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Chris is a Richmond resident with strong family ties to the Baltimore area.  As an analyst by trade, he focuses on statistics and trends to tell the story.  He writes columns for 24x7, is a regular contributor on 24x7’s Ravens board as psuasskicker, and blogs at Chris grew up watching Orioles and Colts games, and has been a football fan since elementary school.  He’s a Ravens season ticket holder and gets to as many games as he can – no easy chore with a young family and living three hours away.  He participates in several fantasy football leagues, and is studying sports betting and in particular football betting strategies.  He looks forward to some day working in football, as an analyst, writer, or in some other fashion.

Latest Posts

How Does Matt Stover Measure Up?

Street Talk How Does Matt Stover Measure Up?
Chris Berney

About a week ago, the official Baltimore Ravens site released their full list of the Top 50 Ravens of all time... Read More

Posted in Street Talk
1 Comment bteyring says I cannot even count the amount of times Stover put the Ravens offense on his back. However, the period in which Stover's brilliance stands out the most is the f
Anquan Boldin, an underutilized weapon

Street Talk Anquan Boldin, an underutilized weapon
Chris Berney

I’m trying to figure out how the Ravens offense has failed so badly.  Not just in the Steelers game, but let’s... Read More

Posted in Street Talk
2+ Comments Chris Berney says @ Fanman - Thanks. That's something I'll be looking at in the next couple weeks, maybe months (depends when I get time). The charting data I have gives infor
What’s Ailing the Ravens?

Street Talk What’s Ailing the Ravens?
Chris Berney

In the last eight games, the Ravens have blown fourth quarter leads five times, and without a clock-killing dr... Read More

Posted in Street Talk


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