Dancing with the Stars – I don’t get it


Full Disclosure – I’ve been a huge sports fan all my life.

I would be watching a lot of sports and sporting events even if I didn’t work in the sports world.  I started collecting sports memorabilia when I was in my teens and I am proud of my collection.  I understand the mind of the sports fan.

At least…I thought I did.

Then Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones became a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

I have not watched one second of the show and frankly don’t plan to.  It seems a lot of Ravens fans have caught the “Dancing” bug though.  I get the “he’s one of ours” theory to an extent but it’s DANCING.

Does everyone realize they’re watching a ballroom dancing show?

Maybe I’m wrong and a great deal of Baltimoreans are fans of the show anyway.

I guess I can respect that.

Hey, if that old Superstars show was still on where professional athletes competed in things like swimming, rowing, and weight lifting, I’d root for the Baltimore guys.

I just can’t translate that to dancing.

I was slightly amused today though when there was a panic on Twitter because Jacoby’s dance partner got hurt during rehearsals.

There was a chance she might not be able to dance!!!

I honestly don’t know if she was able to go or not but for all the Dancing fans in the area I hope she did.

Have you been watching just because a Raven is on it?

Do you watch anyway?

Or are you like me?

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54 Raves on “Dancing with the Stars – I don’t get it

  1. RavenFan on said:

    I am not inclined to watch shows like “Dancing With the Stars”. My wife is and I was an innocent bystander. Those folks are talented and Jacoby is unbelievable. I might have your exact sentiments about the show, if I had not seen and experienced it because of Jacoby’s participation.

    The show is easy for a guy to misjudge. It is also easy to be wrong and on this one and you are.

    - RavenFan

    • Anonymous on said:

      My mom watches the show. When I go home to visit from VA (I grew up in MD and have rooted for every Baltimore Football team since the CFL finally brought football back home) I often get roped in to watching part of the show, usually just Jacoby, and I can tell you that he is good. While I don’t dance at all, seeing a guy pull off one of the hardest dances and get perfect scores is impressive. The fact that Jacoby’s Mom likes to give the judges an ear-full is worth the price of admission!

  2. Ron on said:

    I am not watching the show. As a rule I find reality shows to be trite and tedious. However I have used the Facebook app to vote for Jones as much as they will allow. Why? Because Hines Ward won that damn show a few years ago and there is no way in hell I am going to give Steelers fans a chance to lord over Ravens fans that we couldn’t deliver a trophy to one of our own.

  3. NoVa Ravens Fan on said:

    Things like Salsa, tango and the “Afro Jazz” dance performed on the show last night are far different from what I thought was a stuffy “Ballroom Dancing Show”. I’ve started watching because Jacoby was on it and I wanted to see him in action and get a little more insight into who he is outside of being a football player.

    The show has pulled me in beyond that and some of the dances and moves they do on that show are pretty amazing and exceptionally athletic. Add in the fact that all of the women on the show are half dressed, incredibly athletic and flexible and extremely attractive and I’d say it’s a pretty good show to watch.

    If I find myself drawn to any of the contestants as people next year, I may find myself watching it again. I’m not afraid it will somewhere bring my manhood or my sports “fandom” into question as you seem to be hinting at.

  4. Fred on said:

    Ken, I’m totally with you and just don’t get the hype. Then again, I’m an old geezer who thinks most modern TV, especiially reality shows, are terminally stupid. About the only time I ever watch conventional network TV is for NFL games. To each their own. This stuff may be crap, but it apparently garners ratings and that’s all that really matters. I’m too far off the bell curve for network execs to care what I think, anyway…

  5. fupfup on said:

    “I don’t know what everyone is talking about, but I’m going to say things out my mouthhole anyway. Dancing is a sissies and ladies… amiright! uhhhh-huhuhuh-uhhhh”

    • Chrissy on said:

      so i guess football is only for MEN….news flash that is not the case…i am a female and i watch football like a religion….some men like to dance it doesnt make you less of a man and woman watching football doesnt make them more of a man!!!! guess your just a sexist person

      • fupfup on said:

        I realize women watch football, but I also realize they are terrible at recognizing satire and sarcasm.

