Camp Notes July 31: Butterfingers Return


After receiving their first day off since training camp began last Thursday, the Ravens returned to the Under Armour Performance Center to continue installing their offense and worked on disguising blitz packages as well. The team was once again in pads, but they haven’t had that many contact drills since Sunday’s practice.

Wide Receivers: Drops, Drops and More Drops

From what I’ve seen, It’s not looking good for the wide receiving corps. Even though there were a few deep touchdown passes today, the Ravens wideouts also shot themselves in the foot on numerous occasions. While the group is searching for players to make up the lost offensive production from Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta, no one has really grabbed the bull by the horns except Torrey Smith.

Both Jacoby Jones and Tandon Doss had multiple drops today, with Jones being the worst of the pair.

Sandwiched in between drops was a glimpse of the Jones we’re used to seeing. During full-team drills, Jones turned on the afterburners, and torched cornerback Corey Graham for an 80-yard touchdown. Jones’ trigger man Joe Flacco high-stepped to midfield during his celebration.

The celebration didn’t last too long for Jones, as he then would drop an easy pass on a slant pattern at the goal line.

For Doss, he’s operated as status quo. He made a tremendous highlight reel catch over Graham, pulling the ball from the sky with one hand and shifted it into a two-hand grasp as he came falling to the ground. Unfortunately, he also failed to complete a few routine grabs.

Today’s practice was proof positive that the Ravens really need to address the position of wide receiver and it needs to be done before the start of the regular season. Even with a healthy Dennis Pitta, the two wide outs the Ravens are relying upon most, so far, aren’t getting it done.

Tight Ends: Furstenburg turns on the burners, Schiancoe is so so.

Ed Dickson has really stepped his game up and has plenty of confidence as his teammates have gone out of their way to support him. That’s good news for the Ravens as they hope Dickson can follow in Pitta’s footsteps as a major offensive weapon.

Unfortunately for the Ravens, there is no one behind Dickson if something were to happen to him.

Former Maryland Terp Matt Furstenburg had one of his best practices of the season, seeing some work with starters on occasion. The highlight of Furstenburg’s day came when he exploited a defensive communication breakdown and hauled in a 70+ yards scoring strike.

On the play, Furstenburg displayed tremendous speed for a tight end. During the combine, Furstenburg ran a 4.62 40-yard dash, good enough for second-best amongst the tight end group. After practice, we got to learn more about Furstenburg. Our one-on-one interview will be posted on Thursday (tomorrow).

Visanthe Shiancoe has been working hard to familiarize himself with the Ravens offense. Each day, he’s working on the side with coaches and Flacco to get extra reps following practice.

When initially asked about Shiancoe, head coach John Harbaugh praised him for being in good shape. However his conditioning hasn’t translated to effectiveness on the field. He’s dropped a few passes, been pushed around and just has looked a little out of place during his first few days. Hopefully, it’s just some getting-to-know-you jitters of a new team. But when it comes to projecting him on the depth chart, Shiancoe’s experience is the only thing going in his favor at this point.

Chykie Brown continues to shine, gets into a shoving match with Torrey Smith

Chykie Brown was called upon last season as the cornerbacks weathered the storm when it came to injuries to Lardarius Webb (ACL) and Jimmy Smith (sports hernia surgery). Brown will likely start the season as the Ravens fourth cornerback, but it’s a big improvement given that many thought he would be on the roster bubble a  year ago at this time.

During today’s practice, Brown was often seen reaching around the bodies of the wide receivers to knock passes to the ground. Brown hasn’t been playing against the scout team receivers either, he’s been running with the starters as the Ravens begin to ease Webb back into full team drills.

Today, Brown had very good pass deflections against both Smith and Doss.

Brown also got under the skin of Smith today, a person who rarely retaliates with any kind of physical threat. Following a play where Brown and Smith both went up for a pass, Smith and Brown bumped, potentially causing injury to Smith. Clearly upset with a verbal confrontation, Smith and Brown briefly exchanged shoves.

The shoving was mild and was on the lowest tier of a training camp tussle you could imagine, however, Smith’s reaction was out of character. Perhaps frustration is mounting given the struggles of his receiving corps mates. The best part of the tussle was that while they were shoving each other, Flacco was yelling from 30 yards away, “Get ‘em Torrey!”

Chris Canty is HUGE

I’ve been meaning to make a mention of this since camp started — Chris Canty is absolutely HUGE.

