BUY OR SELL: Ravens vs. Texans


It’s time for our inaugural edition of Buy or Sell. We’ll lay out three topics for the upcoming game, and leave it to you, the RSR readers, to vote and decide whether or to BUY or SELL!

Ray Lewis should give the team’s pre-game speech

Ray Lewis returns to Baltimore this week to be inducted into the Ravens’ Ring of Honor. This may be the fastest turnaround between retirement and Ring of Honor induction for any player anywhere – Ray’s been retired for two games!

But hey, it’s not like Ray isn’t deserving – he sealed his spot in the Ring of Honor about 13 years ago. Heck, if Baltimore had it our way, his statue at M&T Bank Stadium would have already been in place for years as well.

Ray led the team’s pre-game huddles for years, speaking passionately, gesticulating, clapping, and finally launching into his signature “ANY DOGS IN THE HOUSE?!” His pre- (and post-) game speeches are legendary – not only in Baltimore, but elsewhere, as he began speaking to college teams in recent years. His introduction in Madden ’13 has been watched how many millions of times by video game players?

YouTube Preview Image

But just because he’s back, should he once again lead the 2013 Ravens’ pre-game huddle?

Friend of the site Phil Gentile of I Hate J.J. Redick and the Purple Reign Show had an interesting take on Twitter yesterday:

I have to admit, I see where he’s coming from with this biting take. Of COURSE we all love Ray’s pre-game antics.  But we had the entire post season run to prepare ourselves for Ray’s departure. Each time we watched him last January/February, we knew that it was potentially the last time we’d see him wear a Ravens uniform. Would you rather his last time doing it have been in New Orleans for the Super Bowl? Or in Week 3 for a team that he isn’t even a part of?

So – should he do it?

Ray Lewis should give the pre-game speech vs. the Texans
Buy (40%)
Sell (60%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

Ed Reed will suit up for the first time for his new team, against his former team

Speaking of Ravens legends, Ed Reed will be back in Baltimore Sunday as well. Reed, who joined Houston as a free agent this offseason, has yet to play a game for his new squad. Many Ravens fans feel that Ed has likely been targeting this week to come back, to try to get his revenge against the Ravens for letting him go.

Ed though, as we know, doesn’t quite think like the rest of us do. He’s an odd, quirky guy (who also happens to be my favorite player of all time), so it’s entirely possible that his thought process has had nothing to do with the Ravens as he tries to return to the field.

It’s not just Ravens fans saying this, though. His former protégé, Lardarius Webb, thinks so too.

“He’s going to be out there,” Webb told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s been saving himself for this game, most definitely. It will be strange seeing him on the other side. We all wish he was still here. I know I do.”

So, how about it? The injury reports have revealed very little, and Reed is likely to be a game-time decision. Will he suit up?

Ed Reed will play Sunday
Buy (66%)
Sell (34%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

The Ravens will improve to 2-1

Time for the simplest question – we want to know how Ravens Nation is feeling about the upcoming game. We’ve previewed the game from most every angle:

Get the (JJ) Swatter Ready!

Battle Plans

The Texans are 2-0, but have won both games by the skin of their teeth, and against squads that are widely considered to be mediocre (San Diego and Tennessee). The Ravens haven’t done much to inspire confidence since the first half of the Denver game either though, so most aren’t really sure what to expect on Sunday.

Are you confident?

The Ravens will defeat the Texans
Buy (73%)
Sell (27%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

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2 Raves on “BUY OR SELL: Ravens vs. Texans

  1. Hells Bells on said:

    Loved Ray Lewis, but if a team is to find another leader, you cannot have the old leader back and in control. Suggs or Flacco for the inspiration

  2. Ron Pulliam on said:

    Ravens have a lot of new players. They need to develop chemistry, team identity, and learn to play as a team. All that will take time. So how is it a bad thing to let a legend come in and infect/inject his
    energy, passion & presence into our Flock by giving his famous game time inspirational motivational speech. Take help from wherever you can get it, especially when facing a hard
    challenge, as we’re going to have playing the Texans. Anything that can galvanize & charge
    the Crows with being fired up emotionally – and is there anyone better to do that than Ray Lewis -
    so let him rave on.

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