        Good thing neither of those things exist in the kitchen.

  6. nilli on said:

    Dancing is a very entertaining show. It really takes a lot of skill to dance like that and Jacoby has lived up to all of it.

  7. Dunno on said:

    Athletes participating in Dancing With the Stars makes more sense as sports fans tuning into Nascar much less finding Nascar in the sports section of the paper. At least dancing takes some physical endurance and stamina.

    With that said, car racing isn’t a sissy sport, it is not a sport at all, just a past time for rednecks.

  8. Anon on said:

    Only way I’d watch it is if someone I personally knew was on it. My interest in the NFL doesn’t extend to anything else. Whatever Jacoby or any other Raven does in his free time is of no interest to me.

  9. M! on said:

    One of the oldest human mating/courting rituals, probably only predated by the proverbial “conking on the head and dragging off”, and yet some guys have no interest. OK, I don’t watch the show either but the few times I’ve seen clips I’m impressed with the artistry and physical prowess of the contestants.

  10. TheChuck on said:

    I am not into Dancing with the Stars either. Maybe I would watch an episode if it was instead Haloti or Terrence Cody on there, something about dancing fat guys.

  11. Carolyn on said:

    I don’t watch the show – never have. But because “one of our own” is on it, I have been watching clips of Jacoby – just his performance, no one else’s. And yes, I am voting for him. Why? Not because I like watching anyone dancing. In fact, I dislike it. But I am a Ravens fan and our guy is getting GOOD PRESS!!! It reflects well on our team. He has improved immensely since his first effort. It shows commitment and focus on his part. GO RAVENS!!

    • Shelly on said:

      Great comment. We have to support our RAVENS. A steeler won the mirror ball…so a RAVEN has to also. Keep voting. I don’t wait it live but I vote for Jacoby and watch it on DVR so I can see him do great!

  12. Jennifer on said:

    I have never watched the show before this season. The only reason I am watching this season is to support Jacoby, the Ravens and Baltimore! :)

  13. Chrissy on said:

    I think its funny how people claim to be sports fans….Dancing may not be claimed as a sport but i dare you to watch the one show where Jacoby says that dancing doesnt come close to football…..it may not be apealing to everyone but the main reason i like the show is cause it shows the personality of one of our newer players i think it is not all about the game if your a fan of the Ravens you should be interested in the players as well afterall without the players we wouldnt have a TEAM!!!!…Watching DWTS is not the only way to do so

  14. Anquan on said:

    All “reality” and contest shows are a waste of time and are perfect examples of the so-called “dumbing down of America”. Jacoby ought to working on his butterfinger receiving skills instead of his dance moves.

  15. Laura on said:

    Ken, you should give this season of the show a chance, not because you might enjoy the concept, but you will enjoy seeing another side of Jacoby. And when Jacoby brings home the Mirror Ball Trophy and puts it in the case next to the Lombardi Trophy, “you’ll get it”.

  16. Natasha on said:

    I am a dancing and we train just as hard if not harder then your so called sports. Why do you they they make some football players take ballet. I am a huge ravens fan and feel that Jacoby is doing an amazing job he has a week to learn dances that he is not wknow. They are not easy steps and they want them to perform them at perfection. I suggest that you take a dance class yourself and not and easy one. Take and advance dance class then Come back and talk to me! You have no respect because you don’t know. I HATE when people reject what they don’t know.

  17. Jim on said:

    Just youtube it an hour after the show airs and you can see just his dances. No need to even waste 2 hours of space on your DVR.

    I don’t like the show, but I like to watch Jacoby.

  18. Shelly on said:

    We have to get those people that don’t like dancing to at least vote for Jacoby…because we have to one up Hines Ward. Can’t let a steeler win and not a RAVEN!

  19. teresa on said:

    i alwayes watch it because it is much more then ball room dancing,they all work realy hard ask your self could you do it. but ravens nation will dance on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show them what you got baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Julie on said:

    People who judge a show without watching it, and then feel the need to write a column disparaging it, or comment about something to which they are ignorant, are morons. Go Jacoby!

