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When I first started Ravens24x7.com back in 2003 I honestly didn’t know where it might go. It began as a hobby and provided me with a forum to express my thoughts about the Baltimore Ravens.

Somewhere along the line the site started to create a little bit of a buzz and I was asked to join Bob Haynie on air when he manned the 10-2 slot on WNST. The appearance on Bob’s show led to more including a couple of in studio visits. I will be forever grateful to Bob for his willingness to give a mic to a guy who was rather green on air.

The exposure had a positive influence on our site’s traffic, so much so that we explored a show of our own as a brokered programmer. Essentially we paid for a time slot and offset those costs with ad revenue. Our show GAMETIME had a 5-year run, bouncing around a few stations (ESPN 1300, WCBM, FOX 1370 and WNST) to find the best fit and time slots from the slim pickings offered to us.

The experience provided opportunities to do things that I never dreamed of and contributed greatly to the relevance of Ravens24x7.com. It also allowed me to get to know many in the world of local sports media. The personalities of the beat writers, columnists and on air talent are varied and eclectic.

Many times the journalist you think you know from their work is hardly the way they are when not writing or talking about sports. I could go on about those personalities and perhaps one day I will. But for now I’ll zero in on Rob Long’s sidekick at 105.7 The Fan, Vinny Cerrato who yesterday chose to smear me along with Kevin Byrne and John Harbaugh.

My earliest recollections of Cerrato go back to his days with the San Francisco 49ers. When the Colts left Baltimore I adopted the Niners as my team until the Ravens came along. Cerrato arrived in San Francisco by way of Notre Dame where he was the Recruiting Coordinator for Lou Holtz.

A couple of guys who covered Cerrato during his career have shared under the condition of anonymity that Holtz forced Cerrato out, fearing that some recruiting shenanigans could come back to bite the Golden Domers.

Legend has it that Holtz enjoyed a fine relationship with the Niners’ Carmen Policy and that paved the way for Cerrato’s graceful exit into a sweet spot as San Francisco’s Director of College Scouting in 1991.

Cerrato eventually moved on to be the Director of Player Personnel for the Washington Redskins for 10 seasons between the years of 1999 – 2009. He was fired from that position prior to the 2002 campaign, the loser in a power struggle with Marty Schottenheimer. Cerrato returned to the position in 2003 when Schottenheimer left after just one season as the Redskins skipper.

During Cerrato’s time as owner Dan Snyder’s sidekick the Redskins were 73-90 including three playoff appearances (all losses).

Fast forward a few years to Cerrato being hired by CBS’ 105.7 The Fan and partnered with the talented and underrated Ken Weinman. The move initially seemed like a stroke of genius. Regardless of the train wreck of a career as an NFL GM, Cerrato could provide a new perspective on sports talk – that through the eyes of a former league exec. It was an interesting and refreshing vantage point.

However rumors soon surfaced that Cerrato wasn’t too fond of Weinman who was eventually bumped aside for Rob Long. That development surprised no one who has followed Cerrato’s career. Whether at Notre Dame, San Francisco or Washington, a disingenuous shadow of slickness (go ahead and start Googling) seems to be a common denominator. Think Jay Mohr’s character, Bob Sugar in the movie Jerry McGuire.

Today he and Long seem to enjoy a pretty decent on air kinship even though it isn’t hard to imagine Long wincing in agony upon hearing some of the things that spew from Cerrato, ranging from biting and oftentimes off-the-mark criticisms of players (Joe Flacco’s intelligence among them) and front office execs around the league, not to mention a rather obvious deficiency in baseball IQ.

But Long being the pro that he is makes it work.

That is until yesterday when Cerrato and Long kicked around the topic of Kubiak-Gate – again!

Cerrato is in Mike Preston’s corner on this overly debated topic and seems to think Ravens PR head honcho Kevin Byrne is spin doctoring (that’s putting it mildly) to cover for what Preston and Cerrato believe was John Harbaugh’s “non-factor” status in the hiring process.

Initially I held a similarly strong opinion on the topic but was later corrected by a source within the organization whose name is not Kevin Byrne.

Apparently a caller to the Vinny and Rob Show pointed out my column in which I retracted my initial opinion. Cerrato completely dismissed it and stopped just short of calling me a kiss-ass, opting instead for Ravens yes-man, after which he proceeded to mock me by imitating a crying baby.

Some of you may agree. Some of you may not.

But why would I be a “yes-man”? I’m not financially tied to the Ravens like The Sun or WBAL. Therefore the Ravens have no leverage and I have no reason to kowtow to their whims.

I have been very critical of John Harbaugh and I was again in my initial opining on Kubiak-Gate. But I was wrong, explained why I was wrong and then apologized. If that’s the definition of a “yes-man”, ok well I guess I can accept that.

But from where I come from, it’s ok to admit to mistakes and learn from them. Humility isn’t an undesirable quality.

