Contract Talks With Boldin, Monroe Aren’t Comparable

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With contract negotiations between the Ravens and Eugene Monroe at a standstill, it’s looking more and more like the Ravens may need to go in another direction protecting Joe Flacco’s blindside.

The gap between the parties is described as significant. Reports have the Ravens offering Monroe between $8-$9 million per season. Monroe seems to think he’s worth more, with his representatives more in the $10 million per season neighborhood.

Feedback from fans seems mixed regarding the Ravens hard stance on where they stand with Monroe. Some agree with the Ravens. Monroe is not worth $10 million per season. While he would be nice to retain it has to be at the right price. While Monroe is a solid left tackle, he isn’t elite, and paying him the salary he wants would put him in that category.

The other half is looking at it another way and there seems to common reference among them. Are the Ravens really going to let him walk over a couple million dollars? He is the best available option. Didn’t the Ravens learn their lesson last year with Anquan Boldin? Get it done one way or another.

Let’s not sugar coat it, the handling of Boldin was a big mistake. His presence was missed on the field and in the locker room as other veterans retired and signed elsewhere. We knew this from week one when Boldin went off for over 200 hundred yards. It felt like we were being kicked when we were down after the Ravens were dominated by Denver. If the Ravens could go back in time they’d surely handle it differently.

That said the two situations really aren’t comparable and fans who want to draw correlations are just wrong.

Anquan Boldin was a key reason the Ravens won their second Lombardi. He was a man on a mission reeling in 4 touchdowns for 380 yards in the playoffs. He loved Baltimore and never wanted to leave. He said initially he’d retire if he was released or traded. He simply wanted to be paid for the contract he signed – no more, no less. To say he earned it would be a gross understatement. The Ravens aren’t lifting the Lombardi without him.

Eugene Monroe is the best available left tackle on the market in 2014; he may be the 10th best left tackle in the NFL. He wants $10 million a year and he will most likely get it. It’s as simple as supply and demand. Someone will overpay him.

But the Ravens have made it clear that it won’t be them.

Their offer is fair and if it’s not good enough, they’ll let him walk, as they should.

That’s why the Ravens contend every year. That’s why despite a transition year they were within one game of making the playoffs. They don’t panic at the negotiating table and they don’t overpay players based on the market in a given year.

A couple million dollars was what ended up causing the Ravens and Boldin to part ways. The way things are looking that could very well be the case with Eugene Monroe as well.

The difference is Boldin earned it, Monroe hasn’t.

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6 Raves on “Contract Talks With Boldin, Monroe Aren’t Comparable

  1. Fernando on said:

    Agreed! A couple million is the difference between retaining Daryl Smith or not… That’s a big difference in my opinion!

  2. BmoreB on said:

    I completely disagree with the notion that “the handling of Boldin was a big mistake”. If he were on the team last year it would not have mattered one bit. We were going nowhere fast. Our line sucked beyond belief and even if we made it to the playoffs, it would have been one and done.

  3. INraven92 on said:

    Agreed. While I’m terrified of our blindside situation, I’m sure it will be handled respectably. But had we paid Q, we would have paid for it on defense. That money signed Darryl Smith, among others. Without his experience in the middle, we would have been an absolute joke. Josh Bynes and a rookie? Not the most fearsome duo. Only upside would be the experience Art Brown would’ve been forced to gain. Anyway, fact is: just because we have ample cap space, we shouldn’t waste it. We can’t put ourselves in jail for years to come.

  4. econ 101 on said:

    The difference in a contract signed this year, and the contracts of LT that were signed before, is that the market has shifted. The salary cap went up, while the pool of free agent LTs did not. More money chasing the same number of LTs means inflationary price pressure, upward.

    10 mil a year isn’t overpaying, it is the market adjusting to inflation.

  5. just a fan on said:

    for someone to say Boldin wouldnt have made a difference this year, they obviously didnt watch our games. we lost a couple of games by 2 or 3 points, a couple of games by missing first downs, which represent a large percentage of his catches. one game more and we’re in the playoffs, and we know how that story goes. Stop trying to undervalue the man and admit they made a mistake. This is something that the ravens fans will never get over. that’s why we are still talking about it right now, because it was such a significant release from our team. Live with it, Deal with it. Not to mention, that 2 million they wanted to save “oh so badly”, gave it to freaking huff and marcus spears, who did nothing. Not to mention the defense still wasnt what was expected with the money they spent. So there’s that……….

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