CAMP NOTES: Ticked Off and Picked Off

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 22, 2009

Saturday’s training camp practice was quite an eventful one. Let’s get to the details.

Don’t Ask John Harbaugh About Injuries

As fans await the injury status of running back Bernard Pierce and wide receiver Deonte Thompson, head coach John Harbaugh doesn’t feel like talking about it.

“No comment on any injury situation,” Harbaugh said following Saturday’s practice. “It’s training camp. If it’s something serious, I’ll let you know. I’m not going to get into every knick or bruise that we have on our team.”

Update: The Baltimore Sun has reported that Pierce has a sprained knee with no ligament damage.

Defensive end Marcus Spears and linebacker Bryan Hall were also no-show’s at practice.

Wide receiver David Reed and safety Omar Brown were inactive for Thursday’s preseason game against the Buccaneers, but both were back at practice today. Brown was a full participant, and Reed was in uniform, but didn’t participate. Cornerback Chris Johnson also practiced, but was wearing a red penny indicating that he wasn’t cleared for contact. The status of his injury is unknown, but given his non-contact designation, it may be something upper body.

Rookie nose tackle Brandon Williams did suffer an injury today. Williams appeared to tweak something on his leg, he didn’t return to practice and was seen on the sideline stretching extensively.

Harbaugh’s Dog House Is Open For Business

John Harbaugh wasn’t a happy camper at today’s practice. Read more about the player he threatened to cut and which wide receiver he pulled off of the field.

Read the story here.

Interception City: Terrell Suggs jaws at Jim Caldwell

Today’s practice seemed like a stronger effort was coming from the defensive side of the ball. Ravens’ quarterback were apparently in a generous mood as interceptions were given away regularly including a few from Joe Flacco who struggled with his accuracy more so in this practice than we’ve seen throughout camp.

Terrell Suggs was his typical self, leading the defense and jawing along the way. After multiple interceptions by the defense, Suggs was yelling from the defensive sideline across the field to the offense.

“Hey Coach Caldwell, what type of ship are you running over there?” he shouted multiple times. “You woke up a sleeping giant.”

Suggs got into the action himself, intercepting Flacco exactly how he had done to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, leaping and picking off a dump pass. Suggs returned the interception to the end zone and appeared to line up like he was going to try to dunk the ball through the uprights. After reconsidering, he decided to just place the ball on the ground.

Also getting into the interception-fest today were Omar Brown, Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb who was the beneficiary of a tipped pass by Albert McClellan.

Chykie Brown Is Still Hungover From Tampa Bay

In terms of depth, the Ravens appeared to be stacked at cornerback with Chykie Brown slated to be fourth on the depth chart. Prior to Thursday’s preseason game against the Buccaneers, Brown was enjoying a very solid camp but that wasn’t the case yesterday when he took the field with the first-team defense.

Brown had a good breakup on a pass to Marlon Brown, but struggled through other aspects of practice. Wide receiver Aaron Mellette torched Brown for a touchdown and former Texas Longhorn also lost many of his other one-on-one battles throughout practice.

Luckily for Brown, as the Ravens ease Webb back into his starting role and Brown will have an opportunity to get more snaps with the first-team defense. He possesses all of the physical skills a good cornerback should have in the NFL, his struggles have primarily been mental, which is coachable if it’s as simple as turning your head to look for the ball.

Furstenburg Continues To Push

Rookie undrafted free agent tight end Matt Furstenburg continues to vie for an opportunity to make the 53-man roster. Furstenburg had a good practice, caught plenty of passes and even worked on his over-the-shoulder and quick reaction catches following practice today.

Visanthe Shiancoe has been inconsistent but is favored to win the third tight end spot largely because of his experience. From what I’ve seen, Furstenburg is faster, has better hands and should be getting as much of an opportunity to win the job as Shiancoe.

Look for more of a contribution coming from Furstenburg in the upcoming preseason games as it’ll likely go down to the wire between he and Shiancoe.

Ravens Head to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday

The Ravens will hold their last open to the public training camp practice at M&T Bank Stadium at 5:00 p.m. They will still have a large practice at Stevenson University the following week, but that is still a lottery event.

After practice, I asked coach Harbaugh about heading to the Ravens’ home away from home.

We’re really excited about that,” Harbaugh said. “It’s going to be fun- can’t wait for it. Our guys are looking forward to it. It’s our home.”

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23 Raves on “CAMP NOTES: Ticked Off and Picked Off

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:


      Bajema is likely a lock to make the team given his blocking ability. With Pitta out for the year, Dickson has the top spot, Bajema has the second spot, and then a battle for Shiancoe and Furstenberg.

      The spots on the depth chart don’t really mean anything anyways. These guys are all situational players. Let’s put it this way, Shiancoe and Fursternburg are the two guys fighting for the final spot to make this team.

      • Navin on said:

        I agree. Bajema is better blocker of all the other tight end. So his position is locked.

        Ravens need one veteran in the receiver group to mentor the young guys. If Stokely is signing with Ravens and is in the roster, its better to go with Fursternburg than Shiancoe. We dont need too many old guys and he has better hands than Shiancoe

        • Brian Tray on said:

          With Leach and “Juice”, Bajema is expendable. I think they keep Furstenburg and Shiancoe. Both of these guys can line up in the slot. Stokely and Smith could then be our # 1 and 2 wideouts with Jones and Williams backing them up. Doss amd Brown/Mellette would round out the receiver corps
          We need guys that can run good routes and catch the ball. That’s 8 guys to catch the ball. I know at least 3-4 will cut the mustard. Hopefully.

