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Flacco Goes Yard!

(Kevin will be there shooting video - ss) Please take photos of Ravens players participating in Lardarius Webb's annual charity soft
Joe Flacco a two-sport star? Ed Reed showered by that familiar chant after going yard? It’s all about the Baltimore Ravens in the community, something they do so well! Your browser does not support iframes.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Trent Dilfer Did Not ‘Win’ Super Bowl XXXV

Dilfer SB XXXV
The NFL Network’s recent presentation of America’s Game, the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, brings back fond memories. During that broadcast, Brian Billick, Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer told the story of that season. Dilfer is almost always a lightning rod triggering debate among Ravens fans. What may have happened if he stayed on as the Ravens quarterback in 2001 and the team didn’t sign Elvis Grbac? Would the team have successfully defended their crown? We’ll never know for sure but here’s an opinion first served up back on October 14, 2005...

Ravens Rookie RB Arrested

According to the Virginia Gazette Ravens rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro was arrested in Williamsburg early Saturday morning charged with breaking the window of a taxi cab. Here’s the link to the story from the Gazette…   Bisciotti’s Inner Corleone? Somewhere out there, or down there in Florida, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has to be frustrated. All of the years spent cleaning up the image of the Baltimore Ravens and this offseason, the team has had four arrests (Ray Rice, Deonte Thompson, Jah Reid and now Lorenzo Taliaferro) and once...

Zinno Leaves 105.7 The Fan, Takes on New “Game”

News trickled out over the weekend that 105.7 The Fan’s Mark Zinno is leaving the station after accepting a position with 92.9 The Game down in Atlanta. Both are owned by CBS Radio. Zinno has been with the Baltimore based sports talker since 2006, prior to the switch to an FM format. Because of my ties to the media many have asked over the years what I thought about Zinno’s style. With Mark, it’s all black or white, there’s no grey and he really isn’t an acquired taste. You either...

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Ray Rice Shows Humility During Presser

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 3.05.56 PM
Like many of you I just watched the Ray Rice press conference broadcast live from the Under Armour Performance Center today. Rice’s silence has been part of a carefully crafted defense that included a graceful adherence to the due process afforded him or any citizen. The act that allegedly put Rice in his current position was anything but graceful. It’s understandable if you think that Rice should be dealt with in the most heavy-handed fashion allowable by law. But really, what should that punishment be? Jail time? Fines? Suspensions? All...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Trip Down Memorial Lane

Memorial Stadium
Today on Flashback Friday we go back to a piece originally written on May 24, 2007. The piece was inspired by memories of old Memorial Stadium and the men of honor that it represented. ~ Tony Lombardi   Just the other day I veered off I-95 to pick up I-395 heading towards downtown. Emerging from the twilight just to my left standing boldly and proudly with flickering lights all around was the quiet purple temple that we know as The Vault – M&T Bank Stadium. As I glanced to my...

Ravens Will be Fine if Served Without Rice

Rice terrible towel 728
Since Ray Rice’s arrest back in February following a fight with then fiancée Janay Palmer that took place at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, the Baltimore Ravens star running back has fallen off the grid. We’ve heard about his reconciling with Palmer who he has since married and the counseling program in which the couple has participated. Earlier this week we learned that Rice has been accepted into a pretrial intervention program which allows Rice to avoid a trial, potential jail time and the negative publicity that comes with...

Did Ebron Top The Ravens Wish List at No. 17?

Eric Ebron
NFL front offices and their lead scouts spend up to 9 months creating their draft boards. Yet despite the massive amounts of hours preparing, sometimes the best-laid plans never unfold. As Ravens Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta said prior to this year’s draft, “We try to make the draft a science but maybe it’s more of an art.” The Ravens have been among the NFL’s most accomplished artists when it comes to the NFL Draft. But even the best artists are guilty of clunkers. Just ask Paul McCartney. Sometimes teams...

The Two Minute Warning: Ravens 2000 or 2012?

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 7.50.09 AM
Yesterday the Ravens made a few roster moves, signing free agents RB Shaun Chapas, G Will Rackley and TE Phillip Supernaw. To make room for the three additions on their current 90-man roster the Ravens waived OLB D.J. Bryant (failed physical), TE Matt Furstenburg and DL/OL Cody Larsen. Similar to the way in which a team’s backup quarterback gains notoriety when the starting QB struggles, Furstenburg enjoyed a heightened level of popularity in Baltimore that did not bely his ability on the field. One has to wonder if the former...

