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Phil Gentile

Phil Gentile is the editor-in-chief of I Hate JJ Redick, an award winning Baltimore blog that covers Charm City's local sports teams in addition to fantasy sports, pro wrestling, music, movies, and everything in between. He is a self-confessed NFL Draft and fantasy football junkie and he's currently seeking weekly treatment for his addiction here at Russell Street Report. Phil's work has been featured on Bleacher Report and he's a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Follow Phil on Twitter: @iHateJJRedick

Time to say goodbye to Ed Reed

It wasn’t until the confetti started falling on the players’ heads in the Superdome that I realized Ray Lewis had just played in his final NFL game. I thought to myself the city of Baltimore has just lost the face of their franchise. I’m going to assume that most Ravens fans believe the torch will be momentarily passed to Ed Reed, despite his free agent status heading into the offseason. However, there are several reasons why I don’t believe the Ravens front office should bring back one of the great...