Instead Cerrato and Preston are too proud, stubborn, slightly shallow or some combination thereof and can’t help but to escalate their commitment to misguided beliefs about Kubiak-Gate. Cerrato did it on his show and Preston did it on 105.7’s Norris & Davis Show.

Why do you think they continue to beat a horse that’s deader than Cerrato’s career in DC?

I debated whether or not to write this piece but opted to do so because Cerrato’s words broadcasted to the big audience that 105.7 projects to aren’t fair to my colleagues and our customers. We all work far too hard to just roll over on his slanderous commentary.

Integrity is important to us and I just wanted to set the record straight.

Thanks for listening.

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86 Raves on “Dissed by the ex-GM on FM

  1. Rxdoxx on said:

    They desire to have and cannot obtain so they war…. not to get it because they cannot obtain it, but to try to destroy others having it.
    Called integrity, thanks for having it Tony

    • TRUTH on said:

      Cerrato > Tony

      Tony you come off as a little whiney girl who got called ugly in front of the entire PE class. Wahh wahh wahhh SOUR GRAPES.

      You’re not going to win this battle vs Vinny. People like him WAAAY more than they like you and his credibility has never wavered unlike your sincerely sorry apologizing ass.

      Vinny calls it the way he sees and a lot of people see it the same way. You only made it worse for yourself little buddy. Maybe after he mocks you some more you’ll write him an apology blog too??

        • walt on said:

          Bottom line is Vinny is always looking for another 15 minutes in the spot light. Some may like him, but many don’t. He is an ass and I don’t believe he has EVER done a show without letting everyone know that he has worked for the 49ers and the NFL. that gets old and so does he. One thing about you Tony you have always backed up what you speak. If Vinny was so damn good in the NFL he sure wanted be doing a radio show. His program is one we NEVER listen to because just the sound of his sissy ass voice makes me want to take a bat to my radio. Keep up what your doing Tony and if anyone is on his side most likely their family members and I’m sure many family members even like him

      • William on said:

        It sounds like “Truth” and Cerrato are one in the same. Accepting and acknowledging you were wrong is classy. Being critical with only your opinion and no facts is being classless as in the case of Cerrato. I like Rob Long, but I can’t listen to the show because of Vinny. He doesn’t do many public appearances because I’d love to express some of my opinions about him to his face, man to man.

        • The Truth on said:

          Don’t get this guy mixed up with me…..While I’m not a fan of Vinny or TL, I would have to agree with Tony, that after hearing the interview where Harbs explained everything, it became very clear that it was just a stroke of luck that we ended up with Kube.
          We were set to hire his protege ,Shanny but while checking him out, stumbled onto the idea that Kube would be interested in the job…..He is still HC material, but we got him last moment.
          So what’s wrong with apologizing when you’re wrong ???
          Let me say as a frequent listener of the fan that they all suck except for Scotty and Ed, with Vinny being the biggest blowhard of all…..I think his wife beats him or something….lol

      • Paul on said:

        I will not debate this conversation at the moment. However, why is Vinny on 105.7? I still don’t get it.

        Keep posting Tony…..

  2. Your English Teacher on said:

    Don’t sweat it, Tony. I thought that you seemed like a pretty good guy before Kubiak-gate, and your column apologizing for your earlier misconception convinced me of it.

    There aren’t many people in life who are brave enough to create. There are many people who are meek enough to criticize the creations of others, while never taking the risk of creating anything on their own.

  3. Paul on said:

    All Cerrato does is sit in the studio and trash every single player or coach that he can think of, because he is too stupid to actually provide good radio or insight. He disgusts me and I now refuse to listen until 2 pm every day because he is such a clown. He knows nothing, and the only reason he was a GM is because Snyder wanted a yes man. The things this man speculates about and then passes it off as fact is preposterous.

    I actually never knew about the Weinman feud, but of course the suits would kick one of the best radio hosts to the curb in their quest for more DC ratings. And who else but probably the most hated man in the District than the fing idiot Cerrato.

    I have been tempted to call in so many times and just tell him what a jackass he is but I know the dump button will be hit faster than I can get it out. The worst thing is people who don’t know any better believe this garbage he regurgitates day in and day out, not realizing most of it has no basis in reality and is just some fantasy in his delusional mind.

    He is a small man and I wouldn’t give him the time of day Tony, he isn’t worth one second of your time. To call you of all people a Ravens ass kisser just shows how dumb and out of touch he is with the local scene. He is clueless, incompetent and I can’t for the day he is gone. He probably has never even heard of this site.

  4. East Endzone on said:

    Missed the apology, glad I got on the site again by accident and saw this column. I can end my brief boycott. I always thought you had too much talent to go the Preston route.

    Why must we suffer with a failed GM from a dead franchise on a Ravens talk show? His show is where a boycott needs to be aimed.

    • RJ on said:

      “Why must we suffer with a failed GM from a dead franchise on a Ravens talk show? His show is where a boycott needs to be aimed.” I couldn’t agree more – I have already boycotted that time slot for some time now!

