Bernard Pollard is a fool

bernard pollard

Bernard Pollard is a menacing, physical presence on any defense. He’s a hard hitter and excels in the box. He has the ability to force turnovers and intimidate opponents.

Like he was on the Chiefs and the Texans, Pollard was a solid contributor for the Ravens – and then he wore out his welcome.

Perhaps he has a habit of doing that.

On the down side, Pollard can’t cover a corpse with a blanket and his head hunting tendencies are being flagged more and more frequently. He’s in denial and we aren’t talking the river. He won’t adapt to the changing game. Maybe he can’t adapt.

When a team adds Bernard Pollard to their roster, they know what they are signing up for. What you see is what you get.

And then some.

Bernard Pollard was on 105.7 The Fan’s Norris and Davis Show recently and he discussed his abrupt departure from the Ravens. While he seemingly understands the business side of the game, there’s an obvious grudge he holds against the defending Super Bowl Champions. And the primary object of his disdain is John Harbaugh.

Pollard served a need for the Ravens and he served it well. But the needs have changed and the goal this offseason was to get faster and younger. Pollard isn’t that old (28) by NFL standards but he plays slow in the secondary and is a liability in coverage – something that was seriously exposed in Super Bowl XLVII. So much so that team insiders believe Pollard almost single-handedly lost the big game for the Ravens.

Most of Pollard’s teammates would vouch for him. They would say he’s a good player and all-around good guy. But let’s face it, he’s selfish and he has maturity issues. If you need proof, just look at the redundancy of his penalties and now his refusal to be part of the team’s ring ceremony on June 7.

One day, years and probably a couple more teams from now, Pollard will regret his decision not to join his former teammates at the ring ceremony. He will fall from grace with fans. He probably already has.

And then he’ll only have himself to blame.

Or maybe his convenient scapegoat, John Harbaugh.

That’s how prideful fools roll.

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36 Raves on “Bernard Pollard is a fool

  1. JG Pickering on said:

    Well said, love Pollard as a player and look forward to watching a few titans games next year but he really needs to be a bit more mature about stuff like the ring ceremony

  2. citiboi on said:

    Pride always comes before the big crash ……ask T.O…..Chad Johnson….. etc… and any number of decent football players who can’t get a job at Walmart now….

      • raven outsider on said:

        I totally agree with you Tony, I really like Pollard as the enforcer but he was totally exposed during the superbowl…I mean even Crabtree bounced off him on his way to a touchdown….!!!!

      • Scott on said:

        Off-topic but saw your tweet about about Heath Evans. Totally agree. Guy is a blowhard who hates the Ravens for no apparent reason. Last week he was on NFLN trashing Flacco and claiming that Flacco should have had two INTs against Denver in the playoffs. Then moments later he was singing the praises of Romo. Nobody had more INTs than Romo in 2012 — 19 — so if INTs are his issue, how can he hate on Flacco while loving the league-worst Romo? Total idiot.

        • DeputyDawg on said:

          Heath was a Patriot, and we swept them last season and knocked them out of a trip to the SB. “No wonder there’.
          But he is a doof though.

  3. Sam on said:

    One thing that I have learned over the past few months is that if you don’t let things go that baggage will get very heavy over time. To humbling yourself is not a sign of weakness, Mr. Pollard needs to learn that.

  4. Shannon on said:

    Dude the man was INVALUABLE to them winning the Super Bowl and because he wouldn’t take a pay cut so that their QB could be the highest payed player in the NFL? Everyone forgets that most of those balls Flacco threw, Boldin was the one catching those balls! And what does he get for it? He didn’t ask for more money, he had a contract, he held his end of the bargin and they didnt even wanna pay him what they promised! He had to find out threw text messages when he got off a plane that he had been traded. I say good on ya! Why go back to someplace that you are CLEARLY not wanted? So they can profit from your appearance there? Screw that, gimme my ring and go about your business.

    • raven outsider on said:

      While I totally agree with your opinion Shannon, Pollards situation has nothing to do with Boldin or Flacco. Pollard was clearly a hot head who brought unnecessary problems to a team. If he is so good, how do you explain having played for 4 teams already in a relatively short nfl career ?

  5. Shannon on said:

    Sorry, using Boldin as an example I realize it made no sense. Just saying these guys played well and hard and they deserved better from the team they worked so hard for. But they did it the last time they won. Got rid of a lot of good players.

      • DarthSizzle55 on said:

        I completely agree. We did not stick it to Boldin we traded him to a good team that has a chance for another ring. Pollard was just such a double edged sword.

    • Mill on said:

      No, they did the opposite the last time that they won. Ozzie even made reference to it. Back in 2001, they pretty much sold the next few years to try to win again the following year. Watch closely what is happening with the Steelers right now. All the restructuring of contracts for aging players, pushing cap space into the future to keep a team together to win now. In the next season or two the Steelers are going to have to do exactly what the Ravens had to do in 2003, and that is a complete and utter roster purge.

  6. Jay on said:

    Shannon- actually we kept virtually everyone from SB XXXV to try and repeat in 2001-2002 which put the franchise in cap jail. Ozzie smartly learned from this and isn’t making that mistake again.

  7. Rick on said:

    Oh, grow up Bernie. With that attitude you’ll only become more adept at racking up more penalties on key plays, just like you did here in Baltimore. Maybe the Titans will appreciate that.

  8. paulie on said:

    Pollard certainly wasn’t our first selfish DB.
    He wasn’t even our only selfish safety. But
    had the front seven not been so much less
    than expected last year, his lack of coverage
    skills might not have been so spotlighted.

    Not so much that Pollard won’t adapt to the
    change in the game as it is when you are a
    one trick pony you can’t adapt to the rules
    change. Intimidation is all he has to bring.

