Do Ravens And Orioles Fans Share One Heartbeat?

One Heartbeat

There was a time when I thought Ravens fans and Orioles fans were one and the same, give or take 5% or so. I considered Baltimore “One Heartbeat” when it came to the two major league teams in town.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Take that back – now I seriously doubt it!

When we post Ravens-related content on our Orioles 247 Facebook page, there’s push back from some Redskins fans and believe it or not, Orioles fans who root for the Steelers.

When we post Orioles-related content on our Ravens 247 Facebook page, there’s push back from an assortment of fans ranging from the Mets to the Phillies and God forbid – the Red Sox and Yankees.

I can’t really explain it, perhaps because I don’t quite think the same way as those “un-coordinated fans.”

Look we’ve heard all the excuses…

“Well when the Colts left I adopted a new team and stuck with them even after the Ravens arrived.”

“Well growing up the Orioles were so bad I adopted a winner to root for.”

Isn’t civic pride proud enough?

I just don’t get it.

Having said that, I’m interested to find out what the readers of this site think. Is yours “One Heartbeat” or does your heart beat to the sounds of different sports drummers?

Are you both a Ravens and an Orioles fan?
Yes (81%)
No, I am only a fan of the Ravens (11%)
No, I am only a fan of the Orioles (8%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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14 Raves on “Do Ravens And Orioles Fans Share One Heartbeat?

  1. Dominic on said:

    It’s not that I’m not a fan of the Orioles, I’m just not a big fan of baseball in general. That being said it is fun sometimes to go and just sit, drink a few beers and watch a sport, I just don’t want to give someone like Angelos a penny of my money.

  2. Paul on said:

    I grew up on the O’s. So, even though I dislike Peter Angelos; I could never not like the O’s.

    And I’m a purple-blooded football guy through and through.

  3. Jay M on said:

    I grew up watching Ravens football even when my moms job relocated to Philadelphia I’ve always watched football, baseball was only really introduced to me (besides the shorebirds) when I moved to the area. Ive been to O’s game and Phillies games and I gotta say ein or losr the Phillies overall know how to host a ball game. So there you go reason for Ravens, Phillies fandom!

  4. rockmattioli on said:

    haven`t given the orioles a thought since angelos ruined what was one of the 2 or 3 most solid,consistent franchises in major league baseball…one of the best in all sports….

    when and if I`m still alive when the franchise changes hands,i`l go back to being a fan…

  5. Cheri on said:

    Much bigger Ravens fan then the Orioles .Like alot of people Peter A. has just turned me off on baseball.From things like not spending money and not putting Baltimore on the road uniform(yes I know he never took it off) but he could had put it on long ago.I like when the Orioles win but it’s not that big a deal to me when they lose, I do not lose sleep over them.Like I do with the Ravens..
    Now, what I will say for me I hate the Washington teams I can’t stand to see any of them win and that includes the Nats, Skins, Caps, and Wizards dislike them all and hope they lose every time they play.
    I am a true Baltimore gal and don’t want to take a backseat to that city ever regardless if they are bigger then us and are more important then us.

  6. RJ on said:

    I love both the Os and Ravens, owners notwithstanding. I grew up a Philadelphia fan, and loved both the Phillies and Iggles equally. Once I moved to Maryland, my allegiance shifted to both the Os and Ravens, Equally!

    On a side note, has anyone noticed either Buck and/or some of the Os at any of last year’s home games?! The SB year they were in attendance quite often, but I did not notice that this past year – I certainly hope it is not a reflection of the Ravens and/or Orioles management getting in the way!!

  7. Downside52 on said:

    I have never and will never forgive the Orioles for not moving the game that conflicted with the 2013 season opener.

    • James on said:

      Are you serious?

      You are going to blame the O’s for something they had very little control over? If anything, the NFL learned it’s lesson. Notify MLB when they plan on playing the first game and they should avoid scheduling any baseball games that could cause a conflict with any NFL team. Something they should have been doing from the start.

      Yes, I doubt the O’s wanted to play a double header just so the Ravens could play theseason opener at home and I doubt they wanted to play an early game after playing a night game the day before but that doesn’t mean they weren’t willing to do either one. People seem to forget that MLB had to agree with the change and so did their opponent.

      Yes, it would have been exciting to have the season opener in Baltimore, but no matter what game came first they still had to face the same exact teams and they probably would have still finished the season 8-8.

      • Ravcolt on said:

        Long before the NFL was major league baseball. NFL chooses to play during baseball season – it’s their choice.

  8. RobFuse on said:

    Baseball is annoying and boring. I would root for the Orioles if I liked baseball, but I can’t sit through a game. Ravens all the way.

  9. Read C. on said:

    I grew up Baltimore and moved away at 21, but have always been an O’s fan – ALWAYS – PERIOD.
    Like a lost soul, I did route for other teams when the Colts were stolen from Bawmer, and now I route for 2 main teams: the Ravens, and whoever is playing against that Indianapolis team.

  10. JustaslowZ06 on said:

    Always a fan of both. Grew up a O’s fan because we didn’t have the Ravens. But ever since PA I had slowly lost interest in them. I’ll ALWAYS be a fan of the O’s though. Finally over the past couple years he has decided to invest a little more in the team. Of course it’s all business for him and he saw the Ravens and the Biscuit taking his “spotlight” but hey whatever it takes! Now I’m finally able to enjoy and root for the O’s like we used to. Still hope PA gets hit by a bus or something. Lol

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