Listed on the Ravens roster as 6-7 and 317-pounds, it seems that Canty has extremely low body fat and closely resembles a big bodied NBA forward. The investment the Ravens made during the offseason to sure up their defensive line will pay huge dividends for them if teams attempt to run. Canty will undoubtedly start for this team, and utilizing him on the defensive line in some combination with Haloti Ngata, Arthur Jones, Marcus Spears and rookie Brandon Williams will make sure teams respect the Ravens rushing defense this season — a welcomed distinction from last season’s defensive front.

Practice Time

The Ravens will be at it once again tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.

For more Ravens news and updates, follow me on Twitter @RavenManiac.

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26 Raves on “Camp Notes July 31: Butterfingers Return

    • Kris Jones on said:

      Deonte has had a decent camp, and better hands than most of the other guys. He’s getting some reps with the starters as well, but it’s hard to imagine him being in the top three receivers.

  1. asmodeus1971 on said:

    Not sure how this story matched up with this “The offense had a good day, and finished practice with the winning score of 61 to 29.”

    • Kris Jones on said:

      The offense beat the defense based on the scoring system the Ravens have where I believe they assign a point after each play. In the case of the wide receivers, Torrey had a really good day. Doss made plays, but also had drops. The same went with Jacoby.

      The problem is that they’re shining at certain parts, and looking bad at others. That’s how you get the winning score of 61-29. I didn’t know much about the scoring system until Ray Rice pointed it out to me after practice and wanted to know where the ice cream truck was.

  2. EdgarAllanPro on said:

    I’m hoping one of the young guys sees an opportunity and makes progress like Torrey did his first year. Drops were a problem for him early – some we’re looking to label him a bust before that 3TD bust out performance against the Rams.
    From what I read he spent a TON of time with Flacco and the ball throwing machine working on catches. Lets hope someone gets at it.

  3. g money on said:

    man, I really hope that Doss steps up. The good news is that if he doesn’t, we know it’s time to move on. It’s now or never.

  4. Big Perm on said:

    I think these guys will be alright. It seems like some of these writers want the receivers to not do well. Show me any team in the league where the receivers don’t drop easy passes.

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:

      I wouldn’t include me in the bunch. It’s very hard to keep an eye on all 90 guys out on the field and take a ton of notes. You have to single a few out and watch them for the majority of practice.

      Easy drops happen, but seeing the difference in what Torrey is doing versus the others is glaring. Torrey is a very good receiver, but we’re not talking Calvin Johnson here.

  5. Big C on said:

    I’m going to need the Ravens to go ahead and give Laquan a shot at running w the 1′s and 2′s. This is absolutely ridiculous. We all know Jacoby isn’t a starting WR it the NFL. Tandon Doss is too flaky, this guy got hurt getting tackled by a punter and he’s supposed to start 16 games?? For me its Laquan, David Reed or Mellette. Wait until the preseason games and watch. Doss will fold, Jacoby is a 3rd-4th guy (nothing wrong with that though), Deonte doesn’t make plays in games.

  6. Big C on said:

    I hate to harp on it, but Doss really gets under my skin. This guy is as fragile as a fabrege egg. Last year, he’s jawwing w Cary Williams… in shorts while everyone else is practicing. He missed because he had a bad hangnail. What’s worse is we keep hearing about these “great” hands and they were basically force feeding this kid the ball in that Colts game and he all of a sudden couldn’t catch? GTFOH, he’s a bum.

  7. Mike D on said:

    No. Kris, i would incldue you in that bunch. Looking at Bmore sun, and, they all praised the WRs coming along nicely. you seem to be fixated on the pt that ravens need to go out and sign WRs to keep pointing at their deficiencies.

      • Kris on said:


        I’m a fan first and foremost. I know every guy that writes for the Sun and and see them on a daily basis, they are not fans. While I respect their work they also have certain limitations on what they can say about the team. I know first hand that it’s a fact.

        Are my expectations a little high because I expect more? Maybe. Heck, I was one who didn’t believe the team needed Boldin. Losing Pitta is just a little too much of a blow to the offense.

        I can absolutely assure you that if you’re standing on the practice field along with me, you’ll see the same drops I’m seeing and the inconsistency.

        I don’t have a vendetta against any player whatsoever, I just call it like I see it. On the offense, the need for a #2 and #3 WR is glaring and so far, the guys behind Torrey aren’t showing it. There are also things called practice players. I was so high on LaQuan last year but he absolutely faltered when it came time to be in the game. Same goes for Doss.

  8. KH on said:

    Anything on Tommy Streeter? Any news or sight of FB Kyle Jusczyk being a possible option for TE maybe behind Dickson? Guy was a beast of a TE in College, mowed people over like he was running away from a burning building. Thanks!

