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Paul (aka WickedSolo) has been an avid football fan since he was a little kid. As former player himself (through college only...turning pro and having million dollar contracts and fame just sounded too overwhelming...or he's just a 5'11" 200lb guy who was only good enough to play D-3 ball...but who's counting...) he has a ton of experience in the locker room, on the field, and in the film room during the off-season and the regular season. While serving in the US Navy on active duty he had the opportunity to check out the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama and caught the attention of a few Ravens' scouts (not too hard to spot the only guy in Mobile wearing camo fatigues with a purple Ed Reed jersey) and they were kind enough to point out some of the things they look for when scouting players. From that point on, Paul was hooked on the draft and everything leading up to it. He regularly contributes draft-based analytical pieces on the RSR forum and is constantly providing Ravens fans with collegiate players to check out. Paul is a Charm City native through and through and after being Honorably discharged from the Navy lives with his wife Ashly and son Jack. Jack is less than a year old, but is in the process of training to play for the Ravens in 2033.

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2013 Season Report Card

Report Card 2013 Season Report Card
Paul Lukoskie

The season was a roller coaster ride and some of the bends, turns and sheer drop-offs made many of the Ravens’ faithful consider that they may not have the stom... Read More

Posted in Report Card
3+ Comments RJ says Sorry, but I disagree with most of these grades (too high), ESPECIALLY when it comes to the horrid coaching. Here are my grades: (QB) F : Sorry, but Flacco
Everybody Fails

Report Card Everybody Fails
Paul Lukoskie

A lot of folks will point out how the blabbering and flip-flopping from blatantly bad referee calls impacted the Ravens early on in the game.  I agree to a cert... Read More

Posted in Report Card
12+ Comments Russ says Lionel, I agree with you. I have had this argument with a few folks. But all season I have been saying to myself and friends, why do we have Corey Graham? Sure
Ravens 18 Lions 16

Report Card Ravens 18 Lions 16
Paul Lukoskie

Words cannot describe the level of heart palpitations that I experienced into the waning hours of Monday night.  At first, I was so uncomfortable with the fact ... Read More

Posted in Report Card
18+ Comments Clement says Again I will say that I truly believe the ravens did good. There is no doubt about it. Holding the home team to 16 points, good coverage on Megatron throughout
Bears 23, Ravens 20 OT

Report Card Bears 23, Ravens 20 OT
Paul Lukoskie

If you were watching the Ravens play the Bears this afternoon, you probably started to see some distinct, negative patterns emerge. These patterns aren’t necess... Read More

Posted in Report Card
16+ Comments RBC says This is crap. Blame the D on a day where they give up 13 points? Really? The Bears defense is a injury riddled disaster and the Ravens need to sore more than


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