Bisciotti Gives His Staff a Mulligan For 2013

Bisciotti Harbaugh

Local media will try to tell you that the State of the Ravens press conference is that one time of the year when owner Steve Bisciotti fields questions about his team. Those of us who contribute to the Ravens Rap in Ocean City, Maryland know otherwise.

For the last six seasons Bisciotti has visited us on the set of the Ravens Rap because of his loyalties to and long-standing friendship with Steve Pappas, the owner of The Original Greene Turtle.

Through the years we’ve come to know Bisciotti a bit better and as a result each visit is more comfortable, informative and entertaining than the previous one. His growth as an owner and as a student of the game is more noticeable with every trip to the coastal town by way of his personal helicopter.

For me the most fascinating thing about Bisciotti is the way he sees the world – the way he can quickly assess a situation, address a question or offer a solution.

Bisciotti processes quickly and as he responds to a question or wears his problem solving cap, he takes you on a journey. Sometimes you aren’t even sure where he might be going but when he finishes, the journey makes sense and the answer simplistically clear – so much so that it leaves you wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?”

There are reasons that he’s a self-made billionaire and his vision is a major contributor.

Another of his strengths is his ability to facilitate. He will challenge you to think, perhaps pulling you outside of your comfort zone so as not see things so myopically. He will not dictate to his employees (unless he has to) but instead, prefers to open their minds to new possibilities so that in the end the results improve.

This weekend in Jupiter, FL Bisciotti’s adept skills as a facilitator will be on display as Dick Cass, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, Eric DeCosta and Pat Moriarty make their way to the owner’s home to map out an offseason plan for the Baltimore Ravens.

During the State of the Ravens press conference on Wednesday, Bisciotti was asked what is his No.1 priority this offseason.

“Work on that 30-yard chip shot”, he quipped. “I’m horrible at it.”

With one well-timed joke Bisciotti defused what could have been a tension-laced response.

His staff and his team had a bad season. The front office whiffed on a few free agents and selected a draft class that barely contributed. Meanwhile his coaching staff too often looked clueless and in an irreverent, almost arrogant way changed their approach to the way the offensive line would function – a move that almost single-handedly brought the season to its knees.

Bisciotti had many questions and like any fan, something he freely admits to being, he wanted answers. Apparently he is satisfied with what he heard from his guys – at least for now.

“I have to be patient to let people fail, but I don’t have to be patient enough to let people repeat failure,” Bisciotti shared with The Sun’s Mike Preston. “I’ll be more apt to get my way next year if their solutions don’t change the problems. That’s fair, that’s where I am as owner.”

“I’m letting Ozzie and John solve it the way they think it should, and if they fail twice, then I will get more input into the restructuring.”

While Bisciotti works on his golf game this offseason, he gave his staff a mulligan.

They better get it right in 2014, otherwise the owner just might hand out a few penalty strokes at the end of next season – or worse.

Just ask John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron.

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12 Raves on “Bisciotti Gives His Staff a Mulligan For 2013

  1. JerryB on said:

    As I’ve stated elsewhere, finishing 8-8 and in the playoff picture until the final game of the year with an offense decimated by departures, injuries, changes in philosophy and horrendous play calling, is testament to the talent and fortitude of their franchise QB! Without him, it’s likely they wouldn’t have won a game! And, if they can accomplish that under those circumstances, there’s every reason to believe that a “makeover” in lieu of rebuilding, coupled with healthier personnel will get them right back to the playoffs next year!

  2. Voice of Reason on said:

    Ozzie and Company draft the players and its up to the coaching staff to develop and use them in the game. Drafting at the bottom of each round for the last 5 years eventually catches up with you. Ozzie did not have the cap room to correct everything all in one season. With the team that we had this year, we would have not advanced in the playoffs, especially with this horrible offense.

    It will be a blessing to draft 16 or 17th this year and with a better draft class, more pressure will be on Harbie and the coaching staff to make these players better. It would also be helpful if Flacco spent more time like the greats of the game, studying film and practicing on his own time with the receivers, the way Manning and Unitas did.

    If you want to be great, you have to be willing to do things that other people are unwilling to do.

  3. joe d on said:

    Tony, if the Ravens finish next year 7-9 or 6-10 and again miss the playoffs, do you think Harbaugh would be in danger of losing his job or will Bisciotti just tell him the changes he wants made and give Harbaugh another year to turn things around? Bisciotti strikes me as someone who will not tolerate incompetence very long.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I’d love to hear the “whys” that Harbs and the staff said to Bisciotti. It’s easy to say a few adjustments will get them into the playoffs next year, but nobody seems to realize that 9-7 is not often good enough. The stats say the offense was not just worse than last year, but downright horrible. If the same staff is back with basically the players (assumption), how does that equasion translate into a better outcome in 2014?

  5. John on said:

    Steve is an Anne Arundel County guy ( Severna Park , Dena) loved the Baltimore Colts when they were here, that say’s it all, hardcore standup man and a great owner! We are lucky to have him.

  6. butch on said:

    Could you imagine if Peter angelos owned the Ravens we are very fortunate to have Steve as an owner. I’d rather have him then dan Snyder or Jerry Jones

  7. Lucy on said:

    But did you work at Aerotek when there were layoffs so he could save money to purchase the Ravens in cash? That is not what a stand up guy does.

  8. Anonymous on said:

    screw aerotek get a new job stop being so bitter, companies close, downsize, if your replaceable or expendable your not valuable. lean some skills stop complaining. everyone in america thinks no one should ever be fired… i bet you get upset when kids don’t get “participation” trophies for sports too. America is so lazy and entitled now. if you get fired, learn a skill for free on the gvt dollar like everyone else and then get another job

    • Anonymous on said:

      well said …. get off your ass and stop expecting life to hand you everything. I’m sure he gained more jobs then were lost by acquiring the ravens and ensuring that the team will never leave B-More as long as he’s owner.

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