Baltimore, a City That Should no Longer REED


Sentimental fools want to bring Ed Reed back into the nest and placed on the team’s 53-man roster.


Some will say he’s a great leader. Others will say that he’s like a coach on the field and that he would help set the defense pre-snap. Some have said that as a nickel back Reed would certainly strike more fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks than say Corey Graham or Chykie Brown.

None of those are compelling enough reasons to bring Ed back!

Let’s first consider whose place Reed would take on the field.

Ihedigbo? I don’t think so. “Dig” provides that physical presence at safety that teams desire. Could Reed provide that physicality? C’mon man…Ed is to tackling as Miley Cyrus is to wholesomeness.

Could he replace Matt Elam? Possibly but why derail the development of a first-round pick and replace him with a guy who loves to freelance. Didn’t the Ravens’ secondary just produce their best game of the season BY FAR against the division-leading Bengals? Don’t you want to see them build upon that?

And don’t think for a second that defensive coordinator Dean Pees isn’t shaking in his shoes over the nightmarish possibilities of Reed’s return. He now has the integrity of his defense in tact. Players are beginning to trust in each other and know where the others will be when post-snap surprises occur.

That rapport and chemistry breaks down with the insertion of Reed. He’ll cheat and WAG (Wild-Ass Guess) more than ever because he’s lost a few steps. The interception that once was is now 6 points the other way.

Do you think the Texans would take the embarrassing financial hit and corresponding salary cap hit if they thought Reed could play even a little anymore?

And no he can’t play nickel better than Corey Graham. Reed isn’t wired that way. The next time you see him effectively covering a shifty slot receiver will be the first. He was once a ball hawk and now he’s anything but a spring chicken.

It’s time to move on and let the young guys play.

If the Ravens want to bring back an old great, maybe they should coax Jonathan Ogden or Jamal Lewis out of retirement. (I’m only half kidding!)

Just let Ed go and bring him back next season during a game against the Steelers.

Then the team can properly honor him by placing No. 20 into the Ring of Honor at halftime.

That should be the next time Ed steps on to the field at M&T Bank Stadium as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

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19 Raves on “Baltimore, a City That Should no Longer REED

  1. HollywoodHeiz on said:

    He will be back this year. December 22, the Hoodie loves him. Just look at the Trainwreck that is the Houston Texans this year. Ed Reed wasn’t going to be the straw that stirs that mess. However ( unfortunately) the ( must I say) Patriots will find a way to squeeze one last drop out of this old, slow, injured warrior. I just hope he dosent WAG Flacco on December 22.

  2. JerryB on said:

    Athletes “hanging on” too long is an age old (no pun intended!) story! But, it’s hard for most people to understand how difficult it is for anyone to have to give up something they absolutely love to do in the prime of life because of age/physical limitations! And, it’s particularly painful to watch an athlete of Ed Reed’s caliber go out this way when he shoulda/coulda/woulda retired with dignity! Couldn’t agree more with your opinion on this, Tony……

  3. Lynn on said:

    I love Ed but I say let him go, he had his time and the defense is looking great and making big plays. I think Terrell Suggs is really fitting into his new role great. Our defense has nothing to do with Flacco being sacked. If anyone was brought back for defense that was active I would say bring back Kruger. Love you Ed but time that we all loved our new guys and supported them, I think also if they bring him back it will hurt the motivation more than anything.

  4. Tom S on said:

    I was at the stadium Sunday and watch Matt Elam miscover receivers all day. Good thing the quarterback’s name was Dalton and not Brady. Ed may be on his last legs, but he can still influence offenses and teach the importance of film study and communicating in the secondary (how can you leave Green free in the end zone?)

  5. Fran the Fan on said:

    The only conceivable way I would have Reed back in any capacity as a Raven is in an assistant coaches’ tunic. But we all know is not going to happen – for a variety of good reasons. Dean Pees has his coaching staff set, his philosophy in place (no freelancing, please), and I seriously doubt Ed wants to put the time and effort into a job that is long in hours and pays, relatively speaking, a pittance. Ozzie may have blown some dough with Huff and Spears, but he was spot on with lettiing Reed walk.

    No, let’s do it right: Bring Ed back for a one-day contract so he can retire in the proper manner – as a Raven.

  6. Voice of Reason on said:

    Well said Tony! Ed is done and if he has even one ounce of dignity or pride left (I doubt it since he literally stole almost 6M from the Texans) he should announce his retirement this week. Ray Lewis retired with class and Ed Reed is retiring with crass. I am sure though that he still has the first dollar he ever earned, so I am not worried about his finances.

  7. Frosty on said:

    Tony – Sentimental Fools? I would chose my words more wisely then to call those of us who are fans of Ed Reed’s sentimental fools. I’d say it is your opinion as I have an opinion of folks that don’t respect seasoned older individuals but I’ll keep that to myself. When the team needed him, he was there… period. Never a let down, great at his craft and a Raven. He would be a great reliever, rotate him in. I’m sure we have someone sitting the bench that’s not contributing as much as we could have in Ed. I do agree that Terrell and the defense up front is doing an old school “hell yea!” job. I truly believe there would be no harm – only good things having Ed rotating with Ihedigbo and the other safeties (who sometimes play) in the backfield. Ed KNOWS our opponents (Brady, Roethensberger, etc) by now Ed would have 4 o 5 interceptions under his belt with the front 4 pressuring. I like Ed, maybe if we ask nicely, he’d school some of the “younger-stronger” players and help this Raven family gel. Bottomline is sometimes you need more then just youth and brawn.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Being a sentimental fool isn’t always a bad thing. Generally it’s a good thing. Really it just describes someone who treasures the memories and mementos of things in their past. The trouble is once you inject those feelings into a competitive environment governed by a salary cap, the expression “thinking with your heart and not with your head comes to mind.”

    • ERey on said:

      I’m a sentimental fool. But, I can see it’s just not a good idea to bring back #20. They can’t sit Ihedigbo or Elam, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to cut one of the other safeties as they probably play special teams as well. Ed would only play part-time and would not be on special teams. Speaking of Corey Graham, he looked like he shot out of a cannon on that play in overtime to bring down Giovani Bernard. There’s no way Ed makes that play. If Ed retires, sign him to a $1 deal in the off season and put him in the ROH next year.

  8. TRACY on said:

    yes bring him back since ray lewis and the rest of the team left last season they dont have alot of leadership in the team , yes bring him back..

  9. catgirl54 on said:

    Just hope they bring him back for a day so he can retire as a Raven. It never seemed right, seeing him wear that disgusting Texans jersey. I usually don’t agree with Skip Bayless or Steven A. Smith, but they were both saying that Ed was used to a first-class organization and playing with stellar players, and, well, look at what he walked in to….

  10. Bev on said:

    He should have never left..then he could have retired as a raven. Not many players can say they played their whole career with one team. His loss Boo Hoo Hoo

  11. Mr. Oldman on said:

    sitting here with my purple goggles on, I would really like to see him on the sideline the rest of the season as a def asst just to advise. Just his presence on the sideline would rattle brady (lol). I KNOW, IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN, but I can hope……

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