      • Vanessa Yacola on said:

        I agree. Is it only me or does Vinny’s cackle/teenage girl like giggle grate on the nerves of every listener? I too have boycotted the timeslot.

    • bogeyroy on said:

      Does he know more about football…absolutely. Is he a jackass…absofreakinglutely !!! Is anyone else tired of Cerrato and his sexual overtures toward Rob Long on te air ? Does anyone care about Vinny being a wine snob and talking about it on the air quite often on air ? Is 105.7 a Harford County station…as perhaps that’s why we get all of his kids local hockey and football scores on the air !

      As much as I like Rob Long, I stopped listening to the show a while back….just tired of listening to Vinny’s stupid remarks. Vinny has to go !!!

      Now Haynie and Long together sounds like a great show.

  5. BmoreB on said:

    Cerrato’s an idiot.

    About 5% of what comes out of his mouth is actually adding value to the show he’s doing with Rob long. How this guy became an NFL GM is mind boggling. Listen to him speak for 2 minutes if you haven’t before and you’ll quickly agree.

  6. Dave F. on said:


    The fact that you went back and apologized for being misled was one of the many reasons why i still look to this site for Ravens news. Someone that can admit to being wrong is a huge character trait that you never see anymore in sports journalism.

    Vinnie is the main reason why myself and many of other people I know at work have switched to SiriusXM Radio. I listened to him for a month or so when he was with Ken then with Rob. He just blurted out immature middle school humor and perverted jokes for a few hours a day and gets paid.

    Also, I said this before and will say this once more, If the sun wants to pay me to be some one who makes up obvious lies over and over again then create outrageous stories about the Baltimore sports teams, i would gladly take over Mike’s job. Even better, i can make 50 shades of gray jokes for 3 hours a day with a few “that’s what she said” jokes to be on the radio. I can also talk about baseball with no knowledge of it too.

    Keep up the good work TL.

  7. J.O. on said:

    F*** cerrato simple as that, used to love rob long but this jackass makes me hate the show. Loves to bash the ravens organization, everything that comes out of his mouth is completely negative and for “kubiak-gate” to still be a topic is just creating controversy and negative publicity for absolutely no reason. It doesn’t matter who hired kubiak or who wants him here or who doesn’t, as long as our offense thrives and our team is back in championship form it is completely unnecessary to even care about anything else. He needs to go asap.

  8. Dan on said:

    I think Kubiak was desired but written off as he had dismissed other OC jobs with other clubs. When the Ravens reference-checked Kyle Shannahan we’ve been told that Rick Dennison offered advice to call Kubiak and the rest is history. Is that far fetched? I would submit it’s not. I say that b/c of recent comments from Aaron Wilson (another “insider” like you) that newly hired RB coach Thomas Hammock was sought by other clubs but chose Baltimore. Why? Could it be that he sees what’s happened with Rex Ryan, Chuck Pagano, and now Jim Caldwell as well as many other staff position coaches (Teryl Austin – Lions DC).

    I appreciated your piece about the apology for the Harbs’ hiring and your retraction. That was appreciated. Your fan base appreciated it. I heard Presto’s comments live when his story broke on 105.7. I heard the hosts of the show give almost near credence to it. But what was interesting for anyone that listed a few days following the Byrne interview (also on 105.7) that one of the morning hosts on 105.7 (rhymes with Eve Mavis) noticeably back tracked. He said he doesn’t rep Presto’s work, Presto was working individually and he was merely reporting on it, he couldn’t vouch for the accuracy. Really? Cerrato who doesn’t work in the DC market any longer (hint) can offer up what he wants. I think anyone with sincere interest and honest logic can make enough doubt on what Mr. Cerrato has to say.

  9. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Cerrato is a total jackass. I No longer listen to his arrogant know it all bullcrap (with a growing group of friends). We wait till Rob is in there with a guest then we contact each other and tune in. Hoping that other Raven fans join in on the boycott of this Baltimore hating idiot. Hopefully we can get enough to tune out so that 105.7 sends him packing. Do not listen to 105.7 between 10am and2pm for a month. Thats how it works. Rob will survive, he’s a big boy.

  10. Ron Pierro on said:

    Tony……. Cerrato ? Really ? Bro Bmore fans hate everything redskins not to mention a washed up GM like Cerrato who was just a puppet for Danny boy .. And he apparently couldn’t even do that well Don’t get all wraped up in this the callers at 105.7 I listen quite often! The callers do not represent the masses here period!!!! The majority of Bmore fans have a life and choose not to call in! I am quite surprised how little Cerrato knows! At lest 3 of the host and an announcer is more knowledgeable in my opinion! But then again that’s why the Skins SUCK !!!


  11. Jim on said:

    TL, if you lose any sleep over what Cerrato or Preston think….shame on you. Someone should tell Preston that playing at Division III Towson isn’t “playing the game”, and Cerrato that being a yes man for the idiot Snyder doesn’t lend any credibility. I know I’m beating a dead horse but why must we in Baltimore always be subject to third rate sports media from those idiots? Whatever happened to the days when we had Chuck Thompson, Bill O’Donnell, Jim Karvellas, John Steadman, Bob Maisel, etc. How we in Baltimore have fallen with our sports media.

