Beware of The Browns


Cleveland is a Draft Away from Contention

If you’re a football nerd like me Draft Thursday is the biggest event of the spring. The problem is, everyone’s focused on all the wrong things.

This is what you should be focused on…The Cleveland Browns!

(Yeah, I said it.)

There’s one thing the Browns can do in this draft that should scare you. If the Browns DON’T draft a quarterback with the 4th overall pick, be nervous. This dumpster fire of a franchise has been drafting well and stockpiling talent over the last few years. They are a quarterback away from being a contender in the AFC North.

(Didn’t you just said they shouldn’t draft a quarterback at 4?)


If the Browns can show the intelligence and fortitude (despite what the fan base might want) to pass on Manziel, Bridgewater and Bortles early and take Sammy Watkins, it would show that they’re not the inept Browns of years past. The combination of Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, and Sammy Watkins could be deadly for years to come.

Last year Josh Gordon went All-World on the NFL catching 1,646 yards while Jordan Cameron caught 80 balls for 7 TD’s. Impressive considering there was no run-game or quarterback.

Who’s going to get the ball to this young trio?

If you’ll remember the Browns won back to back games in September last year with Brian Hoyer under center. A 17-6 snorefest against the Bengals, in which Hoyer went 25-38 for 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Before that he threw for 321 yards along with 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions against the Vikings in a 31-27 win. Granted, the 3 interceptions are ugly, but then again why is he putting the ball up 54 times?

The Browns also have the 26th and 35th picks of the draft. Chances are one of the big 3 quarterbacks will fall to them. Teddy Bridgewater has plunged out of most “experts” 1st round mock drafts. Derek Carr’s last name alone is scaring away most teams at this point.

The long shot here would be to give Brian Hoyer one year as the starter and draft Alabama’s AJ McCarron or Georgia Bulldog Aaron Murray in the 3rd or 4th round and let them sit for a year. AJ McCarron has shown the ability to lead a team and has won when it counts. Not to mention he’s willing to be coached. Aaron Murray has displayed he can toss it with the best of them. He’s a 4 year starter and never had a QB Rating under 145 in the SEC. Who knows what a year of learning could do for these two NFL hopefuls.

The fact of the matter is, as much as we all love laughing at the Browns, they could be scary if they get this draft right.


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Matt Costantini
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13 Raves on “Beware of The Browns

  1. paulie on said:

    LoL. The only thing that could stop the Browns from taking Manziel is if the Jaguars get stupid first. And either organization is totally capable of turning him into the next Tim Tebow

  2. reilly on said:

    I agree with you completely. Despite their obvious shortcomings, the Browns have made some very good picks the last few years. If it wasn’t for hometown biases, I think people in Baltimore would see that they have actually been drafting better than us recently.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Of course they have been doing better than us lol, that’s gonna happen when you always have a top five pick lol, they still can’t win and are the fourth best team in the AFC North.

  3. Unibomber on said:

    “If they get this draft right.” Well those are the key words aren’t they. I remember in 2012 they had the #4 overall pick AND the #26 overall pick in the draft. You can’t possibly screw this up right? Hello and goodbye Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden, both who are no longer on that team. They fire coaches and executives after only one year. That team was, is, and will continue to be a joke. The only reason they have talent is due to excellent draft position year after year due to them sucking.

  4. James on said:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they crawled out of the basement, but I would be shocked if they were a playoff team. Yes, Gordon and Cameron put up great stats but the rest of the team was pretty average.
    Look at this team and tell me this team doesn’t need help in every position. Yes, with the help of free agency they have a good set of receivers. And they have two of the best o-linemen in the game, but considering they had qb injury issues last season that should be a possession they look to upgrade. I even have my doubts about Gordon. Considering the only time I see him play is against the Ravens, and he did nothing in those 3 games, so I really have little to go off of. His 1600yds in 14 games should tell me enough, but considering he only had 800yds the previous year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he remained a 1200yd receiver. Which is good, but not great like he had last year.

    There is a lot to like about the Browns. They are finally heading in the right direction and they have stars all over the field, but they don’t have a complete team. And maybe I am being a blind fan but I can’t think of one position that Brown’s are better off than the Ravens.

    • Glen on said:

      I can…CB (Joe Haden)..LT (Joe Thomas)..TE (Jordan Cameron)..RB (Ben Tate) and yes Ray Rice blows..Btw You did’t see Josh Gordon play Well because of the constant QB changes. Just wait until they have a solid QB. Just wait!

      • Johnny on said:

        Well, your probably not going to see Mr. Football throw to Gordon anytime soon if it’s true about substance abuse? just wait!!!!!!! the Browns should have traded his butt to San Fran last year? should of drafted S. Watkins with the 4th pick. Way to go Brownies

  5. Boldin Raver on said:

    I’ve been saying look out for the Browns for two years and was embarrassed so I’m not saying it again … So they’ll probably prove me wrong for spite! Sorry but Brown success comes at the expense of my Ravens so to hell with them and their sadness factory!

  6. Denny Ray on said:

    No doubt they have the talent. But if they’re smart, they’d trade back and get even more picks in the top 100. I hope they draft a bust qb with the number 4 pick, but i dont see them passing on mack or watkins. funny think is. Clowney, Mack, Watkins could very well be the top 3 gone, so Cleveland might be forced to take Manziel there if they really want him. He will get eaten alive in the AFC North

  7. BaltoNFLUSFLCFLNFLChamos on said:

    Nice Insight and Article. The key is they are still a reactionary team and have not demonstrated vision for 40 years. Maybe it’s time for them to come out of wilderness.

  8. Chris on said:

    The browns are two dynamic players away from being a playoff team. The AFC North is the weakest it has EVER been. Pitts down, Cinci is inconsistent, and yes WE are no where near where we have been lately. We have a lot of rebuilding to do, If our O line doesn’t play 10 X better than last year we may be battling Pitt for the bottom of the AFCN.

    If Hoyer can be respectable, and they can find a top 15 RB and one more defensive player they will be a threat to win the AFCN since its so weak right now.

  9. Voice of Reason on said:

    I am very interested in who Cleveland selects because I think it could set the tone for the rest of the first round. Once Manziel is off the board, there could be a run on the QBs which would benefit us at 17. They could also be the team that could select an offensive lineman or a wide receiver. Being at number 4 will set the tone as to availability by position. Let’s hope they take a QB at number 4.

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