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Tony is 24x7 Networks, LLC's founder (the parent of EutawStreetReport.com and RussellStreetReport.com) His work has been featured on various sports websites and he is a regular guest on 105.7 The Fan. A diehard Fab Four fan, Tony is a frustrated musician who thinks beating on the steering wheel is akin to being John Bonham. Follow Tony on Twitter @RussellStReport.

Ravens Hopefuls Look to ‘Go The Distance’

Under Armour Performance Center
As children, many of us aspired to be professional athletes. Back in the days before Xbox and PlayStation and EA Sports, the days when Video Pong was cutting edge (yes I’m that old), we spent our summer on the ball field from mid morning to sundown. The fields were simple. Bases were made of castaway clothing or boxes — perhaps even a crushed soda can or milk carton. The fields were safe. Parents didn’t seem to mind that you hopped on your bike and took off, not to be seen...

Flacco, Kubiak Don’t Have to be Best Friends

Kubiak Flacco 728
Those infamous “sources” in and around the Baltimore Ravens are stirring it up a bit regarding the allegedly frosty relationship between quarterback Joe Flacco and offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. Even if they aren’t drinking buddies – BIG DEAL! Some of the best collaborators have at times been adversarial. Lennon & McCartney, Jagger & Richards, Simon & Garfunkel, Martin & Lewis, Sting & Copeland, Unitas & Shula, Montana & Walsh, Shaq & Kobe…the list goes on. In many cases the adversarial nature of the aforementioned relationships and many more have their...

Ray Rice It’s Your Move!

Many have criticized the Ravens handling of Ray Rice’s domestic incident involving Janay Palmer – particularly the press conference that they hosted enabling Rice to make a public statement on the matter. Rice was understandably uncomfortable. “Uncomfortable” would actually be an understatement. From a media perspective the press conference was a debacle. Rice’s behavior was interpreted by many to be insincere and poorly thought out. Instead of a prepared statement he read notes from his cell phone. Despite the charges and the infamous video of Rice attempting to drag his...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Best Plays in Ravens History (Part III)

Ray Lewis pick 6
Back in June of 2008 we put together our list of the Best Plays in Ravens History. Of course time has a way of changing things. The Mile High Miracle may arguably be the greatest of all and we invite you to include your favorites not on THIS LIST. We’ll revisit the list but over the course of the next 3 Flashback Fridays, presenting what we once regarded as the 10 best in pairs. We will then ask YOU to help us create a new list. Here are the plays...

MINICAMP NOTES: Suggs in Good Form

On Tuesday the Ravens worked through a heat index that approached 100 degrees during the first day of their 3-day mandatory mini-camp. The practice was crisp and spirited with great energy driven to new levels that can at least in part be attributed to the presence of Terrell Suggs. Suggs is in great shape – very similar to the physique in which he reported to training camp last summer. His comedic flair hasn’t changed either, targeting a few of the team’s offensive players with good-natured ribbing, most notable of which...

Ravens Offensive Line on The Mend

Last season the Ravens offense ranked 30th in rushing with 83.0 yards per game and they ranked dead last (32nd) in yards per carry (3.1). The results were the byproduct of a perfect storm. Bryant McKinnie was a failure – again! Kelechi Osemele fell to injury. Marshal Yanda hadn’t fully recovered from shoulder surgery and Michael Oher was Michael Oher. Eugene Monroe was brought in on the fly and paired up with an undersized left guard playing out of position (AQ Shipley) who in turn played beside an inexperienced center...

A Father and Son Reunited by the Ravens

stadium seats 2
I’ve always said that if for some reason things changed for me and I was no longer blessed with the ability to guide this website, the journey has been so rewarding and I’d leave knowing that I’m better because Ravens24x7.com came along. You see along the way as this piece of real estate on the information highway has evolved, I have had the good fortune of meeting some very kind, giving and wonderful people. Some may have only entered my world for a few fleeting moments but when they left,...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Best Plays in Ravens History (Part II)

Back in June of 2008 we put together our list of the Best Plays in Ravens History. Of course time has a way of changing things. The Mile High Miracle may arguably be the greatest of all. We’ll revisit the list but over the course of the next 5 Flashback Fridays we’ll present what we once regarded as the 10 best in pairs and then we’ll ask your help in creating an updated list. Here are the plays we ranked as the 7th and 8th best in Ravens history 6...

It Could be One And Done For Kubiak in Baltimore

Kubiak OTAs 728
The NFL coaching carousel is a ride that begins towards the end of each season and usually doesn’t stop until a few days after the Super Bowl.Head coaches come and go to the tune of about 5 to 7 per season and today they come in many shapes and sizes, often too wide ranging to predict. We need to look no further than the guy who controls the Ravens sideline for proof. Chances are that the name John Harbaugh was nowhere to be found when forecasting coaching changes. Harbaugh was...