  12. Matt on said:

    I like Rob. I don’t care much for Cerratos persona and I’ve met him and he’s not my mind of guy. His knowledge of wines is limited too, he just shills whatever wine spectator publishes. I prefer the written commentary on RSR any day. Preston is alsoo ovroverrated but the Sun has very few writers to draw interest to so he is there to stay.

  13. bullseye on said:

    Tony, if you believe the Ravens’ source that reached out to you, great. Did this source also reach out to Preston and Cerrato to enlighten them? The fact that Preston and Cerrato separately came to the same conclusion via their respective inside sources is curious. Are they both lying? Who knows? Putting Preston/Cerrato aside, it simply DOES NOT add up that Harbaugh did not reach out to Kubiak IMMEDIATELY to gauge his interest in the OC job after Pettine was hired by the Browns. The fact that Harbaugh acknowledged that he’d never spoken to Kubiak directly until the Saturday before the Monday news conference announcing Kubiak as the hire just doesn’t make any sense. Not when Harbs described it as a process that left no stone unturned. Harbs also seemed awkward in that news conference. All I know is that with Kyle Shanahan, Rick Dennison, Kubiak, and Scott Linehan all unemployed – how is it that only Shanahan and Hostler were the finalists for the job up until Kubiak/Dennison entered the picture on that Saturday – by happenstance if you believe Harbaugh, when Dennison pointed Harbs to Kubiak? How in the hell was Hostler even a finalist for the job given that his credentials compare so unfavorably with those other guys? The whole thing just smells funny. Thankfully the right guy was hired, even if it seems that the head coach had been avoiding that possibility up until the 11th hour.

  14. bullseye on said:

    Also, on the subject of Preston’s credibility – why did Biscotti pull Preston into his office after the State of the Ravens address to send some very direct messages – to Ozzie and Harbs (“I don’t have to be patient enough to let them fail twice”), to Rice (“if he doesn’t come back in great shape we’ll have a tough decision later on”), and so on. Preston may not always be right, but he’s got some caheunas. As for Cerrato, he maintained all along that Rice was too heavy last season and was making excuses – and Biscotti confirmed it in his remarks. Harbs too – saying Rice was too heavy and he was determined to come back in 2014 in great shape. Cerrato predicted that Caldwell was definitely going to be hired by the Lions when Whisenhut didn’t take the job – and that turned out to be true. Cerrato said that his sources that have worked for the Ravens told him that Joe doesn’t have a great football IQ. Cerrato never said Joe was stupid – he wasn’t talking about Joe’s intellect – he was talking about his football smarts. Cerrato can be blunt in his assessment – and has admitted being wrong on some players – like Jimmy Smith for example. Like him or not, no Baltimore media guy provides anything close to the depths of insights into the Ravens and professional football that Cerrato does. His run with the Skins was not impressive, but he knows a hell of a lot more than most if not all media guys in Bmore. Anyone care to disagree with any of this?

    • bogeyroy on said:

      Perhaps so Preston might write about something factual for a change !!!

      Regarding Flacco’s football smarts…what the hell does Cerrato know about a king of smarts?

  15. Michael on said:

    I still don’t understand what earth shattering information was divulged in the Bisciotti interview to Preston. Its just a reiteration of his management style that we already knew. Bisciotti gave preston the interview to keep up relations and divulged nothing more than what was said in the press conference earlier that day. Preston makes things up as you can tell from the way he creates conversations in his articles that never happen! He is nothing more than a gossip whore equivalent to a National Enquirer writer.

  16. Frank S on said:

    Cerrato ruins that show for me, besides his bias against the Ravens (probably because they are a well run organization, unlike the Deadskins) he brings nothing to a discussion about baseball, college basketball, pro basketball or any other sport. FREE ROB LONG!!!

  17. Rob on said:

    I will say I’m very glad this entire Kubiak-Gate story even happened as it made for some great radio in a time where there is no Ravens or Orioles going on. I have flipped back and forth on this since day one. I don’t believe Cerrato for a minute, but there are some facts I cannot ignore. I happen to think Preston is telling some truth. I happen to also believe Long as well. I happen to believe Tony and his sources. I do find it suspicious how Byrne reacted with his article and you cannot ignore his role. Something tells me the truth is not so black and white, or one side or the other. The truth over how Kubiak got hired probably lies somewhere in between the two, and that’s all it will ever be…til years later.