  21. Kathy on said:

    I am a huge fan of DWTS and NFL football – Also a rabid Ravens fan. Jacoby is as competitive on this show as he is on the field. He is extremely athletic and makes fantastic vertical leaps over his partner! Do not confuse this show with ballroom dancing, it is way more than that. In addition, I think an NFL retired/current player has been on every season but one. Did you know that Emmett Smith won? Give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised. Go Jacoby. I want him to win for Ravens Nation!

  22. Earl from the Russell Tavern on said:

    That’s like saying that women should not listen to you radio show. Would you like that? I never watched it before either till one of ours joined the show (DWTS ). And we support Jacoby the same way we support Ray Rice with the kids and others doing the same thing. He is bringing a lot of support the Baltimore and should receive it back from us. If you can’t support that maybe you are in the wrong business

  23. Hollywood24 on said:

    Jerry Rice, my favorite player of all time, Emmitt Smith and Heinz Ward were all on DWTS, but I’ve never watched the show until Jacoby Jones was invited to dance. Jacoby is the ONLY reason that I am watching, and if another Baltimore athlete or celebrity goes on DWTS, that’s the ONLY way that I will watch. If they would have had DWTS when Paul Kitson played for the Blast, I would have watched…ijs!

  24. Megan B on said:

    I honestly didn’t watch Dancing With The Stars until Jacoby Jones Took the stage. I root for the Raven’s no matter what they do ! There is a different between a Fan And a Die Hard. I’m personally a Die hard so I represent My team (The Ravens) no matter what they do. They could be on a bachelor TV show And I would watch it Just for them . :)

  25. Eric on said:

    I am watching because of Jacoby. Period. If he leaves, I am finished watching the show.
    However, I must admit it does take a lot of strength and talent to do what these guys are doing.
    I mean if hundreds of thousands of people can sit and watch a guy turn left around a track for 500 laps…why can’t we enjoy watching Karina Smirnoff dancing around scantily clad?

  26. Fluke 1961 on said:

    D A it’s not about the show it’s about supporting one of our own. You don’t have to watch the show just go on the DWTS ABC site, DWTS Facebook or call Monday night and vote.

  27. Michael on said:

    What’s not to get? Great looking scantily clad women wearing barely nothing moving and gyrating to music…that’s right up my alley!!

  28. shirl on said:

    Come on,Ken. Because its ‘dancing’?? seriously,that sounds soooo ridiculous and biased. What? a football player cant dance and be talented at both? you are so naive if you think its not macho enough. You wanna try to train every day,like in football,for the dance competition. Actually,i have always watched and the athlete competitors are my favs and i suppport them because people like you dont think they should be doing or cant do it. WRONG. This time its much sweeter with Jacoby there…lovin it and proud to be a part of ravensnation that supports the players in all they do…not just on the field. Should Torrey not do a basketbal tournament either because its not football? open up your narrow mind,dude.

  29. mary on said:

    I don’t usually watch the show but I am because I am a RAVEN fan and I want my team player to win. besides, he really is very nimble and talented. Other than the professionals, he’s the only male who can really dance and I mean move it dance.

  30. Darb on said:

    My wife watches it and calls me into the living room when Jacoby is up.

    Having taken ballet and tap dance when I was younger, I will say that dancing requires a lot of athletic ability and stamina.

  31. Richard on said:

    Ken, no, all these people are wrong and you are right. The only dancing I ever watched, much less, enjoyed, involved a pole, and I am old enough to have gotten over that, after all, that isn’t free. I guess I’ll say I hope he wins, ‘cuz he IS a Raven , but I couldn’t be bothered enough to watch it. Is it still really going on? How long do they drag these things out? If I could dance well, with my wife, I guess I would, but to watch other people dance? What? Why? An absolute waste of time, indeed!

  32. SC_Raven_Fan on said:

    I got pile on on this one. Since you didn’t know. There’s a man AND a woman dancing. Together. The men dance. The women dance. Both genders. Together. It is downright idiotic to try to play the “Men shouldn’t be watching a dancing show” card. I don’t watch it personally, but I don’t watch a lot of stuff. Also, I hope he wins!