  1. spy on said:

    None of these tight ends are worth a crap,,,,,,look at the tight ends Cinn. has,,,,,,,how did our tight end situation get so bad so quick,,,,,,,,it can’t happen over night , someone has not been paying attention to the receiver corps,,,,,,,,,poor Joe , he should be pissed off , I know I am……….you pay your Q-back all that money and give him this bunch to throw to,,,,,,,,,may be the worst receiving crew in football,,,,,,,,,,at least Joe has a good excuse if he has a down year , bet he has more fun counting his money than playing football this year…………

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Before Pitta’s injury many considered the 1-2 punch of Pitta and Dickson to be among the league’s best.

      Injuries are part of football.

      • EdgarAllanPro on said:

        In terms of the tight ends, yeah it’s been a bad break. But any team losing their top two players at ANY position is in trouble.

        But for the wideouts, that’s a self-inflicted wound. None of the guys are showing anything new – it’s the same problems they’ve had for their careers (all 1 to 3 seasons of them). There were wideouts on the market, and we had Boldin. I can get behind the Boldin trade if they saw something in the other guys – but most of the receivers look like they’ve made little to no progress since last year’s camp.

        • spy on said:

          Tony , I’m not a Cinn. backer , I’m just jealous of their receiver corp. and would like Joe to have that quality to throw to , he would be tremendous………..

      • spy on said:

        Tony , I hear you , but I’m still upset,,,,,,,,,,,hoping injuries don’t happen is like hoping a few of your unproven receivers step up,,,,,,,,,,,you can’t count on either of these things , but they did and it backfired,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for trying to cheer me up , but I’m still upset,,,,,,,,,,,,I loved the way this defense was looking and thought we would have a balanced team for a change , sorry for venting , did I say I was upset yet ……………

        • g money on said:

          you are a clown. sure am glad Ozzie is running the show and not you. Just sit back and enjoy the best defense we have had since 2000 thanks to the money we saved from trading Boldin.

      • Dan on said:

        Ozzie has received criticism for Boldin’s departure BUT AB wasn’t worth $6m/yr. IF AB were still here, Ravens would be approx $1.5M over cap (right?) and scrambling to clear space.

        If there were a scenario that Pitta and Dickson were to stay healthy throughout the year, they would have been absolutely a forceful combination of speed, size, & experience. It just wasn’t in the cards for this year. Who knows, maybe next year. You could wonder why the Ravens didn’t draft a TE in the 2013 draft but when I look back, I don’t see a player in position during a round that was necessarily above the pick they took. (Could argue Eifert and Ertz but both were long gone in Rds 1 & 2.) Hence the Furstenburg RFA signing.

        Hey Spy, who was Heap’s back up in 2008-2009? LJ Smith was 2009 – point made Flacco’s worked with less when Heap went down.

        I am pulling for Furstenburg to make the team (at least Special Teams contributor).

        • spy on said:

          Daniel Wilcox was also a backup TE , not so hot , isn’t that when Ray Rice became a primary target , and thank god he did,,,,,,,,,,,,problem is Ray Rice is no longer a secret…………….good try and thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • PalladininNC on said:

        Why if it isn’t Spy, my old friend! So good to see that you have crawled out from under your rock to comment! Seems like you never crawl out to ever complement anyone (especially Ozzie) whenever we are doing well, only whenever something may appear wrong (which it usually never is). Have a good summer since when the fall begins and the Ravens begin winning games we all will be blessed by your silence (just like we all were during last year’s playoff run)!

        • spy on said:

          I never heard of you,,,,,,,,,,,,
          I have been commenting on this site for years and you just noticed , you must be a newbee,,,,,,,,,,,obviously you have missed my positive comments on several of the writers here , Joe Flacco , Torrey Smith and many others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pay attention and come back soon so you can learn from the best………… that is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. spy on said:

    Looks like Ozzie agreed with the old Spy,,,,,,,,,,picking up Stokley says he is desparate,,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzie is a smart football man , he see’s the quality in his receiver corp.,,,,,,,,,,,,the quality of receiver depth on this team is pretty poor,,,,,,,I’m allowed to say this and stay on the bandwagon aren’t I,,,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes the truth hurts and this is going to be one of those years when the truth really hurts big time,,,,,,,,Go Ravens , I still love you guys………

  3. Vicio on said:

    I’m not feeling any of our last 3 signings. All three are past their prime and aren’t as fast as they once were. I’m starting to get nervous as we inch towards the regular season. Not saying that I’ve completely lost faith but if we make zero progress in the first month of the regular season on offense I will be disappointed.

    • spy on said:

      Be carefull Vicio,,,,,,,,,a few of these less than desirable posters may think you are related to me,,,,,watch out man……………..even though you are 100 % correct….Go Ravens./……….

      • Big Perm on said:

        Spy, I bet you were one of the people who wanted to trade Flacco for Kirk Cousins last year. Weren’t you? Nobody here is taking you seriously.

        • g money on said:

          well said perm, this guy is a joke. I bet anything he comes back and says how he’s been a Flacco supporter all along. I am reading his posts for comedic value, he can’t possibly know as little as it seems.

          • spy on said:

            I disagree with people at times but do not criticise them with personal insults , you could learn from my comments to keep your comments about sports,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my opinions are as valuable as yours , and they are a dime a dozen,,,,,,,,,grow up please,,,,,,,,

  4. dumb on said:

    spy, you are being ridiculous. Do me a favor and read all of your above posts and then lie to me and tell me you aren’t criticizing anybody. Recall above when you said “a few of these LESS THAN DESIRABLE posters may think you are related to me,” so don’t act all high and mighty. You said it first in that very statement that our opinions aren’t as valid as yours. Don’t come back and say someone else is criticizing you. That is hypocritical to say the very least. And do us ALL a favor and use some damned spell check. What the hell is the comma thing all about anyway, that doesn’t occur in the English language at all.

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