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Tony is 24x7 Networks, LLC's founder (the parent of and His work has been featured on various sports websites and he is a regular guest on 105.7 The Fan. A diehard Fab Four fan, Tony is a frustrated musician who thinks beating on the steering wheel is akin to being John Bonham. Follow Tony on Twitter @RussellStReport.

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Ravens Postseason Run Crashes in Foxboro

The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox Ravens Postseason Run Crashes in Foxboro
Tony Lombardi

It felt like we were playing with house money. Every minute, every second of postseason playing time seemed like it was gifted given the way the Ravens playe... Read More

27+ Comments Big Ed says It has been a few days and I am ready to post my thoughts.  Much falls inline with Tony's comments so here go mine... Joe Flacco is an average QB during the se
Spygate Returns?

Memes Spygate Returns?
Tony Lombardi

The New England Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since Janet Jackson's equipment malfunction so for Bill Belichick, desperate times call for desperate measures... Read More

Posted in Memes
2+ Comments LowellSandiego says Yeah, but they have won FAR more games than any other team in football since 2008.  It is hard to win the Superbowl, remember?  Wait. What am I saying?  You are


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