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Dev Panchwagh is a versatile analyst who breaks down the Xs and Os of the game and has been a columnist/analyst for since the summer of 2004. In his regular season column Battle Plans, Dev highlights the Ravens' keys to success against each upcoming opponent. Dev started modestly as a sports journalist, but his contributions to sports talk radio were noticed, leading to duties as a regular columnist for the network before joining RSR.  It would be very difficult to find his rare combination of youthfulness, knowledge and insight in all facets of football anywhere else.  Fortunately, Dev brings it here each and every week. 

Latest Posts

The Final Countdown

Camp Notes The Final Countdown
Dev Panchwagh

As training camp officially concluded on a largely tepid practice day, several answers emerged that weren’t present at the start of training camp. We now know w... Read More

Posted in Camp Notes
2+ Comments rocky mattioli says i think the different style of offense that kubiak brings to the table could make an enormous difference this year...I`ve been one that really became tired of t
Flacco Finding His Groove

Camp Notes Flacco Finding His Groove
Dev Panchwagh

ROOKIE QB WENNING IS STRUGGLING Much was made all offseason of how quarterback Joe Flacco would fare rolling out and throwing on the move in Gary Kubiak’s We... Read More

Posted in Camp Notes
10+ Comments Dev says Joe, thank you! Ken, I didn't come up with the poll. Also, I didn't lambaste Wenning at all. I just stated my observations that he has a weaker arm and t
Juice on the Loose

Camp Notes Juice on the Loose
Dev Panchwagh

JUICE IS ON THE LOOSE It’s one thing to hear all of forecasts for fullback Kyle Juszczyk’s expanded role in offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak’s offense. But ... Read More

Posted in Camp Notes
10+ Comments Dev says Thanks again everyone, and thank you Tony! Jeff, it's probably too soon to say how the backs are faring but I've been impressed with Justin Forsett. He's shifty


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