Ravens Beat Cowboys in Uneven Effort: Knee-Jerk Reactions

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The Ravens were slightly schizophrenic against an awful Cowboys team. Good teams, even when they play poorly, will find a way to win. And by the way, my concerns about a lackluster pass rush and thin secondary continue to resonate. Will Matt Elam ever make an impactful play? – Tony Lombardi

Offense can’t afford too many slow starts as we saw tonight. O-line struggled in pass protection, particularly left tackle Eugene Monroe. Running game certainly progressing. Secondary struggling as a unit and it could be a major concern if Lardarius Webb and/or Jimmy Smith miss any significant time. – Brian Bower

Biggest news of the night for the defense was inside rush of Pernell McPhee. John Urschel was promoted to second-string, and Ryan Jensen entered later on the offensive line. - Ken McCusick

In what was a strange first half, the Ravens starters walked away with a mixed bag of results on both sides of the ball. The 27-10 score at halftime certainly wasn’t accurate reflection of the first team’s play. Joe Flacco and the first-team offense played the entire first half, largely because they didn’t see the field until near the end of the first quarter. They started slow but finished strong. Despite not playing as flawlessly as they did last week against the 49ers they were effective, and Flacco finished with a solid 93.5 passer rating. The defense was solid, but certainly seems vulnerable. After Jimmy Smith was knocked out of the game early on, the depleted secondary was quickly taken advantage of by Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. The lack of pass rush and secondary depth is a serious concern, and Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil were non-factors. The revamped offensive line continues to provide hope that they will rebound from a disastrous year in 2013. They provided both solid pass protection, and opened up holes that allowed the ground game to average 4.9 yards per carry. – Ryan Jones

Did the start of this game remind anybody else of the last time the Ravens played in Dallas in 2008? It was like a continuation of that game – Cowboys put a drive together, Ravens score quickly – rinse, repeat. As a result of the defensive and ST touchdowns, the first-team offense started off sputtering before they finally got moving. Once they finally did, it was nice to see, but what was up with Eugene Monroe? I’m glad Justin Tucker is a Raven. – Derek Arnold

Joe Flacco didn’t come out firing tonight, but those concerns were quickly put to rest. Joe Cool is fine. He’s spreading the ball around the way he needs to, and his touch on the TD pass to Torrey Smith was what NFL throws are all about. Lorenzo Taliaferro, Pernell McPhee, and Deonte Thompson all improved their stock tonight. Look for Taliaferro and Justin Forsett to stick around as long as the coaching staff can possibly keep them both. - Joe Wedra

The Ravens offense looked slow out of the gates. Were they hypnotized by the Jerry World jumbotron? Once they gog going they made big plays against a Dallas D that looked helpless. – Dev Panchwagh


Check back to this post for more knee-jerk reactions as they roll in!

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8 Raves on “Ravens Beat Cowboys in Uneven Effort: Knee-Jerk Reactions

  1. Brian Tray on said:

    I watched the game and the cowboys consistently ran over and around Suggs. This has been going on since the middle of last year. He also failed to generate a pass rush. He is slowly becoming a situational player. Thank goodness McPhee is starting to shine. Don’t be surprised if McPhee and Upshaw start at outside linebacker.
    The offense played poorly against a weak Cowboy first defense. This was highly unexpected and disheartening. Beating up on their second team defense is absolutely no consolation.
    We have absolutely no quality depth in the secondary. Once Will Hill is active and IF Brooks gets up to speed this might improve. Given Smith’s and Webb’s fragility this is a HUGE problem.
    I have been overconfident about the Raven’s chances this year but not any more. This is the lowest my confidence has been since they opened camp.

    • John Mark on said:

      Bad reality check, The ravens looked like another 8-8 team. The D-line looked old and slow ..NO PASS RUSH. With Smith and Webb out the secondary has zerO play makers. The CB’s looked lost and unsure of what to do. BAD Tackling! Cant locate the ball. Matt Elam is disappointing. The offense looked just ok. Joe can be so inconsistent. Bad reality check, The ravens looked like another 8-8 team. The D-line looked old and slow ..NO PASS RUSH. With Smith and Webb out the secondary has zerO play makers. The CB’s looked lost and unsure of what to do. BAD Tackling! Cant locate the ball. Matt Elam is disappointing. The offense looked just ok. Joe can be so inconsistent.

  2. Brian Tray on said:

    Regarding the receiver situation, we don’t need Campanaro this year. Put him on IR and keep Butler, Aikens and Thompson. After his performance last night he deserves a final chance, especially on special teams. I think he earned a spot on the roster but Butler and Aikens have the most upside as receivers.

  3. Bo on said:

    If Elam was an undrafted rookie last year, has he demonstrated enough to even make this team (much less starting)? Brooks showed more last night than Elam ever has. Brooks at least knows how to tackle and appears to have the speed needed to play safety. Elam certainly doesn’t have it.

    I also agree re Campanaro. Despite the showering praise from the commentators, he’s done nothing – against the 3rd stringers.

    Although Butler has come in for mop-up duty, he appears to have the “it” factor. He’s smooth, confident, mature, has good hands, and has good size. I don’t know about his speed, but, he reminds me of Colston. I hear everyone talking about Aiken, but, he appears anxious to me when on the field. I’ll trust the Ravens brain-trust on this one, but, given what I’ve seen, Butler is making my 53.

    While on receivers, and let the tomato throwing start, I would cut Steve Smith. He simply seems overrated and a distraction to me. He acts like the Ravens owe him something. He drops too many balls and will complain when he does get his share thrown to him. It’s just a matter of time before he throws a sideline fit and starts jumping up and down in his mud puddle. Carolina knew what they were doing, just as we did with Ed Reed. The receiving corp is too good to keep him around. And, let say goodbye to Owen Daniels while were at it. Too old and prone to injuries.

  4. burnsy on said:

    The secondary is bad all around….no DB’s and safeties are nowhere to be seen. When will Elam ever break up a pass……shows no ball skills that should come with a 1st round pick. Opposing receivers are running wide open. The front 7 looks old….Moseley will be good.. Not sure about Pees….

    Offense looks ok……line is a definite improvement over 2013 and coach is innovative.

    Brain trust will be challenged to bring this together quickly….a slow start will kill the season

    Counting on the Wizard to create some majic

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