Baltimore wins the “Send-off Rally” Bowl


On Monday morning, thousands of Ravens fans gathered at the Inner Harbor for a rally to send the team off to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans in style.

It was, in a word…awesome.

Despite the cold, rainy weather, the crowd was huge and excited.

Video boards showed highlights of the Ravens’ playoff wins over Indianapolis, Denver, and New England.

The Ravens broadcast team, including Gerry Sandusky, Qadry Ismail, and Stan White, then worked the crowd into a frenzy.

Ravens cheerleaders performed.

The loudspeakers were, of course, blaring “Seven Nation Army,” among other tunes.

And, after a bit of a wait due to traffic, the team buses rolled up, and the players and coaches made their way down the walkway (through the glowing Ravens eyes) and onto the stage, where they looked as excited to see the fans as the fans were to see them.

c/o Will Cocks

The flame throwers from the tunnel at M&T Bank Stadium were going off.

Ray Lewis and John Harbaugh spoke to the crowd.

Ed Reed led a huddle that included not only the players, but everyone in attendance putting hands on each other’s shoulders and cheering “Baltimore!”

Then, among fireworks and confetti raining down, the crowd cheered as the team piled back on the buses, to hopefully bring a Lombardi Trophy back to Charm City.

c/o Terrell Suggs

We’ll have a video that we took at the rally up shortly (UPDATE – video below), but I just wanted to share a bit of my experience, along with a story that I caught which proves that Baltimore is already beating the crap out of San Francisco this week.

Via ABC7 in San Francisco:

The 49ers left their headquarters to a cheerful and optimistic send-off. We now have to wait a week to see if all that optimism pays off.

Dozens of excited fans waited outside the team’s training camp in Santa Clara to see their team off to the Super Bowl.

Wow, San Fran…DOZENS of fans, huh?

YouTube Preview Image

Baltimore has the best fans in sports, and it’s not close.

c/o Sarah Langer

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16 Raves on “Baltimore wins the “Send-off Rally” Bowl

  1. harry o'Sullivan on said:

    regarding the Ravens Send off Rally.. I love Ed Reed.. and when he broke into the EDDY MONEY song about 2 tickets to Paradise.. that made me and all of the Fans Happy.. I appreciate the fact that ED REED is loose for this game.. I hope we win the game for ED as much as anyone …

  2. Anonymous on said:

    West Coast: Football team loses…Oh well, lets go surfing. East Coast: Football teams loses…TV gets smashed, kids get screamed at, Call out sick AT LEAST Monday, Burn your jersey. DIFFERENT WORLDS!

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      Sounds like you’re saying West Coast fans aren’t real fans. I don’t know about that…the Black Hole in Oakland seems like real fans to me.

  3. Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

    Here’s the deal. If you want to show up and spout your lies, calling Ravens fans “bandwagon,” I’ll hold my nose and let you make yourself look like a fool. But sign your name to your butthurt comments, and don’t go by “Anonymous.”

  4. Dan on said:

    That was great! Wish it would have been on the weekend and I could have attended. I was born in Baltimore and now live in Delaware and love coming to events like this.

  5. Butthurt on said:

    I’ll go by Butthurt then. We’re all anonymous on the internet anyways.

    I like how you call me a liar. Have you spoken with the people I have? Do you drive my drive to work and notice the differences? No. That’s why its called an opinion.

    I live in Harford county so I see lots of Ravens fans. They just come crawling out of the woods more when in the playoffs. Like at the MVA they have a giant Ravens emblem out front. Only it was put there during the post season. Much like most of the houses I have seen.

    Second, its not really butthurt comments. I don’t care how the fans act, I was just giving an opinion based on my observations. Most of my friends love/hate Flacco. One week he’s the greatest QB ever, he next they want him off the team. They were even comlainng about him after Cameron was fired and said he couldn’t run the offense. Now they love him again because they are winning.

    Third, from the same fans, most are still butthurt over the Colts leaving. Yet you guys call the Browns cry babies when their team was taken. Quite possibly a Super Bowl team, but they’ll never know.

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed that day. Its great to have your team in the Super Bowl.

    You probably won’t even post this. Also, I’m not associated with the other two Anon posts. Not everyone likes putting their information all over the internet.

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      It’s no surprise that support increases when a team has success. Casual fans become more interested – that will happen anywhere.

      It’s not really appropriate for places like the MVA and other places of business (who aren’t Ravens corporate sponsors) to put Ravens stuff everywhere all during the season. However, during a Super Bowl run, when the entire community is buzzing and galvanized, it only helps the cause and furthers the sense of civic pride. All good things – nothing to do with bandwagoning.

      Of course some older fans are still upset that the Colts left. Those same fans hate the way that we got the Browns, but the Browns at least still have their colors and history. That’s why Browns fans who still complain are in the wrong. They were without a team for 3 years, and got their team back.

  6. RateYourSeats on said:

    Amazing event and definitely well deserved not only for the city and the team, but for Ray and Ed who have had nothing less than legendary careers. It was truly an impressive turnout and the Baltimore fans should keep it going on Sunday! RateYourSeats has a “Fan Tracker” for fans to let other fans know where they are sitting so you can build a Baltimore heavy section and cheer loud and proud! Good luck to the Ravens!

  7. Gary on said:

    Wow…I’m retired Air Force and have followed my Baltimore teams where ever I’ve been stationed. It was amazing to watch this season. Now that it’s over and the crying has begun in SF (ref. Gore and Crabtree comments), a true Super Bowl team has emerged and I can’t wait for next season. It will be a little different without Ray; and there may be some further changes, but they will be Ravens to the end. I live in Delaware now and loved all of the support, even from Eagles fans!!!

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