Dickson Returning to The Nest?

Dickson v Browns

The Ravens have already signed starting tight end Dennis Pitta for the long term, and it appears they are interested in bringing back tight end Ed Dickson as well.

Dickson, a free agent after his contract expired earlier this month, has been offered a deal from the Ravens, according to the Baltimore Sun. But Dickson, maligned by Ravens fans at times for inconsistent play, has also drawn other interest on the free agent market. He has been offered a deal by the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to the Sun, and has other teams interested as well.

Dickson, who turns 27 in July, was drafted by the Ravens in the third round in 2010, one round before they selected Pitta. But it’s Pitta who has emerged as the team’s top tight end, and he was rewarded with a new five-year, $32 million deal earlier this month.

Dickson made 25 catches for 273 yards and one touchdown this past season, starting most of the season while Pitta was sidelined with a hip injury. But Dickson was inconsistent, particularly as a pass catcher, and never became the go-to receiver for Joe Flacco that a healthy Pitta is.

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Dickson set career highs in 2011 with 54 catches for 528 yards and five touchdowns, but never came close to matching that production in the past two years.

Despite signing Pitta, the Ravens still have a glaring need for another tight end.

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13 Raves on “Dickson Returning to The Nest?

  1. Tina on said:

    I hope he returns. Give him a fresh start in the new offense. I don’t like the criticism, of our players. Dickson and these guys are human!

    • John on said:

      Yeah, they are all millionairs and part of the job they signed up for is to be scrutinized. Dickson had a great rookie year and has fallen off the planet since then. He had a real shot to prove his worth last year with Pitta out and wasn’t able to capitalize on it even though it was a contract year for him.

    • balfan23 on said:

      I agree … to some extent. Fans get out of line, when they get personal. He’s still a Raven until he isn’t, so I support him to the degree that I am confident he can earn his keep with the team. He’s been a disappointment, without question, and fans have the right to call that out. If we’re bringing him back, it needs to be on a shoe-string contract. He’s not earned himself more.

  2. D Rock on said:

    As long as Furstenburg gets to go against Dickson for starting time i’m all for it. Dickson is a decent blocker from what I remember, and can be valuable on special teams. Again this only matters if the price is right.

    P.S. this Captcha’s are just about impossible to read

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      D Rock, we are working with a company that has an interactive messaging system, waiting on them to finish their spam filtering. We’ll have it implemented sometime in April. Thanks for hanging in there!

    • dave on said:

      Dickson couldn’t block TL from getting a new spam filtering system. Didn’t like the draft pick; hate it even more now. Just Say “No” to Dickson returning. Pleeeeeze Just Say “NO”.

  3. John P on said:

    We’ve certainly had worse tight-ends than Ed. That said, there are some other free agents available, and plenty of guys available in the draft. Our “need” is the blocking tight end, so why settle for Dickson if we can find someone else who’s a better fit?

  4. Matt J on said:

    I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him back, he had a case of the dropsies to start the season last year but settled down a few games in.

  5. Grey on said:

    If we needed a receiving TE I would say go for it even though Ed never lived up to his billing, but we need an effective blocker who can catch the ball occasionally. Either pick up a free agent sometime before the season or draft one.

  6. Jim on said:

    I love the idea of bringing Dickson back. Sure he had some issues with drops last season but he’s proven before that he can be a solid receiver. He has elite toughness that’s for sure and that’s something you can’t coach. I think with Kubiak’s new system and a boost of confidence via a fresh contract from the Ravens will do wonders for him.

  7. Voice of Reason on said:

    I think a change of scenery would be good for Ed Dickson, as he is always going to be in the shadow of Dennis Pitta. I would also like to see Matt Furstenburg get a real shot at the number 2 tight end spot. I would only bring him back on a minimum deal.

  8. Sarcasticfury on said:

    The problem I have with Dickson is that he’s not a very good blocking Tight End. Yes, he was the best blocker on the team, but considering Pitta’s non-existent blocker skills that’s not necessarily saying much. The Ravens should use him as a #3 Tight End in the offense and give him a cheap contract.

  9. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Ravens drafted Eric Ebron 4 years ago; he just has not played like he’s supposed to play. Dickson was the superfreak coming out of college but only shined his rookie season. I would not mind seeing him with a short-term contract to see what he does under Kubiak’s system.

    Also, fans should stop thinking of Pitta as a TE. Just because he’s listed as that does not mean he is that. He’s a 6-4, 240lb WR and does that very well.

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