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Ravens 18 Lions 16

Report Card Ravens 18 Lions 16
Paul Lukoskie

Words cannot describe the level of heart palpitations that I experienced into the waning hours of Monday night... Read More

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18+ Comments Clement says Again I will say that I truly believe the ravens did good. There is no doubt about it. Holding the home team to 16 points, good coverage on Megatron throughout
Ravens 19 Jets 3

Report Card Ravens 19 Jets 3
Paul Lukoskie

Some may disagree, but I think today’s win was exactly what the Ravens needed.  It was a total domination from... Read More

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11+ Comments Tucker: M&T Sec 527 says Doss made lousy decisions as PR letting 2 punts bounce and get downed by the Jets. Time for another spanking for Tandon. The first one, being cut in Sept., see
Bears 23, Ravens 20 OT

Report Card Bears 23, Ravens 20 OT
Paul Lukoskie

If you were watching the Ravens play the Bears this afternoon, you probably started to see some distinct, nega... Read More

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16+ Comments RBC says This is crap. Blame the D on a day where they give up 13 points? Really? The Bears defense is a injury riddled disaster and the Ravens need to sore more than
Ravens 20 Bengals 17 (OT)

Report Card Ravens 20 Bengals 17 (OT)
Paul Lukoskie

Many considered last week’s game against Cleveland to be a “must win.”  In a lot of circumstances it was, beca... Read More

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8+ Comments Ed in ON says " The only thing i would say is that to me we have a better shot of going after the division then getting that last wildcard spot." This is totally untrue. T
Steelers 19, Ravens 16

Report Card Steelers 19, Ravens 16
Paul Lukoskie

Well folks, what can I say? The Ravens just don’t seem to have “it” right now. Defensively, they’re looking... Read More

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8+ Comments Sdot says I liked the gutsy calls of Harbaugh. He's very aggressive on Special Teams and it's awesome especially when he calls for fake punts and field god. My issue is
Packers 19 Ravens 17

Report Card Packers 19 Ravens 17
Paul Lukoskie

The defense can only be incredible for so long.  Considering how much the defense was on the field, I am impre... Read More

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16+ Comments Jimmy Dundalk says They thought it was Bryant , makes me wonder if they really know what to do , Harbs will never admit it is Castillo's fault , he's a friend........ >>>
Bills 23, Ravens 20

Report Card Bills 23, Ravens 20
Paul Lukoskie

It wouldn’t be a true Ravens’ season without losing to a team they should have beaten. Last season it was losi... Read More

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8+ Comments Slow Poke says OL line play stinks. They get no push in the run game and flacco was sacked four times and hit 12 more times. If the OL play doesn't improve things will not g
Ravens 14 Browns 6

Report Card Ravens 14 Browns 6
Paul Lukoskie

In typical Ravens fashion, they sure know how to keep us fans on the edges of our seats.  The first half was j... Read More

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7+ Comments Rumor Ray says That guy the browns had on returns looked like a good RB .. What was his name again?? Bobby Rainey or something??? Sure wish we had a guy like that around....
Ravens, Storms Drown Bucs 44-16

Report Card Ravens, Storms Drown Bucs 44-16
Gordon Dixon

Quarterbacks: B The interception by Flacco was meaningless in the grand scheme of things as he has nothing ... Read More

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17+ Comments spy says What positions looked like 'deep depth' ? Wide outs ; tight ends ; safeties ; corners ; offensive tackle ; offensive guard ; ,,,,,you must have been watching


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