  18. BmoreB on said:

    @bullseye…. I disagree with you, completely. You imply that Bisciotti is hiding behind Preston to send a message to Newsome and Harbaugh. Do you know how stupid that sounds ? Speaking of Preston, nice to see someone has an admiration for his genitals which I think that makes you the sole admirer in Baltimore, quite unique. “Cerrato predicted Caldwell was definitely going to be hired by the Lions”, Wow! Cerrato really went out on a limb with that bold prediction. As far as Flacco’s “football IQ” is concerned I don’t need some has been to tell me something I can easily figure out for myself. Flacco has a “football IQ” good enough to win a SB MVP award and that’s just fine by me. “Depths of insights” ? lol I’ll just let that one speak for itself. lol …. “Cerrato’s run with the Skins was not impressive….” More like down right horrible. Why do you think he’s not been employed by an NFL franchise since his “run” with the Skins ?

    • bullseye on said:

      @BmoreB – i wasn’t implying that Biscotti was hiding behind Preston – how is that even possible to infer given that Biscotti was quoted directly in Preston’s article? At the end of the State of the Ravens press conference, Biscotti said to the media “is that all you got? Mike?”. To me that was a reference to the lack of probing questions by the Baltimore media. The Baltimore media rarely ask tough, thoughtful questions. Even at Harbs press conference announcing Kubiak, not a single media person had the stones to ask Harbs why he never directly reached out to Kubiak before the 11th hour (at Dennison’s urging) if he left no stone unturned in his process. Back to Biscotti – he pulled Preston into his office because he clearly wanted to send some messages. He said flat out “I can be patient enough to let them (Ozzie and Harbs) fail once, but I don’t have to be patient enough to let them fail again”. Then a few weeks later as Harbs is down to Shanahan and Hostler for OC decision, suddenly Kubiak/Dennison enter the picture and it’s a whole new game. You think this is a coincidence? See Biscotti’s quote. And for all the Preston/Cerrato bashers, Rob Long also said from the outset of the OC search that his sources told him Hostler was going to get the job, and Long also feels Biscotti/Ozzie strongly influenced Harbs from making an idiotic decision – hiring Hostler. Is Rob Long also full of it? Anybody? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. I agree with Cerrato/Long when they said that while technically Harbs had the final say on the decision per the authority to name coaches in his contract – Biscotti and Ozzie were protecting Harbs from himself. After the Castillo boondoggle, and Harbs prior attempt to rework the offense with Cam after the 2012 season, they’d seen enough. Which had to make Harbs feel boxed in and diminished, which is exactly how he looked at the Kubiak press conference.

    • bullseye on said:

      Hey I’m not taking shots at Flacco. But I don’t think he’s a Peyton Manning either. I have seen Flacco inexplicably ignore Palomalu blitzing in a playoff game and get strip sacked in the decisive play of the game, run QB sneaks into an overloaded middle instead of calling an audible or diving to the side, and the like. And last year we saw Flacco struggle with making good decisions – not that he had a lot of help. Ray Lewis said it right – i’m paraphrasing – “Flacco is a system QB – if he’s got the right system, coaches, and players around him he can take you to the promised land. If not, he can’t carry the team on his back”. On Cerrato – if you think guys like Garceau, Haynie, Jerry Love, Davis, Norris, Lombardi, and others have more insights than Cerrato – you’re entitled to your opinion. But I couldn’t disagree more.

  19. Wheel on said:

    Vinny is, and always will be, Vinny. He knows all too well the roads that led him to his current position. Fact is, he and Rob make a very good team and a lot of that goes to Rob’s credit.

    Sports talk is an opinionated world. Revel in it, or keep moving. Slinging arrows is not why either of you are here.

    As for Preston, I take little note of a man who appears on his scheduled time slot to discuss his team grades, without a copy of them to reference! Credibility lost…

  20. RussD on said:

    This comes off as such a sad little bunch of sour grapes. Vinny is almost always positive when talking about the Ravens on air. Especially Joe Flacco and Ozzie Newsome. There is so much twisting and turning of the facts in this that none of it comes off as genuine. Vinny gets paid to have an opinion. It’s entertainment radio about sports. Lighten up Francis.

    • B-Fool on said:

      How the hell can you say Vinny is positive about our Ravens…are you drunk when you listen to his show ! He is always bashing one of our players, which is why I don’t listen to that time slot anymore. I am a true Ravens fan and if any other true Ravens fans are readingthis just ssimply stop listening to his time slot and they will get rid of his bashing Ravens ass !!!!!

  21. Anonymous on said:

    Let me add my voice to the multitudes of long-suffering Ravens/Orioles fans who are FORCED to put up with an idiot like Vinny Cerrato, who sounds totally illiterate with his “deze, dems, and dozes”. I don’t give Rob Long a pass either. In fact, there’s no one on the fan worth listening to except Ken Weinman and this other guy Doug — Scott Garceau is a gentleman and knows an awful lot about Baltimore sports going way back. I listen solely for Aaron Wilson’s call-ins and sometimes we get lucky enough to get John Clayton or someone truly intelligent and knowledgeable on there to tell us something. The sophomoric humor, homophobia, objectifying about all women sportscasters and athletes (I even heard one idiot say Lindsey Vonn wasn’t “hot” enough for Tiger Woods, lol!) — it is a disgusting excuse for media. I turn it off more than on these days. Just write your columns, Tony, and don’t worry about the lowlifes on 105.7.