    Sometimes I believe the basic mentality of
    being a DB must be that nothing is ever your
    fault. So when you are not getting along with
    the HC, that must obviously be Harbaugh’s
    failure and not yours . . .

  9. Grim on said:

    Perhaps Bernard didn’t tell anyone his ribs were broken during the game. Perhaps instead of doing the right thing and removing himself from the game due to the injury he chose to play through it. It would lend a hand to his selfish tendencies.

    I get it if he didn’t want to come off. This is what every man plays the game to do. With that said, your article makes sense in that context.

    Were the Ravens aware he broke his ribs during the game?

  10. justifythegame on said:

    If you want to down talk Bernard Pollard, then you should’ve been doing that when he was a Raven. You can’t take comments like “he can’t cover” or his sudden weaknesses seriously after he is no longer on the team. This is typical hate. Toward the end of the season most of the fan base felt the man could/should earn a pro bowl spot. He plays like a raven. He’s one of the best strong safetys in the league. The Chiefs and Texans just didn’t know how to use him. Blah Blah Blah. Now all of sudden here comes all the same hate and every former Raven seems to get. Well you know what, maybe he just didn’t get along with some people. That’s fine. Don’t discredit the man’s ability to play all of a sudden. If you all want to start pulling out the weaknesses of our current players right now, then I can respect that at least. I think Jameel McClain sucks at covering, but i’m willing to admit that now if/before he gets cut. I for one wish Pollard the best of luck, he was a good player. If Tom Zbikowski was playing SS, im not sure we would’ve went on that SB run. Instead of hating, give credit to his skill and wish him luck with class. And for the record, Pollard left the Chiefs when they signed former Bears standout Mike Brown. Pioli and co. thought very highly of him over no-name Pollard. The signing was somewhat of a big deal for them at the time. It didn’t have much to do with Pollard himself.

    • Mill on said:

      You are crazy if you don’t think his coverage skills were a problem. I’ve personally always said that he was the exact same player as Dawan Landry. A thumper that you want to keep out of coverage. He was what he was but everybody loved him anyway. By moving on from Pollard, the Ravens upgraded with a guy that is a thumper but also has the range to not be a liability in coverage.

      Pollard wouldn’t be getting so much hate from the fans right now if he would stop being childish. Stop talking about the Ravens and taking subliminal shots at John Harbaugh. And if you had already planned not to participate in celebrating the championship, just don’t participate, you don’t have to broadcast it to the world. Guys like Thomas, Pollard, and Scott get the hate from the fans because they keep running their mouths.

      Todd Heap didn’t take that kind of heat when he left. You won’t see Reed, Boldin, Kruger, Ellerbe, or any of the other guys that have left over the years take that kind of heat because they are not running their mouths.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Pollard is a baller. One of the top 100 players in the league!! One of the few enforcers left in the game. His play speaks for its self. As fars as the super, everyone has bad plays and rough games. Champ Baily got burned twice or touchdowns in the broncos loss and know one is giving him crap. He plays hard and take shit so he’s an asshole? Com’on man!!

  12. madgolfer on said:

    Wow , I know he may have had some issues , but he played a huge roll in us going to superbowl,he put fear in the minds of the receivers , and made them pay dearly when they did make a catch . Sounds to me like you got a personal problem with him , let it go man.

  13. Kay on said:

    I’m not saying that Pollard wasn’t hurt but I calling bull $h#t on broken ribs being the reason he played badly doing the super bowl he got exposed the 49er picked on him and most of the time we was getting caught looking in the back field and out of position. I like Pollard as much as the next person and I’m not trying to bash him because he not on our team but if fans are honest and look back over the whole season he was bad he missed a lot of tackles and was getting flags. I think we just upgraded the position it not personal it just business I was him the best of luck in the future but it time to move on.

  14. Tgun42 on said:

    Bottom Line, We could afford to have a sftey that was a coverage liability becuase we had Reed. Knowing that Reed has lost a step and would soon be gone, we could not survive with a saftey that has linebacker speed. He was a hard hitter and gave it his all. He was paid for the time he played and got a ring. The business side dictated we get better on D and we did that in the Draft. Pollard should be a professional and realize that. Him not joining the men he bleed and sweated with shows his lack of character. Even if he has beefs with Harbs, what about the team. What about his fans? He is selfish. Thats why he is naked in the locker room, so he doesnt get interviewed. He is a self ceentered ego maniac who will one day look in the mirror and see all the missed opportunities he has cuased himself.

  15. JerryB on said:

    He played an important part in the Ravens’ success last year even though your criticism of his ability to cover is justified. That being said, the guy is only 28 years and now with his 4th team, so there’s obviously a problem. And, as you point out, his “head hunting” aggressive type of play will no longer be tolerated by officials……

  16. DeputyDawg on said:

    Well even with my disdain for Tony, I have to agree with him on this one. Pollard is a total hot head to the point of hurting his own career.
    His refusal to attend the Ring celebration clearly shows his immature attitude, and will probably cost him the only chance he will ever get to receive one.
    He needs anger management classes or a trip out behind the barn as the old timers would say, to give him an attitude adjustment.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      He’s a Super Bowl Champion and now employed by the Titans. Why should he be down? He’s being “kicked” for being foolish and one day he’ll look back and wish he had handled the situation like a professional.

  17. Scott on said:

    His pathetic whiff on Crabtree as he bounced off of Cary Williams was a horrible, disastrous play that swung the momentum back to SF in SB47. Look back at the film sometime. Ribs had nothing to do with it. He’s done. He’ll be out of Tenn by the end of the 2013 season. Buh-bye. Hello Elam and Huff!

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