Boldin Reaction: It’s time to step off the ledge


As expected, the news of Anquan Boldin’s name not being on the Ravens’ 2013 roster has the fan base up in arms. They’re not happy with general manager Ozzie Newsome’s decision to trade away a fan favorite and a key component to the Ravens Super Bowl-winning formula.

While a large contingency of the fan base is ready to jump from the Bay Bridge, humor me for a few moments while I talk you down from the ledge and get you ready for the future state of the Baltimore Ravens.

First off, the Ravens were only able to receive a sixth-round pick in exchange for Boldin. For those claiming that Boldin was worth every penny of his $6 million base salary in 2013, what the Ravens were actually able to get for him was probably a sour serving of humble pie.

Secondly, the Ravens didn’t do wrong by Boldin; professional football is “professional” for a reason – it’s a business. The Ravens shouldn’t be painted as villains – they actually did Boldin a favor. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Less than a week removed from hoisting the Lombardi trophy, Boldin ended up screwing his future in Baltimore over. While he may have had good intentions when saying that he’d rather retire if cut than play anywhere besides Baltimore, Boldin completely stuck his foot in his mouth when it came to any leverage he would have to keeping his current salary with the Ravens.

Boldin was applauded for wearing his emotions on his sleeve, but when your employer doesn’t have a lot of money to spend and is looking for any way to reduce your income, saying you’d rather retire when you clearly can continue to play football for another two seasons gives the Ravens all the leverage in the world. Anyone in sales or big business knows that you can’t blame the Ravens for attempting to capitalize on this situation based on Boldin’s words.

If the 2013 season was uncapped, the Ravens unquestionably would have paid Boldin his $6 million base salary; however there is a salary cap – at least for another eight seasons until the current CBA expires.

Now we come to the part where the Ravens did Boldin a favor.

Newsome and the rest of the front office traded Boldin to a top-tier, clear cut contender in the 49ers. Even though their offer of a sixth-round pick was the best the Ravens got, they are trading him to a team that could once again stand in the Ravens’ way of repeating as Super Bowl champions.

The Ravens reportedly had an offer from the Minnesota Vikings for a seventh-round pick. The Ravens will likely trade the pick they got in return for Boldin in another deal to move up in the draft if Newsome sees fit. The Ravens could have played it safe and made sure trading Boldin would never haunt them again – and perhaps force him into retirement by playing for the Vikings – but they owed him at least enough to trade him to a contender.

The biggest issue I have with everyone freaking out over Boldin’s trade is that prior to the start of the playoffs, Boldin’s release was practically inevitable. A fantastic postseason had the Ravens considering keeping him at $6 million, even though he’s never produced a 1,000 yard season in Baltimore, or scored as many touchdowns (seven) as he did in his first year here.

Keeping Boldin based off his playoff appearance alone is too risky, especially since no Super Bowl Champion within the past eight seasons has won a playoff game the following season.

Trading Boldin doesn’t paint a happy picture following the Ravens’ storybook season, but with the business side of football, these things happen.

At least Boldin still gets his $6 million base salary, and he’ll likely have a better shot at contending for a Super Bowl in 2013 than he would have in Baltimore. I’m not saying that the Ravens don’t have a great chance of repeating, but with the age, talent, salary cap space and draft picks to make moves, the 49ers are in a better position at this point – at least on paper.

I valued Boldin’s contributions to this team just as much as the next guy, but let’s be serious – Boldin was not worth $6 million 2013. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but Ozzie Newsome does – and more often than not, he’s right.

It’ll all work out… Go Ravens!

P.S.- Joe Flacco’s contract has nothing to do with Boldin’s trade. Flacco’s cap value was $800,000 less than what Boldin would have been for 2013.


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58 Raves on “Boldin Reaction: It’s time to step off the ledge

  1. Juris Doctor G on said:

    But if you are going to do this, you shouldn’t miscalculate. If you really want the guy, an ultimatum on the eve of free agency is downright disrespectful. And if you can’t live with his salary, don’t go public about how it is pay cut or get cut. Trade him for a higher round pick and strike first.