    • Kris on said:

      Streeter has looked good some days making nice red zone grabs, and on others he’s either missed practice because he’s been hurt or bobbling passes before he can stay in bounds.

      My initial guess is that he’ll be a possible practice squad option and if that’s the case, someone will pick him up because of his prototypical body for a red zone WR threat. The only problem is that the majority of the things he’s shown on the field haven’t been threatening.

      We’ll find out in the preseason games. There are things called reverse practice players where they don’t show much in practice and play well in games. Maybe that’s the case with Streeter.

      For Juszczyk, he’s an H back option only with this offense in my opinion. He hasn’t ran any drills with the tight end unit thus far during training camp and he’s shaped more like a fullback than a tight end. What worked for him at TE in college won’t translate against the talent in the NFL. Kyle is a really nice guy, he’s a hard worker and he’s someone who will be able to block following his rookie year. He’ll get some snaps though, mostly on special teams and he has good hands for someone coming out of the backfield.

      I liked what he did in college but the competition he saw at Harvard is no where near what he’s going to see every Sunday.

  9. KH on said:

    I like Tandon Doss from his scouting report and college days a couple years ago. I always thought and somewhat do still think he has potential. He was reported to have great hands like Anquan Boldin and AJ Green. As far as Jacobey Jones go, I hate to say it and please nobody shoot me over this but I think he should stay at best #3 or #4 WR and stick with KR/PR. I just dont see Jones catching lasers from Flacco. Jones is more of “let if fall into my arms” guy, hence the deep throws for possible TDs and the sky high KR and PR he catches. Just my two cents :-)

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Based on the drop-sie issue, why is it hard to imagine DeonteT ahead of Doss or the rest of the WRs? Wasn’t he supposedly a great high school receiver who went to a QB-challenged college?

    • Kris on said:

      It’s not hard to imagine Deonte over Doss in the offense given what I’ve seen so far in practice…. that is if you’re just looking at a depth chart, not at positioning.

      Deonte is more of an outside guy like Torrey or Jacoby with speed. He’s not a slot receiver. When it comes to playing time, Doss will see more because a slot receiver better fits his mold more so than it does with Thompson.

  11. Daniel on said:

    Kris you keep saying the Ravens need to add a WR but you refuse to say who, I suggest
    you do some homework by looking at other teams rosters and give us a name of a guy who
    would be a good fit (Malcom Floyd, Nate Washington examples of guys who could be
    available through trade). Give us a name of a WR Kris and then we can take you seriously.

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:


      You make two very good suggestions with Washington and Floyd. Those are the type of caliber guys the Ravens could use in this offense. In fact, Floyd almost signed here as a free agent a year ago.

      It’s impossible to nail down who the team is targeting unless we’re in Ozzie’s office. I think they’re going to look for someone similar to what they did when they traded for Lee Evans a few years ago and hopefully with better results.

      The hardest part right now is that every team believes they’re going to have a good year and trading away talent during camp doesn’t necessarily send a good vibe through the locker room of the team who is losing the player.

      What the Ravens need to target is someone who can still be impactful, but can get for cheap. A good example would have been someone like Santana Moss, had the Redskins not decided to put together a good run last season. Moss is primarily a 3rd down slot guy at this point of his career but saw more action with Pierre Garcon injured.

      I wish I had the time to do some real digging, if I get some, I certainly will touch on this topic more. I still have plenty of interviews I need to wrap up.

      I hope regardless of me making suggestions for players versus just a concept wouldn’t make you think I lost any credibility. I’m always looking out for the team and trying to shoot it from a fan’s point of view. As a fan, I’m just concerned.

      • Daniel on said:

        Kris I am sorry for being so blunt with you, I didn’t mean to
        question your credibility. I agree that the Ravens could use
        a veteran WR, I just want one of you guys to name some
        possible options instead of just implying they need a veteran
        WR. You’re right about them needing a guy but I just want
        to hear your thoughts on who you think would be a good
        fit. I know Floyd and Washington could be possible options since
        both the Titans and Chargers are both deep at WR and are
        trying to give their young WRs more reps. Both Floyd and
        Washington have also given the Ravens fits over the past couple
        of years (Washington had 7 catches for 99 yards against
        the Ravens in 2011 and was a third down machine, Floyd has
        been a jump ball machine against the Ravens).

  12. Biggus Dickus on said:

    Worry, Worry, Worry,,, if the other team only scores 3 points then all we need is 4. THE DEFENSE WILL BE STOUT THIS YEAR. I would not expect the ravens to be a high flyer scoring machine, however 20 points a game should be enough to win 10-11 games and make the playoffs

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