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Ken comes to us via area message boards where he has consistently posted some of the most insightful and memorable posts that you'll find anywhere.  Known as "Filmstudy", Ken is a lifelong Baltimorean and rabid fan of Baltimore sports who grew up about 1 mile from Memorial Stadium.  He attended all but a handful of Orioles home games from 1979 through 2001.   Ken bleeds orange in more ways than one.  He's a graduate of Syracuse University, where he earned degrees in both Broadcast Journalism and Math and now works locally as an actuary. The message board member name "Filmstudy" comes from his collection of video from every Ravens game ever played and his player-participation-by-play tracking system for defense that he developed in 2006.  This system is the cornerstone of his thoughtful and one-of-a-kind analysis of the complex Ravens defense.  

Latest Posts

Not Worth a Plug Nickel

Filmstudy Not Worth a Plug Nickel
Ken McKusick

You’ve heard the old saying about having 24 hours to celebrate any win before prepping for the next game. There are lots of places to read what went right ab... Read More

Posted in Filmstudy
10+ Comments David H says I haven't seen anyone remark on Jacoby Jones' decision not to bring the final kickoff return out of the end zone. He would not have been blamed for trying for
Spiderman Returns

Filmstudy Spiderman Returns
Ken McKusick

Everyone likes a sequel. And the return of Lardarius Webb to the slot on Sunday proved a blockbuster. In 2011 and 2012, Webb was used as an outside corner in... Read More

Posted in Filmstudy
5+ Comments Ken McKusick says I thought Graham played well also. While everyone else was in containment, he sprinted to take down Bernard on Cincinnati's final offensive play. Webb is th


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