Castillo Announced as Ravens Offensive Line Coach for 2014

Juan Castillo

The shot heard round Raven Nation was announced by John Harbaugh during Wednesday’s annual “State of the Ravens” address: Juan Castillo will return to the Ravens as the offensive line coach in 2014.

Thats right Ravens fans – instead of cutting bait with Castillo, Harbaugh and the rest of the Ravens brass have doubled down on Juan, moving him from “run game coordinator” to offensive line coach.

“Juan will be the offensive line coach next year,” Harbaugh said, eliciting groans from the purple faithful. “The rest of [the coaching staff] is a little in flux right now.”

“I can understand why Juan is the lightning rod because of the title,” Harbaugh said when asked about Castillo seemingly being in charge of the Ravens’ franchise-worst rushing attack.  “That’s on me.”

Point blank: the Ravens offensive line and run game was putrid in 2013. Between the injuries to both Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce, the loss of Kelechi Osemele, Marshal Yanda playing hurt and the players not buying into the system, the results were horrendous.

The team however did allude to the fact they were not happy with the offensive line will find a way to improve either through free agency acquisition or the draft.

“I think we’ve got to get bigger on the interior of our offensive line,” General Manager Ozzie Newsome acknowledged.

While the Ravens continue to praise the offensive line players, in all honestly outside of Yanda and Osemele they are back-ups at best. Re-signing Eugene Monroe certainly would help and bringing in a new center is vital for the system Castillo plans to run.

While it seems Harbaugh managed to convince Bisciotti and company the value of Juan Castillo, one has to wonder what happens six games into the 2014 season if there is no noticeable difference from the 2013 results.

The very slack that Harbaugh wanted so badly for Castillo was granted, and it could be exactly what ends up hanging the Ravens offense next season.


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36 Raves on “Castillo Announced as Ravens Offensive Line Coach for 2014

      • RJ on said:

        EX-FREAKING-ACTLY! The man is a crony, pure and simple, and Harbs covets “yes-men” above all. It’s teh reason that Boldin was told he either needed to take a pay cut or hit the road BEFORE THE INK WAS EVEN DRY ON FLACCO’S CONTRACT!!! Harbs has roven himself to be fairly petty and inept when it comes to doing what everyone else knows needs to be done (like firing Cam-Cam) and if it wasn’t for all the raw, natural talent on this team, there is no way we’d make it this far with him as coach.

      • rod on said:

        cant you see it, another Brian Billick, loyaly is to his friends and not the team. Harbaugh is now on a hot seat due to his friend over team

    • Tarris on said:

      Ravens should think about Mike shanahan if he’s willing to take a pay cut really don’t see him as a Head Coach anytime soon………

    • Tarris on said:

      We need a slot receiver that can dominate: 2nd round pick on Brandin Cooks – Oregon State

      Brady – Amendola
      Peyton- Welker
      Luck- Hilton
      Rams- Austin
      The list go on who do the ravens have nobody these guys are small but every team respect them if not lights out….

      • Sharon on said:

        I think with the speed we have on the outside, we do not need that small, quick type of receiver. We need a 6’3-6’5 big possession receiver with sneaky speed that can create mismatches win one on one battles.

  1. D.Rudolph on said:

    Once they saw that the system didn’t fit the personnel, Castillo should have modified the system.
    This is reminiscent of the BB years……to stubborn and to personal to see the right thing to do.

  2. Castillo Sucks on said:

    This is on Harbaugh….second worst decision ever. A coahing staff assembled through cronyism. If you have ever coached with Harbaugh before at any level just apply for the job…you’re a shoe in!

  3. JerryB on said:

    Could not agree more! Harbaugh’s hiring of Juan Castillo proved the wisdom of the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and, now he intends to prove how right he was while defending one of his cronies by implying that his mistake was in giving him the title, “Run Game Coordinator”! Castillo did prove to be somewhat of a magician by single-handedly making the running disappear, so maybe he has some more tricks up his sleeve! Bisciotti gave Harbaugh a “mulligan” before insisting on Cameron’s dismissal and he obviously believes Harbaugh deserves another with Castillo. Let’s just hope that this team doesn’t become the Baltimore….EAGLES! Time will tell……

  4. BmoreB on said:

    Juan Castillo didn’t exactly have the best personnel to work with. AQ Shipley ? Geno Gradkowski ? Michale “False Start” Oher ? Not to mention Yanda coming off shoulder surgery.

    Newsome pretty much stated that we’re getting new O Lineman. As he said we need to get bigger in the interior part of the line. Maybe it’s just me but that sounds like Shipley and Gradkowski will be backing up some real starting O Linemen. Well, Geno will, Shipley maybe.

  5. c-man on said:

    sub-par center, two guards injured, two running backs injured – if you accept these facts (not to mention mckinnie and oher) then how can you blame castillo? i hear a lot of “if it ain’t broke…”, bit it WAS broke.

  6. Joe on said:

    Ravens should let go of the following:
    Arthur Jones, Terrell Suggs, Ray-Rice, Vonta Leach, Haloti Nata, Jameel McClain, Dallas Clark, Michael Oher, Chris Canty, Pernell McPhee (Will save alot on the salary cap and have a chances to get some better players we did it last year why not now. (Let’s build this team to win another Super Bowl in 3years because it don’t just happen in two years)

    Bring back: Darryl Smith (Best Defensive player of year); Josh Bynes, Rolando McClain (If he’s ready this guy was a Beast in Oakland).