  22. WoodstockWil on said:

    I’m just a diehard Raven’s fan that enjoys your blog. You just continue to do what you do, say what you say and I will decide whether I “tune in” or not. Disagreements in the sports world are commonplace and the ability for all of us to express our opinions on this site provides great reading. GO RAVENS!!

  23. catgirl54 on said:

    Let me add my voice to the multitudes of long-suffering Ravens’ fans who have had to listen to Vinny Cerrato and his unintelligent babblings. He was, and is, a failed GM, failed recruiter, and, IMHO, a failed radio “personality”. I don’t give anyone on The Fan a pass except maybe Scott Garceau and Ken Weinman. They are all homophobic, female-objectifying, sophomoric men. I like to listen sometimes because Aaron Wilson will call in, and he is knowledgeable and intelligent, and sometimes we get lucky enough to have John Clayton or someone like that call in. Mike Preston I used to like until this whole Kubiak-Harbaugh debacle. He is too full of himself too. Sad times.

  24. eric on said:

    according to nestor he, like you has a Ravens source who tells him Preston’s source is wrong. Nestor told Preston his source was wrong to which Preston shrugged and said he’s moved on to next story

    • bullseye on said:

      @ eric – Yeah i listened to Nestor’s interview with Harbaugh from a week or so ago. He also failed to ask Harbs why Kubiak was never contacted prior to the 11th hour. Not that i expected different – Harbs isn’t going to guest on a program where they’re going to get after him.

  25. Owlen on said:

    Tony I really enjoy your blogs, as far as Vinnie is concerned I cannot believe he was ever associated with any professional team. When you hear the guy talk he has 2 different languages. He talks inner city when Rob is on the air,who by the way I really enjoy listening to,and when Haney is on the air he speaks suburban. That tells everyone one all they need to know about the man..FAKE.

  26. Ken AFP on said:

    I was going to advertise on this show, but after listening, I would be embarrassed to associate my brand with the buffoon of Vinny. I would not recommend advertising with them at all.

  27. BmoreB on said:

    @ Ken AFP… I considered doing the same and decided against doing so based upon the same rationale. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

  28. Anonymous on said:

    As far as Bisciotti pulling Preston into his office, I concerned – I watched the entire press conference and Bisciotti SPECIFICALLY addressed Preston at least three times about asking questions. Preston kept saying “I’ll catch you after”. Yet Bisciotti kept trying to get him to ask questions right then – in front of everyone. I think he only ALLOWED Preston into his offic because he works for The Dun – NOT pulled him in because he wanted to speak to him and him alone.

  29. JB Brown on said:

    Nobody pays attention to what comes out of Vinny’s mouth. He’s a bafoon for Rob Long to poke fun at without him knowing it. And that stupid cackle has got to go. I think Weinman and Long would be a good team. Just like they took the annoying Glen Younis and made him tolerable by adding Hainey.

  30. pete_himself21 on said:

    Can the Ravens just hold a press conference with coach, owner, and GM to explain what actually happened so the public and media doesn’t spend weeks debating it. It like getting an ‘A’ on a group project and then the rest of class argues who did more work. Vinny and Rob show is ok, I like Vinny because he is straight to the point and not afraid to voice opinion. GLENN YOUNES is the best hands down on that station and with Bob they have the must listen to show.

  31. bullseye on said:

    For all the Cerrato bashers – the guy is a self-made multi-millionaire with an attractive wife who happens to make a living as a surgeon, and he’s a father who coaches his kids. Yes what a loser :) He was a lead recruiter for Holtz at Notre Dame when they won a national championship. He was player personnel director at SF when they won a SB. Not to say that he was the direct cause of either championship, just that he’s been a part of some very successful organizations. With the ‘Skins, they did make the playoffs a few times. No he wasn’t very successful overall in Washington. But he doesn’t make excuses about it. The FACT is he knows a lot of people in college football and the NFL, he was a GM for years, and he knows what happens behind the scenes. He also has a more experienced, educated eye for football skills then any of the armchair QBs blasting him. So disagree with him if you will, dislike his sense of humor or how he speaks, whatever. But to say he’s an idiot when it comes to football knowledge and insights about management, coaches and players is naive to put it mildly. Cerrato calls like he sees it. He’s not beholden to the Ravens. That’s a lot more than I can say for the Baltimore media in general.

    • Voice of Reason on said:

      I guess I am one of the few fans on this forum that likes and respects Vinny Cerrato. Here is what I believe:

      1. I don’t believe Harbaugh hired Gary Kubiak exclusively on his own, nor do I believe Kubiak just came into the picture 3 days before he was hired. I believe he was contacted by the Ravens long before all of the NFL head coaching jobs were set in place. Kubiak probably declined the offer and wanted to hold out to see if he could get the head coaching job in Cleveland or Detroit. When it was apparent this was not happening, the front office (Steve and Ozzie) probably suggested to Harbaugh to call Kubiak to see if he would now be interested in the OC job. There was probably a lot of negotiating regarding the offensive line coach because Dennison’s specialty is the offensive line and not QB coach. But Harbaugh held firm on keeping Juan Castillo and Kubiak said fine, he can be the QB coach. I also believe that Bischiotti would have never signed off on Hostler no matter how much Harbaugh wanted him. To say Harbaugh had no say in the matter is wrong and it is equally as wrong to indicate that Steve Bischiotti had no role in it as well. It is management by committee at the Castle.

