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Riley Babcock was born and raised in Maryland where he took a big interest towards sports at a young age. The Baltimore Ravens soon became his main interest which led to his eventual hiring as Editor of the Ravens blog, Ebony Bird, in early March of  2011. Riley is an avid follower of all sports, but is primarily into football, specifically the NFL. With eyes glued to ESPN 24/7 and the NFL Network, you can count on Riley always being on top of the latest sports news and providing readers with quality content year round. 

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“Helmet-to-helmet” & “defenseless receiver” rules still leave players, fans puzzled

Street Talk “Helmet-to-helmet” & “defenseless receiver” rules still leave players, fans puzzled
Riley Babcock

A large topic of debate in the NFL recently has been player safety. In response to the increased number of head injuries due to helmet-to-helmet contact, the le... Read More

Posted in Street Talk
8+ Comments Kevin (Pennsylvania_ says I was unclear. No contact would be able to occur to the QB in the act of throwing not because of the receiver definition but because the prohibited contact is n


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