Boldin says he’ll retire if cut by Ravens


Anquan Boldin had his most productive regular season as a Baltimore Raven in 2011, catching 65 passes for 921 yards and four touchdowns. It was the most receptions and yards Boldin had put up since leaving the Arizona Cardinals to come to Baltimore following the 2009 season (he caught 7 touchdowns for the Ravens in 2010).

Still, many felt that this would be Boldin’s final season as a Raven, as he would be entering the final season of a 3-year, $25 million extension that he signed upon arriving in Charm City. There are younger, cheaper options on the roster. Tandon Doss’s name was thrown around a lot as a potential replacement for “Q.”

However, as described in detail by our Justin Silberman here, it was during his monster postseason run that Boldin really proved what an integral part of the Ravens offense he is. The chemistry between he and quarterback Joe Flacco was on full display, as Joe and Q hooked up for key play after key play on the road to the franchise’s second Lombardi Trophy.

Ravens fans are now practically foaming at the mouth, begging the front office to extend and restructure the contract of Boldin to allow him to remain in purple and black.

According to the following tweet by Erik Kuselias, Sr. of NBC Sports, Boldin has no plans to play anywhere other than M&T Bank Stadium next year.

With Boldin saying that he will retire if the Ravens cut him, it seems that he is more than open to renegotiating his contract in order to continue catching balls from his newly-minted Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

The 32-year old Boldin still has several years of productive football in him, as he showed over the past month. Still, it looks like he’d have no problem riding off into the sunset as a champion, rather than going to the third team of his career.

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30 Raves on “Boldin says he’ll retire if cut by Ravens

    • Donna on said:

      The ravens better not lose Q, he is the team, yea Joe may throw the ball, but someone has to catch it to make him look good. Joe better not get too greedy. Sorry just not a Flacco fan. Yea he is good but not the best. There are just too many other guys on the team we need for Flacco to get too crazy.

    • Russ Miller on said:

      Boldin made so many critical third down conversion catches….

      He is a key player to retain….you HAVE to have the veteran presence of Boldin if you want to have any chance of making another playoff fun like this year.

  1. Stephens Dempsey on said:

    Boldin is a class act who has made the Ravens better all around, Flacco should keep in mind his health and future success with biting off too big of the salary pie.

  2. Lea Jones on said:

    Gonna hafta take a cut. Who’s willing to sacrifice the big payday? Doesn’t sound like Joe has that in mind.. I wonder if this is AB’s way of telling Joe not to get too greedy…

    • Butterfly on said:

      Joe Flacco has to understand he didn’t win the Super Bowl all on his own. He should get paid more but not at the expense on us losing good players.

  3. BabyLuv on said:

    keep him, i love bouldin he is a good player…. keep all of the guy on the team and find a good replacement to take ray lewis place

  4. John on said:


    Sign him to another 4-5 year deal that cuts his cap number and backloads the bigger numbers in his contract.

  5. elka on said:

    Anquan: hope they can keep him, as he is a great player and team player who can also mentor our younger receivers. Flacco: I like him, but am not sure if he has finally turned the corner for good. I do say keep him, but I don’t feel like we should over pay and hurt the team by not having money for other needs.

  6. OriAl on said:

    Doss has dropped two many balls – doesn’t look reliable to this point. LaQuan Williams may be a better option, if healthy, but AB is best choice (money permitting.)

  7. JOHN on said:


  8. Tom TFK99 on said:

    hope Flacco doesn’t get too greedy, Leave some room so he can have a TEAM instead of him throwing the ball to himself all the time, He’s Proved he’s Elite, now it’s time to prove you can share the wealth and build up a team that’s gonna get you there again in the next upcomming years of your contract…..

  9. Sam on said:

    Boldin is a class act and he truly plays like a Raven. I hope we keep him but if now I wish him much success. Even though he started is career with Arizona he will always be a Raven to me.

  10. Allan Croghan on said:

    AB brings so much more to the Ravens game than most of us realize. It’s not just the magic that he shares with Joe, bit so much more. I believe that he’d missed much more than many realize.
    Let’s get the deal done for t least another year!
    Now is not the time to loose such an offensive weapon!

  11. Skip on said:

    A savvy and veteran receiver such as Bolden must be kept. The rapport he has with Flacco is undeniable. Torrey is still a young and developing receiver. I hope Ozzie can finagle something contractually to secure Bolden’s services for at least two additional seasons. Tandon Doss is unrefined and soft, no way he can take Q’s place.

    • Ravens One on said:

      Boldin is critical to the success of this team. As you state, Torrey Smith is a player most comfortable playing outside the numbers. Smith is easier to defend for defenses for this reason. Flacco’s hand picked draft pick, Tandon Doss, is not ready for prime time. Jacoby Jones, while playing excellent in the playoffs, is the kind of player who gets worse the more snaps he recieves. Laquan Williams is a 3rd WR at best. Tommie Streeter?

      Restucture Boldin’s contact for 2 years at 7 Million with 3.5 guranteed for 2013.

  12. Dirty Bird on said:

    Clutch performer down the stretch and in the playoffs. We also need to keep him so I don’t have to get another jersey!

  13. charlie b on said:

    without Boldin, whoelse has the hands and arm strenght to perform as he does? there is no ?ing Torey Smith, he is also outstanding. we need BOLDIN………………..

  14. Chris Brockman on said:

    Ever since he arrived to go alongside DeeMase…Q has been a tough hard nosed receiver blocker who has great superglueesque hands . Isn’t this what every Raven fan wants. He plays like a Raven and from all indications is a great teammate who is trouble free. Him and Torrey are a great 1-2 punch. Gotta keep Joe Flaccos support system !

  15. Tyran Dungee on said:

    Boldin is so clutch, he has to stay. He is the ultimate Raven!!! Flacco can get a decent contract without taking so much of the salary cap. In Ozzie I trust.

  16. Brian on said:

    Doss’s name should never be mentioned as a replacement for Bolden. Doss is not even close to being in the same class as Bolden the Ravens need to cut Doss

  17. GMS on said:

    It’s a joke that they mentioned Tandon Doss as a young talent. He might as well have hooks for hands. I would trust Joe’s feet to pick up a 3rd and long before throwing it to Doss. Cut Doss, and give Q the money you would have given Doss.

  18. Gymmybob on said:

    If you think Doss is the answer you’re dreamin!!!! The kid doesn’t have the guts to makeROUTINE catches, let alone the tough ones that Bouldin makes. Doss put us in a HUGE hole in one of the playoff games because he didn’t even have the guts to FAIR CATCH a punt and it got downed near the five !!!!!! This guy is another Mark Clayton, all flash in practice and NO GUTS IN A GAME!!!,

  19. Mark on said:

    Yeah go ahead Ravens, let Q go and see where we end up next season. It damn sure won’t be in the SB if even in the playoffs. Q is _critical_ to our offense.

  20. gb on said:

    doss was never good n high school at ben davis just like lewis at mich state an allen whos going to iu they stuck the ones that got did wrong by the jack up ass coaches r the ones that can play tandom doss u to get his ass kick bad by warren central high school

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