An insider’s look at the media experience of the Ravens’ White House visit


June 5th, 2013 will be a day that I’ll never forget. The world champion Baltimore Ravens got to visit the White House – and I tagged along.

I’ve been afforded the opportunity to witness many memorable things this past year. These moments are something that I’m humbled by and definitely will never take for granted, or forget. What did I do deserving enough to go to the White House? I have no idea. But I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by.

My counterpart for the afternoon was Glenn Younes from 105.7 The Fan, who I carpooled with on this adventure. Glenn grew up in D.C., has walked past the White House hundreds of times and is quite a city driver, even though he owns a big SUV. Upon walking to the media entrance of the North Lawn, we stopped for a picture. A few tourists were there taking pictures and overheard me constantly referring to Glenn as “Congressman.” That piqued their interest enough for a photo.

Click photos to enlarge









Glenn and I walked to the media entrance and entered into the screening area. For purposes of national security, I will not disclose the screening process; however, both Glenn and I escaped without a serious violation to our dignity. We walked down a long driveway past an area where the major news stations are set up. Since world news breaks whenever it feels like it, they always have to be prepared.









After passing the giant tent village, we were taken to a gathering area. Since the event was being documented by many people who aren’t commonly inside the White House, I figured we were just going inside to an air conditioned area before we would be led out to the South Lawn. Once inside, we were placed into a room I have seen many times before – the James S. Brady press briefing room.

On TV, the room looks huge. In actuality, it’s maybe 15 feet wide.

Screen cap from White House video:







The President’s View:









While in the press room, we had about an hour to kill and many people were taking pictures up at the podium and staff urged us to do so as well. So, of course, we obliged. I announced to the press that the Super Bowl champions were here:











And Glenn balanced the budget in a whopping 30 seconds:











Eventually an announcement was made over the loudspeaker that the event on the South Lawn would be taking place and we should proceed to exit the press room. Once outside, we were escorted through a small area inside the White House before being taken into a beautiful courtyard. The Government spares no expense on grounds keeping, doing a job that could even put Camden Yards to shame.

Here are some shots of the nice patio area, through which eventually Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, general manager Ozzie Newsome and President Barack Obama would walk.

















We then walked to a roped off area for the media. There were roughly 150 people in attendance, seated in the lawn area to view the ceremony. The Vince Lombardi trophy sat atop a small table by itself as the team began to situate themselves before walking outside. It was very strange to see that an object that means so much to American sports was dwarfed by something bigger. There isn’t often a time where the Lombardi trophy gets overshadowed, but today, you couldn’t remove your eyes from what is arguably the most powerful building in the world.











Minutes later, the team began to file down the steps. Former Ravens Super Bowl linebacker and current director of player development O.J. Brigance joined the team for the ceremony. Once Brigance was in place, President Obama along with general manager Ozzie Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh walked out from the same patio we were just in a few minutes before.

At that point, the ceremony began – which most have seen over the television broadcast. The White House did a great job with infusing as much Ravens pride into the celebration as possible. As the team began to file out of the White House, the military musicians began to play the instrumental version of the Ravens/Colts fight song. After the ceremony had finished and the crowd began to give their applause, “Seven Nation Army” began to play as the crowd started the infamous chant now commonly linked with the team.









Finally, President Obama shook the hands of many in attendance and walked off into the West Wing of the White House by himself.

In all, it was amazing to be just feet from the President and the ceremony was something that I’ll never forget. Even though the media was not given access to the players, it was more of a time to celebrate, on the biggest stage possible, the achievements made by the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.











What a day?!? I’m honored to be a Ravens fan and even more honored to be an American. As coach Harbaugh said during the ceremony, “we have plans to come back next year.”

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23 Raves on “An insider’s look at the media experience of the Ravens’ White House visit

    • Reading Comments By Goofies on said:

      I posted this in response to the large swath of as usual right wing comments on the Yahoo Sports Article about the Ravens/White House. You should know what I am referring to if you take the time to read it. You guys can delete it, but it’s dead on:

      Americans died on September 11th 2001. Americans soldiers die all the time in the middle east quagmire.
      So on 9/11 since the world trade center was attacked Bush grossly mishandled the situation that led to it. No wait, the liberal media was against him when he was sending thousands of soldiers to their death. No wait, the liberal media was for him.
      Oh, and Embassy’s around the world were attacked when Bush was in office and you never heard about it? At least 50 times they were attacked and 100+ people were killed, and many of them were Americans (Since American lives are more important then any others by your reasoning) but you didn’t here about it. And the liberal media was all over Bush about it. No, wait, you never heard about it. Because it was never reported. Why? Who controlled congress? I will let you figure that out.
      Now wait ambassador Christopher Stevens turned additional support from North African Command. Oh wait, congress, (That includes Republicans) Voted against funds to provide additional money for additional security well before this event happened. Why.
      I want to enjoy the rest of my day so I am off.
      It comes down to many of us don’t believe a word that comes out of the right’s mouth aren’t overlooking anything.

