Caldwell’s Departure Places Ravens in Headhunting Mode


The search is on, The Baltimore Ravens offseason just got even more interesting as Jim Caldwell will head to Detroit to become the Lions’ next head coach.

The departure of Caldwell who was given a one-year deal by the Ravens after their Super Bowl victory in 2012 leaves a lot of questions as to who will run the offense in 2014.

Several names have been thrown out their by fans and members of media but the team has remained tight-lipped about their plans.

If the Ravens mantra of “Next Man Up” is followed, it basically leaves two internal candidates in Juan Castillo or wide receivers coach Jim Hostler. Coach Harbaugh announced Castillo would remain with the Ravens in 2014 as the offensive line coach and Hostler, a former offensive coordinator in San Francisco in 2007 was anything but successful. (See my previous post).

Norv Turner, Rob Chudzinski, Mike Sullivan, Gary Kubiak, Ben McAdoo and even Brad Childress are some of the names being mentioned as options for the Ravens offense in 2014.

The Ravens top brass met this past weekend in Florida with owner Steve Bisciotti to discuss business and no doubt to make a decision if Caldwell didn’t return or if the team was going to move on from the Colts former skipper.

Under Caldwell in 2013, the Ravens were 29th in total offense (307.4 yards a game) and 25th in scoring (20 points a game). Joe Flacco, who Caldwell was brought in to mentor, threw more interceptions (22) than touchdown passes (19) and the Ravens failed to make the playoffs for the first time under John Harbaugh.

For now the rumor mill will swirl until the team decides to make an announcement regarding their plans.

Until then let the names fly!


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17 Raves on “Caldwell’s Departure Places Ravens in Headhunting Mode

    • Shizima on said:

      I agree, get Norv, his offense might need a year to hit stride, but if they make Hostler OC, it spells the beginning of the end of the John Harbaugh era.

  1. Aaron on said:

    Really? We’re keeping that crappy Zone Blocking coach named Juan Castillo? Smh. I mean of course, why did I expect anything less….but on topic, I’d rather see Norv Turner as our next OC quite frankly. I wouldn’t mind Rob Chudzinski either, but Turner would be my #1 choice.

  2. Robbie on said:

    I have to reason to think that Ozzie and company will make a decision that is best suited for the organization. Whoever is brought into the position to run our Offense I please just beg that you use the weapons around to our advantage and not run, run, pass….punt every series….#RavensNationProud

  3. SDOT on said:

    When do we ever make splash signings? If Biscotti wants to win he needs to force Harbaughs hand into getting Norv or Kubiak…if we promote any of our staff we will be back here same time next year searching for the next OC

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t understand the Chudzinki idea. His and Turner’s offense in Cleveland this year was pretty West Coasty, which is not what we’re built for.
    I would take Turner or Kubiak, both have great systems, but they both come with concerns, especially about control at the line of scrimmage. I remember as things got out of hand in Houston this year, it was pointed out that the offense didn’t allow for an audible…

  5. Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

    I’d like to see Gary Kubiiak or Norv Turner; someone who can demand autonomy. Childress scares me in combo w/ Juan “He’s Stayin’… ” Castillo & Harbs: that’s an ex-Philly Phrat groupthink coalition.

  6. Charlie on said:

    The San Francisco offense was ranked in 26th in the league in 2006. Who was the OC? It was Norv Turner. His previous OC experience was in 2003 when the Dolphins ranked 24th.

    Norv Turner certainly buiilt a great reputation as an OC in Dallas, but how much of it can be attributed to having 3 HOF caliber players (Aikman, E. Smith, Michael Irvin) at skill positions? His recent level of success as an OC or head coach has not been as big a success story as the Dallas years.

    Caveat Emptor.

  7. Chad on said:

    Cutcliffe would be awesome and anothe routside of the box move on the Ravens part. Drew at WNST and I discussed this a little on Twitter and I agree this move would be great for the Ravens and Flacco. Think he makes too much money at Duke but you have to pay to get and keep great coaches.

  8. Rick S on said:

    During the State of the Ravens press conference, and before Caldwell accepted the HC position with the Lions, HC Harbaugh stated that Juan Castillo had been this past season and will continue to be the offensive line coach, while the rest of the coaching staff was in flux. Seems like a strong commitment to keeping Juan Castillo. Does this mean that a new offensive coordinator would be saddled with Juan Castillo? Or does a new offensive coordinator typically have the latitude to pick his own assistant coaches? If it means that a new offensive coordinator is saddled with Juan Castillo, has HC Harbaugh already tipped his hand that he will be picking a new offensive coordinator by promoting an existing Raven’s coach rather than conducting a legitimate search of coaches available outside of the Raven’s ranks??? I am getting a bad feeling about next year.

  9. Chuck S. on said:

    My concern is the fact that there’s been a commitment made to go with Castillo as the line coach….that may scare off any good OC with NFL experience. He should have the latitude to make changes where necessary and the O line was the greatest weakness. The running back coach was already thrown under the bus…why not the O line coach as well. The team is past band aid mode…it’s time to re-tool philosophy and personnel…wipe the slate clean.

  10. mark on said:

    ARE YOU KIDDING????….just look at what Norv Turner did to the team just a few miles down 95..HE DESTROYED THEM..and you want him to come here??..maybe if he brought with him Troy Aikmen,Emmit Smith,and Micheal Irvin from 1993!!!!..NOOOOOOOO I SAY..NOOOOOO!!!!….how many teams has he been to the playoofs with since Dallas??..and how did they do in said playoffs??..MOST OVER RATED IN THE NFL TODAY!!!!

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