    As it is, it is the worst of all worlds. Boldin is disrespected. The fans are upset. And all we got was a low, low 6th rounder of it and the same cap relief as if we had cut him. Make your mind up — is this a “business”? If so, handle your business by working this issue out weeks ago or trade for a 4th round pick. The way this panned out was amateur hour.

    Was this the best deal the Ravens could have gotten as of 3 PM today? Surely. Was it the best outcome to this situation? Hardly. I can’t act like this is a good move. If we had played our cards right, we could have gotten a higher pick out of this and the same cap relief.

    And we didn’t do this to do Q a favor. If the Jaguars had offered us their 6th or their 5th, we would have taken that instead. We took the best offer we could get without thinking of where Q ended up. We don’t get credit for putting Q in Super Bowl contention.

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:


      The timetable to make something happen with Boldin depended on what happened with Flacco’s deal. The Ravens needed to make sure that they didn’t have to tag Joe, that would have consumed far too much money from the cap to even debate keeping Boldin or not.

      Boldin’s value wouldn’t have changed regardless of when they asked Boldin to take a pay cut. If you’re shopping him around, teams know that you’re trying to dump him because you have no intentions on keeping him. This stuff happens all the time where a team will try to trade a player for a low pick before they’re ultimately released.

      Boldin’s value wouldn’t have changed from a 4th-round to a 6th-round pick in two weeks time. The underlying principle is that the Ravens wanted to move him, which means his value drops the second they make an announcement. The only way his stock rises is if he has multiple teams viewing him as a necessity, and that clearly wasn’t the case.

      • Juris Doctor G on said:

        Good points all. But do we know that teams would not have viewed him as a necessity (or at least a nice luxury) prior to last Friday. I guess we will never find out. I would have thought that after the playoff run we just had, we could have built up a market for Q that would have netted us more than a 6th rounder.

        We are now $13M+ under the cap after our RFAs. That is a good position to be in — and it is without cutting Leach or extending Jacoby.

    • Jack G on said:

      Do you really think if there was another offer available to the Ravens better than what the 49ers offered that the Ravens would have pulled the trigger on this deal. Even with all the teams needing a receiver this was the best deal you were going to get for THE Q! Other teams knew we would have to release him because of our cap. This is the price you have to pay, because the Ravens do so well in picking the right players to fit there system. It is a good thing people like you do not run the Ravens because we would be worse than the Browns!

    • MomaRaven99 on said:

      I’m DISGUSTED with that rude, egotistical Newsome!! I don’t trust him.. I feel he had a personal agenda as he always does! Quan is OUR FAVORITE… There were no considerations of the fans. I understand this is a business, BUT CUSTOMERS (the fans) keep your business afloat, I’m sooooo UPSET over this trade! I will always wear #81 for Quan!

  2. D H on said:

    We’re supposed to not pay Boldin based on his playoff run and yet it’s ok to play Flacco $120.6m over 6 years based on a playoff run? They both had the same kind of run, the logic doesn’t stick.

    It also makes no sense that you say Boldin lost his leverage with his comment. He didn’t reduce his salary, and he didn’t retire. It would appear that the Ravens are the ones who lost leverage in this situation.

    • Mill on said:

      The difference is that Flacco is an ascending player. He’s just entering his prime, year 5 is usually when that happens for QB’s. Boldin is a 33 year old, 10 year veteran at WR. He is on the downside of his career.

    • TheG on said:

      They didn’t pay Flacco based on just his playoff run. He has made the playoffs consistently in his career, has won a superbowl, wins in Pittsburgh and New England, is our franchise quarterback. Franchise quarterbacks are making and will continue to make that amount of money. Wait till Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers have contracts done later this year.

  3. ELKRIDGE FAN on said:

    DID the Ravens offer him a pay cut to saty? I haven’t heard a word about any offer … If the stats weren’t there, and they made a reasonable offer and HE rejected it, what were the numbers? It might settle better with the fans if we actually Made him an offer he refused. This article sounds like we decided $6M was too high so we traded him. (Oh and sending him to competitors (and the otehr harbaugh) was stupid!) I hope that doesn’t bite us in the ass down the road!

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      Yes, they asked him to take a pay cut. He rejected their offer.

