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It’s time for our weekly segment of Buy or Sell brought to you by Glen Burnie Motorsports. Each week, we pick three topics and let you know if we’re agreeing (buying) or disagreeing (selling) with the statement. Then, you vote and tell us what you think. With plenty of talk about the offense, let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Eugene Monroe should sit this one out


As of Friday afternoon, head coach John Harbaugh was non-committal about playing newly-acquired left tackle Eugene Monroe. Monroe was traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Ravens for 2014 4th and 5th-round draft picks. While I fully expect Monroe to suit up and be activated for the game, I think it would be better for him to sit this one out.

Due to details of compensation, which we found out included the Jaguars paying all but $547,000 of Monroe’s salary for the remainder of the season, Monroe didn’t even take his physical or hit the practice field until Thursday. With only one real practice to prepare and a walk-through on Friday, Monroe’s expereience can’t likely make up for learning the language of a totally new offense. One missed communication to the newcomer could lead to a direct and uncontested hit on franchise quarterback Joe Flacco, thus subjecting him to major injury.

I’m fine with Bryant McKinnie starting and playing the whole game if necessary on Sunday. He’s familiar with the system and now has something to play for whether he’s trying to prove he’s still worthy of a roster spot or putting some good film together for another team in the event that he’s traded or released. I’ll take Monroe in Week 6 and every week thereafter, but there is so much risk, and not that great of a reward over McKinnie if an uninformed Monroe takes the field.

Eugene Monroe should sit in Miami
Buy (61%)
Sell (39%)
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Ray Rice Must Be The Most Important Player On The Field


Could Ray Rice possibly be more poised for a big game? Rice joined me last night on the Purple and Black Attack on 105.7 The Fan and even before he sat down, he said to my co-host Brad Jackson and myself, “put the stats away.”

Rice doesn’t want to hear it.

We obliged with our guest, but I’m going to talk about some stats that should make Rice’s blood boil. Last week against the Dolphins, Saints’ running back Darren Sproles had a field-day with 7 receptions, 114 yards and a touchdown. He also had another rushing touchdown on the day for good measure.

I’m taking Rice over Sproles every single day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Ravens coaching staff had zero confidence in their run game last week, and utilized the 5’8″ Rice as a pass blocker. Rice was still recovering from a hip injury, but the five carries  should make him fresh for Miami, as he only had to pass block for most of the Buffalo game.

Rice is rested, Rice is ready and as he told me Thursday night, he’s motivated to get the Bills game behind him in preparation for the Dolphins. Joe Flacco may get most of the big money and the attention, but Rice should be the focal point this week if the Ravens want to win.

The offensive game plan in Miami should revolve around Ray Rice
Buy (80%)
Sell (20%)
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Jacoby Jones’ Return Should Reduce Marlon Brown’s Role


Jacoby Jones has the household name to be a number two receiver. He has the experience to be a number two receiver and he certainly has the income that should make him the top option. However, Jones’ return shouldn’t have an impact on Marlon Brown’s progress, as he stepped up in a major way while Jones was sidelined for 3.5 weeks with a knee injury.

Brown is an undrafted rookie free agent and possesses a prototypical body for a receiving threat. Sure, Brown will lose to Jones in a foot race each and every time, but he’s a well balanced receiver with both size, speed and good hands that if anything, should reduce Jones’ role in the offense. Jones is always praised for taking the top off the defense, but that’s also something that his counterpart, wide receiver Torrey Smith, can do.

If it comes down to having only two wide receivers on the field, certainly Smith will be out there, but I’d have to give the nod to Brown at this point. In a perfect world, we’d see all three of them on the field at the same time, but that just depends what aspects of the Ravens offense are actually clicking, if any.

Brown’s 18 points thus far are tied for the rookie lead and it’s very exciting to see an undrafted free agent within the Ravens organization flourish on the offensive side of the ball. Brown has me wanting more, that’s for sure.

Jacoby Jones should be the #2 WR in Miami
Buy (23%)
Sell (77%)
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