THE GRAPEVINE: Ravens News, Notes and Rumors

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp
Time has a way of providing clarity. Today something may seem rather obvious only to be proven wrong in years to come. Things that are a bit fuzzy now may force you to take pause in the future and ponder, “How did I miss that?” Such is the nature of the NFL Draft. One pick too early or too late could alter a career, the future of a franchise or the sports heritage of a city. Just ask the NFL fans in Boston. Back in 2002 with the 24th pick...

Andre Johnson to Baltimore, Unlikely

AJ v Webb
Andre Johnson is a beast! And apparently he is a beast looking to be unleashed from Houston. Naturally the stud receiver starved fans of Baltimore want Ozzie Newsome to wave his magic wand and for Gary Kubiak to sprinkle some purple stardust into the eyes of the Texans front office and bring AJ to Charm City. After all, Johnson is coming off a spectacular season in 2013 when he hauled in 109 passes for 1,407 yards and 5 TD’s despite some suspect play at quarterback. No one understands the impact...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Brian Billick Interview

This interview dates back to the 2005 season when the Ravens struggled mightily and the team was falling well short of expectations.   It goes without saying the Ravens have certainly had their fair share of struggles this season. The finger of blame has been pointed in many directions but almost always rests on the offense. Recently, I sat down with Coach Billick (at least I think I did) to discuss this dynamic and the host of problems plaguing the 2005 Ravens? Tony Lombardi: Coach the season has been a...

Ravens Ring of Honor Needs a Redo

Photo Credit: darkroom.baltimoresun.com
Every time a new inductee to the Ravens Ring of Honor is named it’s like nicking off an elbow scab – again! Why? Because inevitably the topic of Earnest Byner surfaces and his ridiculous inclusion in the ROH. Ask casual football fans to talk about former Raven Earnest Byner and they’ll sound like that GEICO owl. Who? Those who remember Byner remember him as a Redskin or as the guy who fumbled for the Browns. They easily forget his pedestrian two seasons, 947 yards, 4TD’s and 3.9 yards per carry...

Happy 39th Birthday Ray Lewis

Remembering Ray Lewis on this, his 39th birthday! The future Hall of Famer left us with so many memories, some that may have even been forgotten. Here’s hoping this outstanding video from Dwayne McFarlane stirs up some of the greatest moments in Baltimore Ravens history.  

RAVENS NEWS: The Buzz at One Winning Drive

draft-2014 (2)
Following their Super Bowl XLVII victory the Ravens front office vowed to get younger and faster on defense. Being true to their word the Ravens selected S Matt Elam, LB Arthur Brown and DT Brandon Williams in the first, second and third rounds respectively, during the 2013 NFL Draft. This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday Ozzie Newsome and his very capable war room sidekicks entered the 2014 NFL Draft looking to improve the offensive line, free safety and adding weapons for Joe Flacco. Yet given the persuasiveness of their draft...

Sam the Ram and the Traveling Media Circus

Former Missouri Tigers Michael Sam says he is gay
Michael Sam was projected to be a fourth or fifth round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. It didn’t quite work out that way for Sam and we all know why. Teams didn’t want to take on a player who will without question become a major distraction given the exaggerated hoopla over his sexual preferences. The St. Louis Rams may want to contact Ringling Bros. because their OTA’s and training camp will become a three-ring circus. But let’s first talk about the football side of Sam. He was a productive...

Ravens Fans Label 2014 Draft “Worst Ever”

Ozzie Laughs
We love NFL fans, particularly those who don the colors of purple and black. We admire the passion and the devotion and how for 3 hours on Sundays in the fall, regardless of our differences, we are one within Ravens Nation. We second-guess the play calling, John Harbaugh’s clock management and Joe Flacco’s decision making — many times with good reason. But then there are times when some fans, Twitter know-it-alls and message board “superstars” lose all sensibility, driven by the competitive fire that burns within. And that lost sensibility...

NFL DRAFT: Day 1 Screw Ups!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 1.02.17 PM
Why is everyone lauding the Cowboys just because they made a sensible pick in the form of Notre Dame’s Zack Martin? Manziel made no sense for the Cowboys although it could be argued that they should have given some love to a sieve of a defense that gives it away more than Kim Kardashian on the rebound. The Browns are getting a lot of love for their draft day prowess. But why? They certainly started well when head coach Mike Pettine helped to fleece his former employer, trading the draft’s...

Mosley Pick Makes Sense!

Mosley no 1
Some Ravens fans were left scratching their heads over the team’s selection of CJ Mosley with the 17th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. They reasoned that the Ravens have other needs much more pressing than inside linebacker. After all, didn’t the Ravens re-sign Daryl Smith to a new 4-year deal and didn’t they burn their second round pick in 2013 on Arthur Brown? Fair enough. But let’s consider the big picture. CJ Mosley was the best player on the team’s draft board and from what we’ve heard it wasn’t...