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TOM MOORE is from Baltimore and writes on sports for Press Box, and he previously served as a columnist for The Baltimore Examiner on many topics related to Baltimore and Maryland. Described by many as a ‘Renaissance man,’ Mr. Moore has hosted the weekly radio program The Tom Moore Show on AM 680 WCBM since 2003, and sings in a jazz/standards band, which released its first record in 2010, “Restless Journey” available on I-Tunes. Mr. Moore has also acted on stage in local theaters and on TV programs such as the NetFlix series “House of Cards” and HBO’s “The Wire.” An NCLL Final Four lacrosse player at the University of Richmond, Moore transferred to, then graduated from the University of Maryland in 2000 with a degree in Journalism. From 2000-2002, he worked as a producer for ABC Radio WMAL in Washington, DC where he was part of the station’s 2001 Edward R. Murrow Award-winning news team. A busy Maryland attorney (known better as Thomas Maronick Jr.) by day, Moore is a lifelong baseball, football and lacrosse fan and may be reached at tommooreradio@yahoo.com

2013 Ravens Like a Rudderless Ship

Reed Lewis Stare down
What a difference a year makes for the Super Bowl champs.  Last year they were the team that scared opposing teams.  Before that, under defensive coordinators Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan and Chuck Pagano the team played angry, tough, and beat up opponents. Remember the headline in Sports Illustrated after the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV? “BALTIMORE BULLIES…The Ravens defense beats up the Giants in the Super Bowl” Well, this year the Ravens are the ones getting bullied.  They don’t scare anyone, least of all the Cleveland Browns, who, against a...

This Season Looks Frighteningly Familiar

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.33.57 PM
With their devastating loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens’ 2013 season is now likely over, despite the incredible promise that existed for taking the Division lead and staying tight in the playoff hunt with just a few wins in a row – if the Browns game had been won first. It can be debated whether this is academic or fatalistic, but with as desperate and must-win a game as the Browns game was, I prefer to take a realistic approach: It’s probably over now, with the Ravens needing to...

Bengals Loss Puts Ravens Back in Division Race

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins
In spite of the blather you may be hearing from Bleacher Report and ESPN.com about the Bengals being “head of the class” in the AFC North Division, and the division being “all but locked up,” don’t buy it, and take it from this writer who has already been criticized by some of you, the readers of this column, for allegedly selling short the Ravens playoff chances. No, no indeed, I haven’t sold them short, as this gift win from the Dolphins – provided early for the holidays – put the...

Playoff Scenarios Make for Strange Bedfellows

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Flacco and quarterback Brady of the New England Patriots talk about their NFL AFC wild-card playoff game in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
If you are a Ravens fan and it is bye week, like everyone else you probably turn on the Tube to see who other teams are playing. If you are a Ravens die-hard you watch, less because of Sunday boredom or to track stats on your Fantasy team than because of a strong desire to root against certain opposing teams. You can sit at home, or better yet, don your Ravens jersey and head out to am establishment known to be a haven for fans of the “root against” team,...

Harbaugh’s “Gaffes” – Bad Coaching, or Bad Breaks?

Harbaugh sidelines
It has been a season to forget so far for Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, with a collection of coaching miscues that have directly affected the outcome of at least three games. While Harbaugh didn’t drink a mojito while the Buffalo Bills were rushing the passer at will like his offensive line did, or personally throw five interceptions in that game, his decisions helped cost the team in the Denver, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh games, all losses. Some of the mistakes have been gut-decision calls – which sometimes work, but sometimes...

Season on the Brink for Hapless Ravens

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.50.21 AM
With a predictable loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 2013 season is officially on the brink for the struggling Baltimore Ravens. Against a Steeler team that was 1-4 entering the game, the Ravens needed a win to put them away and focus on the Division race with the Cincinnati Bengals. Instead, after inexplicable coaching mistakes from John Harbaugh, and some team-wide miscues, the Ravens are on the outside looking in at the race for the playoffs. Earlier in the season, the Ravens had their annual “mulligan game” against the Buffalo...

OPPONENT TRACK: Middling Results in Week 1

Sure, it’s only week one, but the Ravens saw some ups and downs insofar as opponents they need to be watching out for. As the Ravens have found out in most of the playoffs they have been a part of, it isn’t fun to always play on the road.  The teams that get the home games traditionally get far easier roads to heading to the Super Bowl than those that don’t.  Though in fairness, the last three years have been somewhat of an anomaly with The Green Bay Packers (2011),...

Ravens Pop Warner-like Performance no Fault of Orioles

Goodell Pinocchio
Game one against the Denver Broncos was predictably a disaster for the Baltimore Ravens, not just because the game was on the road or because Dennis Pitta was lost for a significant portion of the season. The fact is that Denver came into the game after suffering what many considered to be the worst loss in not just Bronco football history, but Denver sports history. The Broncos came into the game angry, fired up, motivated by their fans, and ready to play. Baltimore came in looking like they had just...