      Also, SF are not our “competitors.” By trading him, instead of letting him hit the FA market, they not only get something for him, but they control where he ends up (i.e. NOT in Pittsburgh, or New England, or Houston, or anywhere our ACTUAL “competitors” are.)

      In the extremely unlikely event that next year’s Super Bowl pits the same two teams against each other, well, that’s just bad luck. You KNOW you’re playing AFC powerhouses next year, so don’t let Q go there – chances are much better that Boldin is retired by the next time the Ravens and 49ers play (If not the Super Bowl, then in the 2015 regular season).

        • Reading Comments By Jerks! on said:

          Wow, there are people that make sense Baltiman.
          The comments have been unbelievable.
          Who cares what the fans think. I mean everybody sounds like a bunch of ungrateful jerks!
          Your not happy with the team, you hate Newsome, and Flacco, screw you, leave town and become Pittsburgh Fans you turds!

  4. Mr. Oldman on said:

    This is difficult to swallow, but it seems Boldin didn’t want to restructure. He is a class act, and I think he’s in the best situation for next year that he could be. Crabtree/Boldin/Davis? Please.
    Ravens are retooling. All the best to him.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    It isnt like these negotiations started at 2 pm this afternoon,they (Boldin & front Office) have been at it for awhile….you really believe thats how it went down??? Take a 2 million dollar hit or get outta dodge??? If media puts it that way it sells stories,keeps you listening to radio,has you reading websites yada yada yada….if the Ravens went with decisions using their hearts,I am sure Trent Dilfer wouldve been the QB most of the last decade!!!!! Its a buisness,decisions got to be made,they arent gonna make everyone happy…I for one am happy he goes to a good team,and in the end of his carreer gets to pick up as much cash as possible for retirement!!!!!!!

  6. ryan on said:

    Anquan boldin was one of my favorite players before and after the ravens and will still be on the 9ers. But lets be real, the man has had a hard nosed career full of scrappy football. The ravens always look at the long term and right quan doesnt fit in that skeem. Most important issues are obviously defensive and the ravens obviously see something worth grabbing. The ravens have the best front office in football and regardless of what happens the ravens always go with the best for the long term and right now this team needs youthful talent. Had we kept quan another 2 years yes he would retire a raven but there would be no long term value. No picks, trades, no nothin. Give the guys a break. And your right this is a business. And business is business.

  7. James on said:

    Ravens should have thrown a counter offer back at the Vikings, lets be real, they just lost Harvin and they would have probably thrown us a higher pick or something better than a 6th rounder. Plus the Vikings are less of a threat than the 49ers and they are out of our conference. The Vikings have no WRs other than Harvin and now that he is gone they are going to be looking to FA and the draft to fill the void. As much as handing the ball to AP every play seems to work, it would help to have another threat on the field.

  8. Lea Jones on said:

    Joe had crappy numbers, too, until Cam went bye bye. You think Boldin wouldn’t have shined next year in Balto? All good, one way or another. Remember the Caldwell effect.

    • Ravens One on said:

      You are making way too much sense. Flacco was affected by Cam Cameron but Boldin was not? Such hypocrisy. This is article ia an absolute joke.

  9. Da Fan on said:

    Yes it sucks to lose such a great player. But his salary was WAYYYY TOOO much for the Ravens. If you guys actually understood the salary cap you would agree with Goob. He was an aging player who helped us win a Superbowl but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and ask for him to take a pay cut to help the team out.

    If they kept Boldin at his current number then we wouldn’t see any FA or us keeping any of ‘our’ guys. People get to emotional and forget Ozzie knows a hell of a lot more about the NFL and the BUSINESS side of it than most of these people commenting.

    PS- People at least learn how to spell when you comment.

