain has done is mouth of to cops. If I had a dime for EVERYTIME I wanted to do just that!

  7. Pat on said:

    Rolando could very well be the biggest offseason signing. The guy was ranked as the best ILB coming out of Alabama, just three years ago. Until ozzie calls it quits, I think he and jameel will start the season and brown will play in nickel downs. By the end of the season it could be arthur and rolando stqrting.

    • Bruce Almty on said:

      If Rolando focuses on making the team and Harbs gives him some playing time, I have no doubt he will shine. He’s been a fav of mine since he got in trouble last fall/winter. I was elated we picked him up; now I just hope he doesn’t let me down. With him in our ILB corps we’ll be fantastic, w/o him we’ll just be great.

      • Big Perm on said:

        i agree Bruce. Not sure why we need to compare brown to mcclain. he’ll be an asset. i don’t get this article.

  8. Big C on said:

    Those charges against Rolando may get thrown out for real… Disorderly conduct for yelling #$#@ the police? Resisting arrest for turning away?? We’re not talking PacMan Jones type stuff here. He needs to grow up. He needs to just stay away from his hometowm, apparently Boss Hogg and his local police department don’t care that he’s a PRO athlete from their miserable little town and are hell bent on harrassing him. Plus it’s way better up here anyway. He also needs to hit the weights, he has a chicken chest and little arms. Needs to rock that up a little bit, he looks like a teenager.

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