About Chris Berney

Chris Berney

Chris is a Richmond resident with strong family ties to the Baltimore area.  As an analyst by trade, he focuses on statistics and trends to tell the story.  He writes columns for 24x7, is a regular contributor on 24x7’s Ravens board as psuasskicker, and blogs at oblongspheroid.com. Chris grew up watching Orioles and Colts games, and has been a football fan since elementary school.  He’s a Ravens season ticket holder and gets to as many games as he can – no easy chore with a young family and living three hours away.  He participates in several fantasy football leagues, and is studying sports betting and in particular football betting strategies.  He looks forward to some day working in football, as an analyst, writer, or in some other fashion.

How Does Matt Stover Measure Up?

About a week ago, the official Baltimore Ravens site released their full list of the Top 50 Ravens of all time Top 50 Ravens. The article listed Matt Stover at #4 overall, which among some Ravens fans seems to be a controversial ranking. The ranking triggered a somewhat heated discussion between me and another fan about how good Stover was in comparison to other kickers. This, to me, is a more interesting question than where Stover ranks on the all time Ravens list. An argument over the value of a...

Anquan Boldin, an underutilized weapon

I’m trying to figure out how the Ravens offense has failed so badly.  Not just in the Steelers game, but let’s face it, they’ve been mediocre at best all year.  They’re 16th in points scored and 22nd in yards. I think a big part of it we know was the offensive line.  But I’m having trouble getting past the play-calling.  I’m watching the Patriots, and the Packers this weekend, and even the Falcons who sucked but serve as a good example.  I see something in their offenses that I don’t...

What’s Ailing the Ravens?

In the last eight games, the Ravens have blown fourth quarter leads five times, and without a clock-killing drive against the Bucs, could have been in position to do it a sixth.  All four of their losses were after holding leads in the fourth quarter, and four of their wins featured leads given up in the fourth quarter, only to later be regained.  Let that soak in for a second…the Ravens have surrendered a lead in eight of their thirteen games this season.  I’m struggling to remember the Ravens surrendering...

Ed Reed should retire

Ed Reed should retire.  Not because he can’t be effective anymore.  Not because the team is better off without him.  He should retire because it gives him the best chance at living a life with as little pain as possible. There’s been some discussion among Ravens fans that Ed Reed is washed up.  There were claims that the Ravens were better off with him on the sidelines last year.  “Look how much better the DBs played when he was out vs. when he was in!” The problem with that is,...