      What is important now (WIN) is that we have Kubiak and many of the former coaches are gone paving the way for change. I see no point in mud slinging Preston, Cerrato or Kevin Burne. What is done is done and lets move on.

      • mill on said:

        This is pretty much how I believe it went down. Was it Harbs decision alone? No, we were told at the state of franchise that the FO would give feedback on any coaching search. However to say that someone came in and overruled Harbaugh is insane. John has a lot of pride I really think he would walk away if he had no say in his coaching staff.

  32. paulie on said:

    To be honest Tony, there are times when I find you insightful and times when I think you are a complete knucklehead – but I have never found you to be disingenuous. All guys like Preston and Cerrato have ever done is just try to puff themselves up at the expense of somebody else and insult my intelligence. One is the reason why I no longer read the Sun and the other is the reason I never listen to the Fan.

    • Fred on said:

      Well said, Paulie; this echoes my sentiments. I don’t always agree with Tony, but I’d never accuse him of being a buffoon (unlike that ex-Redskin circus clown known as Cerrato). Sounds to me like Cerrato takes every opportunity to diss the Ravens organization and anyone associated with said organization as a way of compensating for his laughable tenure with an equally laughable organization down I-95…

  33. RLTW on said:

    There was a lot of speculation and rumors all around. The anticipation to be the 1st to air the news during all of the he said mayhem got the better of you. You jumped the gun, but guess what you admitted your mistake and it had no effects on anyone’s life. So for those guys out there still whining about you being wrong and being a kiss ass or whatever, grow up and get over it. Did Tony’s mis-informed post have any affect on someones lively hood. NO. Some of these folks are so caught up in media BS that it runs their life and takes focus away from real issues in their own lives and it is pathetic. Who gives a shit if this hiring was screwed, it has no effect on any of us. Go take your kids fishing or hunting or to the park and stop wasting your time bashing Tony while handing your kids a gameboy. I come on here to decompress from and talk about football, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but at the end of the day when I hit the X Tony’s mishap has no affect on me as a person.

    • RLTW on said:

      One thing I forgot… Tony thanks for creating this site. Some of us are thankful. Keep doing what you are doing. At the end of the day you created something as a fan so when you hit that X at the end of the day don’t take it personal and carry the weight of these ungrateful supposed fans. We got your 6.

  34. John on said:

    Cerrato is a clown, loser almost everywhere he’s been. Rob Long is the 1 who makes their show work. Keep up the good work Tony and screw Cerrato.

  35. Jim on said:

    Cerrato failed as a GM, Failed at a sports show “host”. If you don’t agree with him when you call in he dumps you. Only way he can win a debate. Refuse to listen to that show during his hours. If he’s so successful maybe he could take some of that $$ he made to fix his nasily a$$ voice.

  36. John Humble on said:

    Great article. I originally questioned your article on “Kubiak-Gate” and applaud you for the retraction and apology. I too heard Cerrato on the radio on Friday, and continue to shake my head in disbelief at the position taken by Cerrato. This all stemmed from Mike Preston coming on the radio earlier that day and essentially saying nothing that would refute what Kevin Byrne said in his article. Preston did not provide any actual sources that would refute what Byrne wrote. Essentially, Preston’s retort was simply that the Ravens were trying to spin the story. It appeared that many at The Fan (Steve Davis, Ed Norris, Rob Long and Vinny Cerrato) were willing to accept Preston’s unsupported drivel simply because they believe he has a level of access to the Ravens that others don’t. They brought up the fact that Preston met with Steve Bisciotti after the state of the Ravens press conference to support this trust in him.
    However, one of the things that all of these individuals at The Fan seem to miss is that in Preston’s interview that day he repeatedly states that it is his OPINION. Preston is stating his OPINION as if it were a fact to create what he believes is newsworthy stories. Unfortunately, it seems like many others are willing to take his OPINION as a fact and continue to spread it as actual news. This is the type of tabloid reporting that most intelligent fans hate, because it offers no insight into the team that we love and causes nothing but unnecessary confusion. We don’t want the reporting of the Ravens to be sugarcoated, we just want it to be honest, unbiased and objective. Thanks again for being willing to distance yourself from this nonsense.
    Also, thanks for mentioning Cerrato’s comments on Flacco’s intelligence. I thought I was the only one that picked up on these comments, which appear to be another example of unsubstantiated assertions being presented as facts.