  1. rachel on said:

    Loved the article & gorgeous pictures! Thanks for taking the time to document this for people who couldn’t be there!

  2. Chris B. on said:

    Why were you even there? You had nothing to do with them winning. Why are you celebrating someone else’s accomplishments?

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:

      I received an invite to attend just like other members of print, TV or radio. It’s my job to cover the team. I didn’t have anything to do with them winning but that also goes for the other 300 people in attendance between the special guests and media.

      Your point?

  3. Rants N Ravens on said:

    Can people get any more ignorant and hostile? Lord I hope not.

    Congrats on the trip and thank you for the insider highlights. Sounds like a great day!

  4. john on said:

    Hey. don’t say to much more about Obozzo lhe might have the IRS come after you. I agree its hard to see the Ravnes with this goof ball! That’s why the owner didnt show up.

    • Reading Comments By Goofies on said:

      The IRS reviewed 300 groups requesting TAX Exempt status. Of the 300 70 were conservative.
      The IRS didn’t go after anybody in regards to what you are talking about. The groups were requesting TAX Exempt Status. Many as an affront for their political agenda which is illegal.
      The media has done an awful job covering this. The NYT’s is one of the few sources that has done a really good job on this.
      As long as spin is king in media people that only want to hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe, tied in with half truths an innuendo will never get the facts.
      And your shallow response is a reflection of that.

    • Reading Comments By Goofies on said:

      I loath Mathews. Don’t try to deny the facts. I am thinking for myself. Mathews has said nothing like what I have posted. NOTHING.
      Again the right wing vacuum is large. Not one of you has had an intelligent response yet.

  5. john on said:

    Yea, lets see NSA now and the AG , yea these are the stupid people who voted for Obozzo;the Morons that help take the country down the tuibe. Yea, just wait to next year when everyone’s health care premiums sky rocket because of this jerk. They will be the first to scratch the half a brain they have.

    • Reading Comments By Goofies on said:

      Really? So health care premiums didn’t double from the late 90′s through 2008? I worked for a company that had excellent health benefits from 99-05. After three years of employment you paid nothing. At one point I was paying $5.60 week for my health care. Buy the time the company was sold (Moved to Archibald Ohio, you know, the land of opportunity) I was paying almost $25 a week. I never got to see the three year plus freebie because health care costs had taken off. I was single so it wasn’t really a big deal. But people with families were really getting screwed. Especially the ones that had been with the company for 10, 15 years and were not paying anything for their health care because they had long since passed the three year requirement. And when the Job ended the only option was Cobra, which was $400 a month for a single person.
      As usual you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. Every one of you guys just keeps babbling silly opinionated uninformed nonsense. FACTS, FACTS, FACTS!!!
      Do you know who I voted for?

  6. Pop on said:

    Why all this political bull carp. The article was about the team being honored by the person that currently fills the highest office in our great country. Any person, team or whatever should be honored to be there. So, why Don’t all of you blowhards get off of your mailboxes and accept what this was. Recognition of a great accomplishment by the greatest football team by the highest office in America. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. tim on said:

    NSA is going to spy on the Steelers head coach now and give alll the info to the Ravens, If Obama can come to Ravens practice and catch a few balls …. do we have a deal???

    • Reading Comments By Goofies on said:

      I think Obama might make a deal with the IRS to take all the competitive teams money so the Ravens can walk to another Lombardi. Only the competitive teams. Only.

  8. FuriousMB on said:

    Thanks for the inside scoop and the photos! What a great day for our team and for you Kris! I’m green with envy.

  9. cuzz on said:

    Oh no, better yet, Obama will have NSA look all of the emails and listen to all of the phone calls of all NFL team owners, if one is found to be a Republican, he will then have the IRS the go after them , extort all the money they can, take their play book, and give it all the to the Democrat owners.

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