Camp Notes: Harbaugh takes Ravens on a field trip


Early on Wednesday morning, the Ravens announced that their final practice for quarterbacks, rookies and injured players was cancelled for a team building exercise.

The team packed into a bus and headed 41 miles north to historic Gettysburg, PA.

Head Coach John Harbaugh is a history buff, often using historical references during his motivational speeches to his team and his press conferences throughout the season. The field trip was an attempt to inspire a group of predominatnly young players, and appears to have worked on at least one of the Ravens’ promising young stars.

“What I got from it is what it takes to win a battle, to overcome adversity and keeping the big picture in mind,” rookie linebacker Arthur Brown told “Keeping the focus on a common goal, achieving that goal.”

This wasn’t Harbaugh’s first trip to Gettysburg within the past year, as he also spent some time during the bye week last season checking out one of America’s most notorious battlefields.

Even though there wasn’t an official practice, the day was busy for the Ravens as veterans reported for training camp, awaiting their first official practice at 2:30 Thursday afternoon. While we can’t confirm if the Ravens went on one of the famed Gettysburg ghost tours, we did talk to linebackers Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil, who met with the media on Wednesday afternoon and will be haunting quarterbacks throughout the season. Look for quotes from the two QB terrorizers soon on RSR.

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10 Raves on “Camp Notes: Harbaugh takes Ravens on a field trip

  1. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    Cool trip but I hope this doesn’t inspire more military metaphors among the Ravens.
    A game is not a battle.
    Teams don’t go to war.
    Name your favorite.
    I know players and coaches don’t mean any harm when they do this but a little perspective is a good thing, too.

  2. shirl on said:

    There is NOTHING wrong with doing this trip at all. Great change of pace before the real work begins. A Battle is a battle. I think the players would beg to differ on rather they go to war or not. We all know the significance of Gettysburg, This was an awesome lesson!

  3. g money on said:

    Phil, what you are saying makes sense, but nobody is actually comparing football to combat. Teams going “into battle” is a metaphor. You are taking it too literally. This trip will give them a sense of brotherhood and teamwork, it drives the point home that you need to be there for your brother when you are in the trenches.

  4. Big Perm on said:

    i dig the military metaphors. I think it gives the players a real sense of team.
    We all know thats it’s not actually a “war.” It’s football son. Football.

  5. RavenJoe on said:

    I wish I knew they were coming, as I would’ve sought them out, being a resident here myself. Good PR move, also, Harbs; too many Stiller fans around here!

  6. Big C on said:

    I’m so sick of everything having to be so politically correct all the time. It is a battle… and some games are like wars.

  7. Rumor Ray on said:

    RavenJoe … that is why they did not let anyone know they were going. Way to many fans would have shown up and the Team would not have been able to tour the Battlefield. The amount of Ravens fans in Adams County has been increasing every year. Sure they have Stiller and Eagle fans around since it is in PA, however the facts are if you want to have season tickets to watch an NFL Team play the real choices are Ravens and Skins. Since the Ravens are closer most fans converted when Baltimore got the Ball Back in 96. Then due to the 2000 season, other converts soon followed. Another reason for the increase in Fans in Adams is the amount of Marylanders that have crossed the boarder to low the cost of living some.

    Just my 1/2 cent…… (I simply can not afford 2 cents anymore)

  8. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    Big C – no, football games are not like wars, not even close in any way, shape, or form. It’s not political correctness. It’s respect to those who truly put their lives on the line for us.

  9. MJ on said:

    Does the phrase “Remember the Titans” ring any bells? Denzel Washington’s character did the same thing. And, this was based on a true story. I loved it then, and I love it now. Coach John may not be original, but he is effective. Way to go, Coach.

  10. Nick on said:

    Phil is right. As a combat vet and a die hard Ravens fan since 96, They are not even close. Football players and coaches cannot even fathom what War is like, the sacrifices that are made, and paying for freedom in blood,sweat and tears. Players are paid $400K – 21M a year to play a physicaly demanding game, 6 months a year. It is certainly not easy and takes dedication, work, and winning the genetic and talent lottery. Serviing in the military is closer to slavery lifestyle then many would think. You do what you are told or go to jail. You dont show up to work, you go to jail and could be executed. You disobey lawfull order durring combat, you can be shot by your superiors on the spot(extreame circumstances, but has happened). Now let me ask you this, Do you think Pat Tilman, if he survived Afganistan and came back to play in the NFL, would ever compare a sports game to war? Didn’t think so.

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