  37. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Guessing tomorrow bill be an interesting show between 10 and 2 there is no way in hell that this article and all of these responses are not getting in Cerrato’s ( empty ) head. As interesting as it sounds. I’m still boycotting this jackass. Hope the guy gets let go soon. Maybe he will move to his beloved San Fran with the rest of those my stuff don’t stink a-holes.

  38. ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

    Funny, i try to get as many veiwpoints as i can on the ravens and hold my own. I’ve agreed with cerrato on certain issues especially post game call ins where he’ll actually quote the sequences of plays etc. Just as often i am bothered by his negativity. Preston always pissed me off for the same reason, “damning us with faint praise”. I started to enjoy and reccomend this site for a vastly more detailed “report card” and filmstudy. I like your style, tony, and agree with you much more often than not. In my humble opinion, and as a original season ticket holder who rewatches home games on TV, i personally respect my own analysis as much as anyone.
    Long story short, by far the best ravens analysis comes from Aaron Wilson. I don’t think it’s close. If i want analysis or opinions (etc) from a more inside view, he’s the best. If i disagree with him twice a year, i’d be suprised.

    I also respect the fact that sites like this aren’t financially driven or in the sports entertainment business. I’d much rather discuss an obscure thing like where the redshirt DE from notre dame projects this year than endlessly debate stupid B.S. like this to generate interest and make money (for lack of a better or more detailed explanation.)

    Keep on, keepin on

  39. ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

    I would also say that VC’s track record gives him little room to be arrogant. His tenure in the NFL equates to where he is now. From what i’ve gathered, he wasn’t well liked in washington by any stretch, serving as the internal hatchet man for one of the least successful or likeable owners in sports. Daniel Snyder is nothing if not a godsend to the ravens.

  40. catgirl54 on said:

    Note for later: Tony, you should not respond defensively when a troll makes a negative comment about one of your columns. It makes you seem insecure and weak. Just write and ignore the comments. Trolls are the price writers pay in this world of virtual discourse.

  41. J on said:

    Stop shit slinging at each other to see whos grape fruits are bigger. Lombari,Carrato,Preston, I have no problem with any of them or their opinions. However Im not going to believe Kevin Byrne or anything coming from the Ravens PR wise, especially when harbs is catching so much heat after missing the playoffs first year without leadership players like Boldin,Pollard on top of bone head Castillo hiring. The Ravens and their closest PR friends are going to do their damnest to make it sound like nothing happened, like Bischotti didnt take back some power from Harbs when he did. Fans arent stupid, we dont buy the PR BS from Angeloser and the Orioles what makes you think were buying it from the Ravens..?? Dont tell me the Raven win, or have won because Bischotti has the Pulse of the city and the fans he runs this team like a fan.. He snatched it right out from under Billick and he won a SB aswell, .500 and no playoffs is not an option or itll be HARBAUGH GATE and he’ll be gone!!! Case closed!!

  42. Russ on said:


    Don’t worry about that Ass Clown. I can’t stand listening to his crap. I too wait for 2 pm, that is when the Fan gets good. Maybe someone should start a facebook movement to boycott Vinnie’s lame ass.

    When you write it is heartfelt and sincere, I enjoy your columns whether I agree with you or not.


  43. MountaineerRaven on said:

    Cerrato and Preston are looking to drum up interest in their perspectives. Simple as that. Cerrato, in hoping to keep listeners in his show; Preston, in keeping readers focused on his fleeting newspaper. They will say or write whatever they can create to get people talking. Honestly Tony, there are times when it’s better just to ignore and not give the fire the oxygen to grow! Just like a bully in schools across the nation. If the child can hold on and not react… the attention seeking bully will look to other sources for their pleasure. Cerrato and Preston are of the same…. don’t give them the satisfaction and continue to do what you do best!

  44. raventom on said:

    Agree 100%! Mr. Cerrato was an incredible G.M. and was unmatched in his generosity.

    Albert Haynesworth
    Adam Archuleta
    Jeff George
    Antwaan Randle El

    • ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

      Well said, actually made me laugh. I gave up on preston years ago. Anyone who writes six sentences about a position group, is so grudging with praise and overlooks many things worth writing about is past annoying.

      It’s kind of like having someone trying to get our goats as fans. My answer is “if we suck, i sure feel sorry for 90% of the other organizations out there”.

  45. Not Impressed on said:

    What kind of “objective” journalist deletes the public’s comments because they don’t agree with them?
    That’s not a very good way to show that you are an open, unbiased reporter… and definitely has a negative connotation among those who aren’t very familiar with your blog!

  46. The Truth on said:

    Hey Vinny, we got the Rubik’s Kube and I don’t care if you like it or not, or if TL apologized or not….
    So just shut your WKRP Les Nessman butt up already !!!!!!

  47. Scott Karg on said:

    Poor Rob Long, I hope he is doing well. I haven’t listened in awhile because of that douche nozzle Vinny. Can’t wait till he get’s fired like Anita Marks and The Bulldog, 2 other slack jawed morons who don’t know shiyit!

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