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Dave Tieff

Dave Tieff is best known for his musical talents and as the leader of the band Laughing Colors. Those who know him best understand his story, appreciate and perhaps even relate to his journey and they admire his strength. Dave is also a talented writer and sports enthusiast and we are happy to have him join our team. Find out more about Dave, his music and life at: http://www.davetieff.com/fr_news.cfm

So why is Ray’s retirement such a big deal for fans?

Beware the Underdog
I’ve seen some grumbling in the national media (Terry Bradshaw), from current NFL players (Reggie Wayne), and from countless fans of other teams who don’t understand why Ray Lewis’ retiring is such a big deal to Ravens fans. I was sort of surprised at first, but then I realized you have to be a fan to truly understand, and you have to keep in mind the history of Baltimore football–not to mention the history of the NFL. Once upon a time, the Baltimore Colts won a Championship in 1958, a...