  10. Anthony Breidenbaugh on said:

    First off, Ozzie is not dumb. He is one of the beat at what he does. I was dumbfounded at first until I sat back and thought about it. Yeah he is obviously worth alot more than a 6th rd pick considering Harvin just got traded for a first rounder, which is also ridiculous… But anyway I was ready to lose it when we released mason, heap and Mcgahee all in the same day, all starters at the time as well. But as everyone can see, it all worked out in the end. We are in a tough situation with all the starters we have that are unrestricted FA’s and we had to make cap room to try and re-sign some of them. If it takes losing boldin to re-sign ellerbe and reed then I’m all for it. My only concern with this move is we definitely do not have any one on the roster that can replace boldin but I’m sure Ozzie will take care of that. And fact of the matter is, Kris is right, Boldin is not a clear cut guy number one reciever and yea he showed up in the playoffs and peaked at the right time. But he rarely got open when forced to go up against the defense’s number one DB. That is why we started putting him in the slot to create matchups that were favorable to him and even then he was covered 9 times out of 10 forcing joe to make throws into tight coverage. I think people were blinded by the playoff run which made people forget about how boldin was more of a good reciever than a great one.

    • Reading Comments By Jerks! on said:

      Harvin will be 25 in May, Boldin will be 33 in Oct. There is a huge difference. Can Boldin play that much longer?

      • Anthony Breidenbaugh on said:

        I realize the age difference. I was just stating a fact that there is no way in hell, as good as he is, Harvin is not worth a first rounder and that Boldin is worth more than a 6th. I would say Harvin: second Boldin: at least a 5th

  11. Harris on said:

    The Ravens front office is great but let’s not forget this is the same front office that wasted a decade of the best defense in football with a trash offense and needed the greatest defense of all time to get the first super bowl. i’m a die hard ravens fan but this was a horrible move. Messes up the whole offensive flow. Brian Hartline got $30 mill and he couldn’t hold Boldin’s jock strap. No WR with similar money is available. Clowns like Santonio Holmes get $11 mill. Boldin signed a fair contract. Shame on the Raven for not paying it. This article is just an apology article to have top notch media access to the team…

  12. Jared on said:

    What’s the difference in paying Boldin after a great playoff performance and paying Flacco after one? I think we can deem the common denominator in both their increases in production is getting rid of Cam. See how that works?

  13. Ahmad on said:

    Anyone that thinks Ozzie is a dumb ass is a dumb ass. Ozzie is the best talent evaluator in the NFL! Period. Also, Ozzie is right in not mortgaging the future to pay heroes from last season. Remember after our 1st Super Bowl win, we had aging superstars making tons of money. Ozzie is doing the right thing although we will miss ‘Quan. Flacco, Rice, Torrey Smith, etc. is the nucleus of the next SB push. Hard to say, but Ed Reed is next. But, Ozzie will find good young talent, pay them decent salaries, John H will coach them to playoff level, and then hopefully we find lightening in a bottle, and win again. The asshole Patriots are competitive every year because being a asshole with aging expensive stars is what it takes to be competitive every year.

    Keep up the good work Ozzie. Thanks Anquan for everything. And good article.

  14. Ravens fan in Houston on said:

    Folks…..Ozzie is not an idiot… you really think the front office decided on the spur-of-the-moment to trade Boldin? They’ve been working on all options for awhile and this was the best for BOTH Q (as a sign of respect to him) and the Ravens. Don’t you think Ozzie countered MN with a better pick wish than 7th and MN said ‘no’?!?!? SF had the extra picks AND cap room to absorb the $6MM. And here’s the biggest benefit for Q…..if he hit the open market, the odds of him making $6MM this coming year are REAL SLIM…….it’s reality. And lastly, Ozzie does not operate in a silo….meaning just work on one move independent from the others. EVERYTHING is related……I’m betting that he/DeCosta have been working the FA agent phones real hard the last couple of days and have gotten some favorable feedback……maybe Tommy A. from the Rams?!?!?! You never know…….I’m a believer: In Ozzie We Trust.

  15. Nick Blevins on said:

    Great points in this article, though the fan base clearly is ticked. The only 2 issues fans should really have are why wasn’t he extended and could the Ravens really not have leveraged a better pick from another team like Minnesota?

    Now, if they intentionally sent Boldin to a great team knowing it was less of a pick, I’m fine with that. He deserves it. Also, if they intentionally didn’t want 33/34 year old receivers here going forward (if they extended Boldin), I’m okay with that too. It makes sense to have a team built with most of the talent being at your QB’s age or less.