Why Can’t Canty Show Up?

Canty practice
As fans of the Baltimore Ravens it’s only natural for you to want all of the players working hard during the offseason to improve upon a disappointing 2013 season and stick it to the naysayers who suggest that the best NFL odds for the Ravens point to a .500 season. And that includes the players participating in “voluntary” organized team activities. The attendance during these OTA’s has been very good, albeit short of perfect. Questions surface when players like Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata fail to appear. Two players who...

Eric Winston Not Right For Right Tackle

Cardinals 49ers Football
One of the uncertainties facing the Baltimore Ravens as they work through OTA’s and prepare for training camp is the position of right tackle. Most observers would concur that the team’s offensive front is 80% complete and that the right side is the unanimous choice as the offense’s weakest link. Some have debated the merits of Kelechi Osemele moving out to right tackle and allow Ryan Jensen and John Urschel to battle it out for the left guard job. But based upon the enthusiasm amongst the coaching staff during OTA’s...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Best Plays in Ravens History

McAlister Return
Back in June of 2008 we put together our list of the Best Plays in Ravens History. Of course time has a way of changing things. The Mile High Miracle may arguably be the greatest of all. We’ll revisit the list but over the course of the next 5 Flashback Fridays we’ll present what we once regarded as the 10 best in pairs and then we’ll ask your help in creating an updated list. Here are the plays we ranked as the 9th and 10th best in Ravens history 6...

OTA NOTES: Offensive Line Begins to Gel

Monroe weight room
Even if you didn’t know that the Ravens hired a new offensive coordinator you would still sense that something has changed when watching the team’s offense practice. There’s more attention to detail. More focus on fundamentals. More repetitions. The pacing is quicker and the execution seems more precise, particularly at this early stage of development. Players across the board will tell you that Kubiak’s offense is simpler, easier to grasp and when that happens athleticism takes over. Things happen faster and that creates opportunity. “[Gary is] a heck of a...

OTA NOTES: Ravens Defense And Music

Flacco under center 728
Wednesday’s OTA’s open to the media had more of that training camp vibe. The warm sunny day was certainly a contributor but more importantly for the team, the practice was executed with precision and at a purposeful pace. “Beautiful day for football – guys really appreciate the heat a little bit”, John Harbaugh shared after practice. “We’ve had a couple hot days this week – that’s helped us to ‘climatize’ us a little bit for training camp and for the early part of the season. So, it’s been positive. I’m...

Flacco Goes Yard!

(Kevin will be there shooting video - ss) Please take photos of Ravens players participating in Lardarius Webb's annual charity soft
Joe Flacco a two-sport star? Ed Reed showered by that familiar chant after going yard? It’s all about the Baltimore Ravens in the community, something they do so well! Your browser does not support iframes.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Trent Dilfer Did Not ‘Win’ Super Bowl XXXV

Dilfer SB XXXV
The NFL Network’s recent presentation of America’s Game, the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, brings back fond memories. During that broadcast, Brian Billick, Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer told the story of that season. Dilfer is almost always a lightning rod triggering debate among Ravens fans. What may have happened if he stayed on as the Ravens quarterback in 2001 and the team didn’t sign Elvis Grbac? Would the team have successfully defended their crown? We’ll never know for sure but here’s an opinion first served up back on October 14, 2005...

Ravens Rookie RB Arrested

According to the Virginia Gazette Ravens rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro was arrested in Williamsburg early Saturday morning charged with breaking the window of a taxi cab. Here’s the link to the story from the Gazette…   Bisciotti’s Inner Corleone? Somewhere out there, or down there in Florida, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has to be frustrated. All of the years spent cleaning up the image of the Baltimore Ravens and this offseason, the team has had four arrests (Ray Rice, Deonte Thompson, Jah Reid and now Lorenzo Taliaferro) and once...

Zinno Leaves 105.7 The Fan, Takes on New “Game”

News trickled out over the weekend that 105.7 The Fan’s Mark Zinno is leaving the station after accepting a position with 92.9 The Game down in Atlanta. Both are owned by CBS Radio. Zinno has been with the Baltimore based sports talker since 2006, prior to the switch to an FM format. Because of my ties to the media many have asked over the years what I thought about Zinno’s style. With Mark, it’s all black or white, there’s no grey and he really isn’t an acquired taste. You either...

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Ray Rice Shows Humility During Presser

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 3.05.56 PM
Like many of you I just watched the Ray Rice press conference broadcast live from the Under Armour Performance Center today. Rice’s silence has been part of a carefully crafted defense that included a graceful adherence to the due process afforded him or any citizen. The act that allegedly put Rice in his current position was anything but graceful. It’s understandable if you think that Rice should be dealt with in the most heavy-handed fashion allowable by law. But really, what should that punishment be? Jail time? Fines? Suspensions? All...
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