    Ravens 1st Round pick they should trade up for Alabama LT to replace Cyrus Kouandjio
    2nd Round Pick WR from Penn State Allen Robinson if on the board

    • Sharon on said:

      1. Do you understand the cap? Letting go of Ray Rice and Ngata would leave sooooooooooo much dead money.
      2. You can’t just get rid of all your players in the name of rebuilding…
      3. Cyrus Kouandjio = super overrated (see Bowl game) Why wouldn’t you just re-sign Monroe at LT (top ten tackle this past season)

  7. Crystal on said:

    Let’s give this guy a real chance. He was tossed into the fire last year as “assistant”. Let him start over. Let’s be optimistic and remember that no one in that coaching staff wants to lose his job.

    They’ll get it done!

  8. Crystal on said:

    You may be in the minority, but you’re not alone. I agree with you. I like the zone blocking scheme and if we can get it right, I think it’ll be excellent. Juan Castillo is highly regarded around the league. We’re lucky to have him.

  9. Mayday on said:

    OK look, here is the quick and dirty….. The Ravens running game was dead last in the NFL. The Ravens gave up the most sacks of any team in the NFL. The Ravens started the season with the exact line that they won a Super Bowl with minus Birk. SO what changed??… Castillo!! Eagles fans damn near threw a party when the Eagles let him go. Maybe he coached some good lineman in the past, maybe he just got lucky with the talent the Eagles gave him, but the bottom line is HE STINKS!!! I guess I wasn’t paying attention, but I didn’t know that the Ravens had hired this guy for the O-line until the talk about how bad Rice and the running game was. Once I found out Castillo was there, my question was answered. When I told the Eagles fans I know, they damn near laughed their a$$ off.

    Expect more of the same next year unless the Ravens can sign at least 3 Pro Bowl caliber lineman so Castillo doesn’t have to be involved.

    • Sharon on said:

      Umm… what changed??
      1. Kelechi Osemele replaced by the scrub A.Q. Shipley
      2. Gino Gradkowski was the worst center in the NFL… THE WORST. HE WAS WORSE THAN BACKUPS!
      3. Both RBs were playing injured
      4. ‘Eagles fans damn near threw a party when the Eagles let him go.” … – That’s because he was a terrible DC. It had nothing to do with his coaching the o-line.
      5. “maybe he just got lucky with the talent the Eagles gave him…” – No sir, Eagles consistently drafted o-linemen in bottom rounds and Castillo coached them up.

      Castillo is a good o-line coach that has gotten to a really rough start. He had some horrible personnel as well as injured players this year.

      • Dan on said:

        Is this his wife responding to these comments? Your are defending this idiot as if you are married to him. He can’t coach, he screwed up this entire line this year, and again the Ravens wont make it no where with this loser. Look at all the numbers when he was in Philly even as a DC. He may have coached Pro Bowlers in Philly, but during his stay how many playoffs and Superbowls did he get them too? The guys becoming pro bowlers where voted into the ProBowl by fans. If you have ever been to a Philly Game they have such a large fan base which made these guys Pro Bowl selected not coached selected. Maybe she doesn’t want to move again if she is married to this loser lol.

        • Sharon on said:

          Didn’t say anything about the pro-bowl… And not I’m not married to Juan Castillo. Still finishing up college, but thank you for that.

      • Mayday on said:

        Yes Dan, definitely related somehow.

        1. Osemele started this first 6 games or so and Shipley is a Center, not a guard or tackle, so I am not surprised that he stuggled from week #7 on.

        2. Gradkowski was bad, but was also a starter for the first time in the NFL. That almost never goes well for centers, good or not.

        3. Both RB’s were ineffective even when they were healthy. Blocking Schemes??!!….

        4. This is the only correct assesment you have made.

        5. This is the best one. So if Castillo is a O-Line guru why was he unable to “coach up” his current talent since that is supposed to be what he is good at??….

        6. He has Brian Westbrook as the RB the majority of his time as the O-line coach. Philly was not a run first team the way Baltimore is. So basically Castillo was unable to adapt to the talent he had to work with.

        7. How many SB rings did he help win in Philly??!!!…. ZERO!!

        Expect more of the same from the NFL’s worst running game while Castillo is in charge of the O-line.

  10. jay d on said:

    The problem has never been the assistants, it is the head coach. Any coach would have made the last 5 playoffs with the teams he has had.

  11. Sharon on said:

    Agree with the both of you. While you’ll find fewer that abhorred the o-line this season more than I did, I refuse to believe that Castillo forgot how to coach in one season. We forget that Castillo was hired before the SB sun where the o-line played out of their minds. I am inclined to believe that this years problems had more to do with having scrubs play (Gino, McKinnie, A.Q. Shipley) than the scheme itself. This is not the first time the Ravens have run the ZBS. They did it in 2011 as well as 2012 and the run-game was awesome. When executed well, the ZBS can be more efficient than man on man.

  12. P-City Flock on said:

    What is it with this guy he basically gets Reid fired in Philly 2 years ago has poor year last year and gets promoted don’t get it whats does he have on these guys

  13. pnb on said:

    I can’t understand why people Castillo. The guy’s a fraud. He destroyed the Oline w/his zone blocking crap. He’s too stupid or stubborn to realize the line’s built for man-blocking not zone. Joe and the RB’s will be in traction by the end of the year all because Harbaugh’s BFF is an idiot.

  14. Rgh on said:

    Zone blocking is a run blocking scheme. So if it is to blame for everything how do you explain the horrible pass blocking. The scheme for that did not change. The players along the O-line played terrible. And to answer Dan about playoffs in Philly they went to 4 straight NFC championship games, 1 SB, 6 division titles and 9 playoff appearances while he was there.

    • Dan on said:

      Which they came up short in both categories O Super Bowls wins. Need we say more Philly got rid of him and Reid, but look how well they did along with Reid. They both made it to the playoffs and the Ravens are home watching.

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