    I would have preferred an extension though. Who knows is he was open to that. If they use part of the Boldin savings to grab an under the radar free agent (I’m pulling for Danario Alexander), that will curb some of my concerns a bit.

    Before the postseason I was thinking Boldin would be cut and Tandon Doss could be 70% of what Boldin was at 10% of the cost. Then the Colts game happened and I totally changed my mind.

    • TheG on said:

      Nick I have heard they didn’t give him an extension because Ngata, Suggs and Webb have increasing cap numbers next year. Big numbers. This year Ngata, Suggs and Webb have very friendly numbers. Next year we are going to have cap problems because of those guys. More cuts are coming this year to help out next year. Everyone thinks it is about today and it isn’t, it is about the future……

  16. Corey on said:

    I agree with the premise of letting Q go, but I’m surprised you didn’t go into detail about how the Ravens have very little cap room and we have strong needs in other areas other than wide receiver.

  17. Ravenwoman on said:

    I am shocked at the disrespect for Ozzie Newsome on this board. You may disagree with the move, but none of us know the whole story, or are we entitled to an explanation. Some things will (and should)l remain private. I believe one move will lead to another. Also, if you study the film from last year, teams ran up and down the field on us last year because we had an aging defense and some of our stars were injured. The older a player becomes, the more prone to injuries they become. Past performance (especially with a player over 30) does not equal future performance. The Ravens are only going to pay players who are ascending in their career. While Anquan Boldin had a steller playoff run, there is abosolutely no guarantee he is going to perform like this in the future. The Ravens wanted to keep him, but at a more reasonable price tag. The choice to leave was Anquan’s. He could have stayed for $4M, and retired a Raven, but I guess talk is cheap, and he wanted every penny he could squeeze out of the NFL. The fact is NFL teams are not going to invest in players over 30 unless they are a franchise QB where the useful life is up to age 35-37.As much as this hurts, I am with the Ravens on this one. I also look for Ed Reed to leave as well. The Ravens are not going to overpay for a 35 year old player that can’t tackle any more.

  18. Jerry on said:

    Some fans aren’t up in arms. Some of us are just confused that a team would rather cut Anquan Boldin to save $6 million than cut Jacoby Jones and Vontae Leach to save a combined $7 million. Maybe extensions/releases are coming for Leach and Jones, and then I’ll shut up. But until then, it’s fair to question that Boldin was the first choice for a cut among that group of 3 players. I know Leach and Jones are very popular among fans, but given the choice between $3 million in cap room and a fullback who plays 40% of the team’s snaps, there should be no tough decision for this team. Keeping Jones instead of the $4 mill in cap space is less egregious, but it still looks like the team is overvaluing a mediocre (at best) receiver because of 2 catches and one good season of returning. Give me Boldin and $1 mill in space over Jones and Leach any day.

  19. karl w on said:

    Boldin got his ring and stewarded his money properly. He could retire. Also, who’s to say that the 49ers hhave a downbeat season. Who’s to say that Kaep is for real. The 49ers are the newest members of the media darling team. They’ll be hyped as a contender but it doesn’t mean they’ll be contenders. Just ask the Eagles A. K. A. The Dream Team

  20. bogeyroy on said:

    I guess I did not realize how many NFL owners and General Managers we had here in Baltimore !!! What happened with Bouldin has a lot to do with the salary cap of the NFL…”Q” isn’t the first, nor will he be the last player to go through this ordeal.

    I feel everyone’s pain in losing “Q”, I really do…but sometimes you have to get past things and move forward. Some of you state that once Caldwell took over, Flacco and “Q” became different players…and I agree. With that said, Caldwell is still here, so it’s next man up, and it’s time to go forward.

    Just my two cents worth and looking at the reality of things.

  21. RAVENSGATORMAN on said:

    the trade was great,a win-win situation for the ravens,saved money and got an extra pick which im sure the wizard will be moving forward for more. im really concern on how everyone thinks they know more football then ozzie,who is the general on seeing what fits our beloved team.yes would love to see reed stay but hes OLD,he will be the next one to go hopefully gettin a better trade,its all about youth and stayin within our salary cap

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