  33. Brian on said:

    Jacoby himself says it is harder than football and sometimes when he is done is more wore out and out of air than when he plays football. This isn’t the 2step there doing on this show. He is getting a serious workout and has to learn moves and steps and remember them in a short period of time.
    The people who say it is for sissies have no idea and more than likely are overweight couch potatoes who would fall over gasping for air if they had to do the hokey pokey for 3 minutes.
    No matter if you watch or like the show every Ravens fan should be voting all 3 ways each week to support him, our team and Baltimore. So vote on the website then go vote on the facebook page app and then text by cell.

  34. Nancy on said:

    Dancing With the Stars is categorized as a dance competition show; and, that being said, Jacoby Jones is a true competitor.Many times, in ignorance, people make comments, or generalizations about things of which they know nothing; which is truly a shame. However, it is from these ignorant people that we hopefully learn not to do it ourselves. I find it hard to believe, though, that someone would actually publish an article displaying this unattractive trait. I never watched DWTS prior to Jacoby being a competitor; but, I’ve tuned in for every episode and voted as many ways as possible, because he is a Baltimore Raven, and I am a Baltimore Raven fan, as well as a lifelong Charm City fan. His participation on this show has let all who have watched learn more about who Jacoby Jones is, as well as see how capable and team spirited he is as he dons his purple attire, and proudly wears his number 12. As far as Baltimore goes, and the Ravens, it’s great PR work. Being a fan doesn’t mean that you just watch the games, or go to the games; it’s about celebrating the spirit of the team and the players, about supporting them in their endeavors, and cheering them on in life as they fight every week for their city and team. It’s about applauding JustinTucker for helping to build a house for humanity in Baltimore, Torrey Smith and his lovely Chanel for putting up a motivating rap on YouTube for Baltimore children to study for a test…about Johnny Unitas taking a moment to have is picture taken with a little 10 year old boy named Steve Bisciotti, and the list does go on and on. They may play football, but they also have Baltimore community spirit. Jacoby’s first dance included the squirrel dance,a tribute to Ray Lewis, and definitely not ballroom dancing. And I guarantee you, when he hits training camp, he will be in better shape than anyone, because dancing requires concentration, attention to detail, extreme balance, and maximum endurance. As Jacoby pointed out on the show, which you would know had you watched, it took him 11 seconds to run 109 yards; each dance is a one minute thirty second aerobic sprint. In this past Monday’s episode, I learned that the Texans burned his jersey, egged his house, and gave him death threats when he muffed the catch against the Ravens, ending his career there. At that moment, I was so very proud of Baltimore and our fans that we did not do this to Billy Cundiff when he missed that field goal, because Baltimore Ravens win as a team, and lose as a team, and that is the absolute truth. It is only those who are small minded who find it necessary to point the finger of blame. DWTS is a show in which you actually see people grow, and strive for improvement. These competitors reflect their drive to grow and improve, and for some watchers, I’m sure it provides motivation to strive and fight for personal goals; to get out of their recliners and try to improve their lives. Watching and listening to Mama Jones has made me strive to be a better mom; of course, if you’d watched the show, you’d know what I was talking about. And, had you taken the time to watch this past week, you would have seen interviews by Torrey Smith, John Harbaugh, and Ray Lewis on the show, talking about Jacoby, and who he is. You too, could have been proud to see his coaches, fellow players, and friends and family supporting him. You see, they have team spirit and player support, and you would have been proud, being from Baltimore, that he is a Baltimore Raven, not to mention, an outstanding competitor and dancer, but above all else, a compassionate human being that was more concerned about his dance partners injury (which you curiously read the tweets about) than winning. I’d hate to think that if your child had the opportunity to be on DWTS, that not only would you not be in the audience cheering, but that you wouldn’t even watch it on tv, much less take the time to vote. Be more than just a sports fan, take some pride in the players, exercise some pride in Baltimore, vote for Jacoby, and revel in his athletic ability and incredible dancing on DWTS.

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