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Dear John,

Please consider bringing Ed Reed back to the Baltimore Ravens. Clearly, he is not what he once was as a player. However, his ability to get players lined up would be a huge boost to a very young secondary and defense.

I’m not suggesting that Ed assume a starting role over Matt Elam and James Ihedigbo, quite the opposite. I think Reed’s presence during the practice week and in the film room and on the sidelines during games would provide a valuable resource for the young players. Furthermore, I believe the Houston Texans have the onus for Ed’s salary, so the cost would be relatively minimal for the Ravens.

I know that it is mostly me being a fan and Ed Reed being one of my all-time favorite players. You just can’t coach experience and in my opinion Ed’s experience would be a huge asset as the Ravens try to make a push for another playoff berth.

Plus, it would be really nice for Ed to legitimately retire as a Baltimore Raven.



Should the Ravens re-sign Ed Reed now that he's been released by the Texans?
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No (22%)
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40 Raves on “Bring Back Ed

  1. Joe on said:

    Since Ed was complaining about being benched in Houston, why would being brought in here to sit on the sidelines be likely to make him happy??? Do we want him sounding off in the locker room if we go through a rough patch at the end of the year?

    Let him finish up his football career, then bring him back to retire and tell him if he ever wants a coaching job, he has it.

  2. Eric on said:

    Reed can only ‘direct traffic’ while on the field. And there are no players I would pull off the field to allow Ed to do such.

  3. Fran the Fan on said:

    I was waiting for this one. As a coach, not a player. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll do it even though he’s made maximum dollars already in Houston. Acccording to PFT, the Bleacher Report, and, Ed’s already pocketed $2 mil from the signing bonus and a significant portion of his 1st year’s salary, rumored to be about 6 mil. It would be too painful to see him on the field at this point….

  4. BRING BACK E REED .COM on said:


    • CrabbyPatty on said:

      Yeah only because Reed would still be trying to get all the way to the end zone, taking a break or two to breathe lol. Plus Ihedigbo is the strong safety anyway so Reed wouldn’t have replaced him on Sunday. He would replace Elam. Same outcome.

  5. Morgan on said:

    As a coach not a player. Yes I love Reed but there is a time when we have to stop and look at what a player is and not what he used to be. I agree we need a motivator someone to fire us up like Ray did. Bring Reed back as a coach.

  6. Ricky D on said:

    Im not sure that would.go over 2 well with most people. Ed goes over 2 houston collects a 6 million dollar paycheck to do pretty much nothing, then comes back to baltimore after resting and getting relatively healthy with houston paying the bulk of his salary. I personally would love 2 see it but people would scream foul

  7. Lawrence on said:

    As a coach he would not have the same impact on some of the players that someone in the lockerroom would have….. He is and will never be the 1000% player he was but, the leadership he could return to the team…… It could be that missing link!!!!!!!!!

    • catnap1013 on said:

      Totally agree with you, Lawrence. Since Ray is gone (and he was not 100% either) his presence is missed, it shows, there really isn’t a leader which makes Harbs’ job even harder. I think he could be the missing link.

  8. Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

    Unless Ed learned to play center or has suddenly morphed into the next coming of Adrian Peterson during his absence, we can bring him back next year before the Steelers game and have him retire as a Raven and induct him into the ROH in a nice romantic ceremony.

    Oh and let’s not forget that the Ravens secondary played its best game of the season HANDS DOWN on Sunday.

    • John P on said:

      Much forgotten is that Ed doesn’t want to be a backup. What do you think precipitated his comments anyway?

      Love REEEEEEEEEEEEED…. But would rather see them hire him as a secondary coach than a safety!

      If only he’d have retired in NO….

    • That one guy. on said:

      This is true Tony.

      I think the premise is that Ed Reed can offer some of the things that Ray Lewis commented on earlier in the season, e.g. not having a strong leadership presence on the field.

      The defense is leaps and bounds better than the offense, but imagine all of the knowledge that Ed Reed could impart to a young Matt Elam?

  9. JT on said:

    Bring him back, but only as a nickel. He could play the same role that Prime did years ago. Sage veteran able to add perspective and game prep to the yunguns.. (heck Webby is the elder statesman now).

    Even with 2 bionic hips, he’s certainly more feared than Corey Graham as a nickel and would only help to restore communication in the secondary. And its not like we cut him.. we just weren’t willing to pay big bucks to keep him.

    Plus on a selfish note, I just want to hear “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed” one more time in the M&T as he intercepts and almost foolishly laterals the ball as he runs for a TD

  10. Joshua on said:

    I’ve always thought Ed should have ridden off into the sunlight with his boy, Ray. Those two would have entered Canton together, five years after retiring as champions. Ed is his own man, no question, but he made a brutal mistake in not hanging them up after the Super Bowl.

  11. Ravcolt on said:

    As of this writing, 77% of those who voted on Ed Reed’s possibly being re-signed by the Ravens are nincompoops. But that’s OK because I rarely get the opportunity to use the term.

    • Voice of Reason on said:

      Agreed. People, stop living in the past. Look at his production THIS YEAR. As far as being a coach is concerned, that remains to be seen. A lot of players don’t want to coach because of the dedication, long, long hours and preparation it takes to make it in this league. Plus Ed Reed would have to learn to keep his mouth shut about coaching mistakes. That was the reason, or final straw why he was released in Houston, according to John McClain, a Houston writer. You don’t ever hear a Ravens player say that we were “out coached” unless it comes from Harbaugh himself. So many of these comments sound “dreamy” like Ed Reed was 25 years old and in his prime. All Ed was looking for this year was to sucker some team into signing him for big money and Houston was dumb enough to do it.

  12. HollywoodHeiz on said:

    He will be back this year. December 22, the Hoodie loves him. Just look at the Trainwreck that is the Houston Texans this year. Ed Reed wasn’t going to be the straw that stirs that mess. However ( unfortunately) the ( must I say) Patriots will find a way to squeeze one last drop out of this old, slow, injured warrior. I just hope he dosent WAG Flacco on December 22.

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